Trump behaves badly, the Dems behave much worse! (posted 10/4/19)

Politics has seemed a pretty small and petty arena this past week. I’ve been reminded again and again of all that is repugnant in politics: the hypocrisy and vanity and low character of politicians, and the corresponding flaws in ourselves, as we vote these knuckleheads into office, and overlook the flaws in our own side, while we exaggerate those in the leaders of the other side.

The leftist elite always provide fodder for much-deserved mockery and ranting, as well as much schadenfreude-y entertainment for me.  But the GOP are no big prize either, as they proved when they had both houses and the White House for two years, and managed to not try to get control of the border, or cut the budget, or definitively repeal and replace the “You-Can’t-Keep-Your-Doctor Dumpster-Fire Health-Care Monstrosity Act of 2009.”

And I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Trump.  He’s an out-sized character, with out-sized flaws, including some especially obnoxious ones.  But I’ve never really been able to get too far down on him, partly because most of his flaws seem like misdemeanors – his juvenile braggadocio and ego, his lack of discipline and too frequent blowhard-y tweets – and partly because his opponents are virtually always SO MUCH worse.

But Trump’s congratulatory tweet to the thugs who run the leftist slave-state of communist China on the 70th anniversary of their bloodthirsty kleptocracy was a low point.

The 20th century was the bloodiest in history, and dictators had to slaughter overtime to even get noticed  If there were an Olympics for mass murder, Hitler would have barely made the medal stand, taking the bronze for his national socialists, behind Stalin and his soviet socialists.   But leading the pack with a death toll of around 65 million were the ChiComs and their “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”  (Pol Pot might have been more murderous than the big three, in terms of per capita deaths.)

While China’s totalitarians are not still killing at the pace they were in the old days, they’re still an oppressive, leftist dictatorship.  Their bullying of plucky little Hong Kong should outrage us all, and the bravery of the protestors should inspire us.  They are risking prison or worse, and flying our flag while doing it, because they understand the greatness of our country and its message better than most of us seem to.

I’ve been heartened to see Trump getting at least intermittently tough with the Chicoms on trade, and he’s pushed back on them more than any recent president.  But no conservative should ever have been able to congratulate that oppressive regime, even though much diplomacy seems to involve that kind of moral relativism and unmerited politeness.

Having said all that, the national Democrats are so much worse!  The measurement system does not exist which can plumb the depth of their unrelenting terribleness!

Consider the case of Hunter Biden and his dad.   Sure, Trump often seems to speak bloviation as a second language.  But Joey Gaffes is freaking fluent!  Trump may brag about his crowd sizes and his perfect conversations with heads of state, but have you ever heard him go on and on about how he vanquished the Dread Gangbanger Corn Pop with just a steely expression and a length of chain?   Has Trump ever talked any bigger than Plugsy McBloward when he bragged to an audience about how he threatened to withhold US military aid and forced the instant firing of a Ukranian prosecutor who was looking into his son’s manifest corruption?

Speaking of his son, how much has our unbiased media done to report on his background?  How many average Americans know that young Hunter’s resume consists of lines like “cocaine enthusiast and frequent arrestee,” “did a one-month stint in the Navy before being kicked out because of the Navy’s judgmental intolerance of cocaine enthusiasts” and “betrayed his wife by carrying on a sexual relationship with his dead brother’s widow?”

You read that right.  Of all of the women in all of the world with whom he could have cheated on his wife, he chose his dead brother’s wife.  Good lord, even Ted Kennedy didn’t take a run at Jackie O after JFK got killed!

I hope.

But hey, maybe I’m being too hard on Hunter.  Maybe there’s more to him than being a degenerate, addicted, quasi-incestuous widow-jumper.  For example, he must be pretty smart, considering how many high-powered jobs he’s had.  He probably double-majored in physics and classics, before going on to get his doctorate in Ukranian energy production.

Well, he did go to Yale and get a law degree.  Which I’m sure had nothing to do with his powerful dad.  And he did get a job with a huge bank… which coincidentally had contributed to the Corn-Pop-Slayer’s political campaigns.  And he did get that $50K per month job as a consultant to a Ukranian energy company.   And before you ask, yes, I said $50k per MONTH, not year.

Maybe Hunter is smart after all.  Because he found a way to get paid $50K per month consulting on energy issues for Ukranians, despite his knowing nothing about energy except how much of it is required to run back and forth between your bedroom and your brother’s widow’s bedroom, and his inability to find Ukraine on the map.

Fun fact: to her fans in Ukraine, my Aussie shepherd is known as “Cassie, the Wonder Sobaka.”  Because “sobaka” is the Ukranian word for “dog.”

Congratulations!  You now know more Ukranian than Hunter Biden does.  Please provide your banking information so that Ukranian oligarchs can deposit your first monthly payment of $50 large by November 1st.


But it’s not just the Bidens.  First the Dem hypocrites accused Trump of colluding with the Russians when it was actually the DNC and Hillary who paid for a phony dossier put together in part by Russian spies to hurt their political opponent.  Then it was the Bidens who got a pass from the Dems when they shook down Ukranians for their own political gain, right before the Dems decided that Trump’s alleged shaking down of Ukranians for political gain was an existential threat to our country.

Adam “Mr. Mackey” Schiff (mmmkay?) is outraged that Trump would allegedly ask a foreign official for dirt on his political opponent.  But that very same lying, bug-eyed creep is on tape – you can easily find it and listen to it with a quick online search – with a guy whom he thinks is a Russian insider peddling a salacious tape of Trump in a Moscow hotel.  The Russian is actually some shock jock pranking the hapless Schiff-for-brains, putting on a thick Yakov Smirnoff accent to tempt him with video of “naked Trump.”

Listen to Schiff’s eager gullibility as he desperately tries to secure the non-existent dirt on his political opponent.  Which he now says is the worst thing you could ever do.  Even worse, presumably, than banging your brother’s widow.  (No, I cannot get over that.)


You can’t make this up.  It’s like God has created the karmic equivalent of the plagues of Egypt for the Democrats to torture themselves with.  Falsely accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians, then get revealed as Russian-colluders.  Accuse him of extorting the Ukranians, then get exposed as Ukraine-extorters.

When you are certain you’re going to win the White House, spend a month before the election pre-emptively braying that anybody who does not accept the election outcome would be an un-American threat to all that is good and holy.  Then fast forward three years, and find yourself pitching the fourth door-stop volume of your projected 23-volume book series, “Reasons that We Cannot Accept the Legitimacy of Trump’s Election.”

Use accusations of sexist piggery against Roger Ailes and Trump, only to turn around in time to see Weinstein, Franken, Charley Rose, Matt Lauer, Garrison Keilor et al – not to mention our former Intern-Fondler-in-Chief — falling like dominoes all around you.

Call out some obscure GOP elected official for having worn blackface decades ago, only to learn that all but two members of the Democrat party in Virginia have old pictures of them in blackface.  And those two posed in Klan hoods.


One of the main reasons I’m a conservative is that I want a government that is as small and least intrusive as possible.  I’d like to live in a world in which politicians have so little power that I can afford to go about my business and ignore the small-minded, ignoble games that they play.

Weeks like this last one remind me of just how right I am.   Which is always nice.

Avenatti/Schiff 2020!

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