Tennessee Trip, Covid, & Tucker Getting Fired (posted 4/25/23)

So my wife and I made it up to Tennessee late Saturday just fine, and our visit got off to a good start.  We both spent our first day with mom at home, and there was a lot of conversation, and a lot of laughter.  

Sure, Karen and I had to repeat ourselves pretty often, and answer the same questions multiple times.  But that’s not much to ask for, from the woman who gave you life.

Especially since I spent a career teaching college kids who required me to repeat things just as often, and asked just as many redundant questions, with no excuse nearly as good as, “I’ve got Alzheimer’s.” 

Plus my mom never complained about a manifestly fair grade, gave me her designated pronouns, or went off and voted for lefties who are making everything worse.

When we took a short drive around town, she repeatedly muttered, “I just wish so many new people would stop coming here.”  Her Tennessee town is experiencing the kind of growing pains being felt by many red states, dealing with an influx of refugees from blue cities and states.

What had recently been gently rolling hills and farms, woods and meadows are being supplanted by houses, individually or in small developments.  Traffic is getting worse.  Prices are going up.  Tennessee is feeling growing pains, because it is a welcoming and flourishing place.  (Not unlike Florida, in fact.)

With my tongue firmly in cheek, I reminded her that she and dad came down here from Illinois 15 years ago, so they were part of the invading yankee hordes.  But she is undaunted.  She argues that her new home state should have started restricting the inflow shortly after she and dad arrived, her tongue also in cheek.

Annnnnddddd… then my wife got covid.

She started feeling bad yesterday afternoon, and finally took a test that came up positive late in the evening.  She’s had the vax and a booster, but spoiler alert: you know.  A doc she works with in FL had a Paxlovid script sent to a local pharmacist, and I picked it up for her, and she started on it today.

I’m not so worried about her – she’s otherwise in good shape and pure of heart, and enveloped in the health-restoring (and probably anti-viral) love of her husband – but I’m not thrilled that we happen to be here with my 84-year-old mom.

On the other hand, mom has been vaxed and boosted (spoiler alert: you know, again), and actually had covid last year, and came through like an octogenarian champ.  She’s certainly in better shape than a certain stumblebum who recently went to Ireland (and got barked at by dogs and laughed at by humans) whom I could mention.

On yet a third hand, that comparison is cold comfort at best.   “In better shape than Joe Biden” sounds like a cruel joke.  (Like “better preserved than Imhotep Pelosi.”  Or “smarter than Schiff.”  Or “better smelling than Swalwell.”)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit distracted. 

Then I pull out the laptop today and find out that we won’t have Don Lemon to kick around anymore, and that Tucker Carlson got fired.

The former story is worthy of nothing more than a hearty laugh, and a cheerful goodbye to one of the exemplars of the specific type of racist and sexist narcissists who seem to breed in the fetid swamps of leftist media.  (See: the talentless ladies of the View, the hacky hosts of late-night “comedy” shows, Fredo Cuomo, dishonest giant-human-thumb-impersonator Brian Stelter, etc.)

But the Carlson firing really caught me by surprise.  I share CO’s feelings about this decision, and I can see from the CO site this evening that many around here feel the same way.

In many ways, getting rid of Carlson is the polar opposite of kicking Don Lemon to the curb.  Carlson actually has talent, intelligence and ability, and a willingness to argue for unorthodox positions that he really believes in.

His exposure of some parts of the January 6th videos was a service to the nation, and his openness to those on the other side of the political aisle – e.g. RFK Jr., Tim Robbins, or Sean Penn – is extremely rare in media. 

And his odd laugh aside, his gift for mockery and humor made for a lot of must-see segments.  His montage of Democrats adopting hideously inauthentic and pandering accents, to cite one recent example, was worth savoring. 

From Hillary doing an egregious audio equivalent of a “black-face” version of a spiritual in front of a southern black audience (“Ah ain’t no-ways tie-uhd…”), to AOC’s offensive “Jenny from the barrio” take on her brief flirtation with an actually useful service job (“ain’t nothin’ wrong with serving people’s foooood”), to Black-Panther-cosplaying “Tennessee Three” member Justin Pearson’s laughable transition from a button-down nerd doing white face at Bowdoin to a big-afroed southern preacher with the MLK delivery and the Malcolm X glasses, Carlson sliced and diced those phonies with great elan.        

(If no one has called Jones’ act “Dr. Urkel and Mr. X” yet, let me be the first.)    

In addition, Carlson has made all the right enemies.  Lefty dullards throughout Congress, the White House, and the MSM were crowing over Carlson’s ouster today.  They think that they’ve been able to cancel him, as they so fervently want to do to every persuasive voice who disagrees with their pinched and dysfunctional ideology.  

But I think they’ve misjudged him, and the finality of their victory.

The reason most of the timid souls in the MSM have to live in fear of being cancelled is that they have no actual talent, nothing that sets them apart from the woke crowd.   If a bland teleprompter-reader like Matt Lauer or Charley Rose gets caught with his pants down, he can be easily replaced.

When Andrew Cuomo’s bad acts became too embarrassing, a similarly soul-less empty pantsuit Dem like Hochul was waiting in the wings.  When Fredo went down, and then Stelter, and now Lemon, they are un-missed and un-mourned.

They are a dime a dozen, and anyone willing to sell their soul for a little camera time can fill their shoes.  (That reminds me: SatanCon ’23 tickets are still available.  Rumors that Don Lemon and KJP are going to be surprise panelists representing the hoary underworld – or Hunter Biden, representing the whore-y underworld, for that matter – are as yet unconfirmed.)  

By contrast, people with real talent who bring something to the table (whether you like them or not) are uncancel-able.  Dave Chappel and Louis CK are very funny, so they’re still around.  Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, Jordan Peterson  and Dennis Prager have each earned huge audiences, so they’re still here.

Tucker Carlson is one of those types.  He’s going to land on his feet, and will soon once again (God willing) be a thorn in the side of the purveyors of “lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.”

The most striking detail of the Carlson story today: when news got out that he’d been fired, Fox’s value plunged by $1 billion dollars.

Coincidentally, one of the goals on my own personal bucket list is that one day, my own firing will be the cause of a billion-dollar loss to my employer. 

Sure, I’m not too close yet, because in the unthinkable, cataclysmic event that CO were to fire me from this site, I don’t think the hit to the net worth of CO nation would total more than $100 million, tops. 

But in the words of the great Dennis Miller, I’m just a young guy with a dream.

Speaking of which…

Biden delenda est!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Reverend Dr. Urkel “X” Kendi, Jr., 2024!

Winsome Sears Impresses, Chicago Invites Disaster, plus SatanCon & Paltrow’s Behind (posted 4/21/23)

After two columns this week on the fraught Trump v. DeSantis conflict, I’m back to discuss other stories that I came across earlier but didn’t have time to discuss until now.

First, though, a personal note.  My wife and I are going up to TN for a week-long visit with my mom tomorrow.  Regular readers may remember that mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and she lives with my sister and her husband.  They are going on a vacation, so my better half and I get to spend some quality time with mom. 

Karen is going to Zoom in to work from up there, and we’ll still have time to take mom on some day trips to a few of the small towns around Nashville.  Cassie the Wonder Dog will also get to frolic with her dog cousins Eddy and Raven.  (My sister is an Edgar Allan Poe fan, as you might have guessed.)

While up there I’m going to continue working on two of my retirement bucket list items: learning some conversational German, and how to play the guitar.  I got an acoustic guitar as an early birthday present last week, but I’m making progress mostly on the “developing calloused fingers” front so far. 

With any luck, in a year or two I’ll be able to back up the adorable Nena on an American tour, bringing my mediocre singing voice, sub-par German skills, and execrable guitar playing to the table.  Then, after I’m fired at the end of the first song, I’ll still be able to check off another bucket-list item.

But I’ll not let any of these worthy activities make me miss writing my two weekly columns here at Cautious Optimism.  Because: priorities.

Now, on to a few nuggets from the news over the last month or so that I noted but didn’t get around to commenting on:

Virginia’s solid Lt. Governor Winsome Sears appeared on Bill Maher’s show a few weeks ago, and she knocked it out of the park.  She was witty and combative, pummeling Ken Doll Newsom, and deftly defending 2nd amendment rights. 

She noted that women and law-abiding black people are two groups who are pursuing gun ownership most quickly, and she said, “If you’re breaking into my home, while I’m waiting for the police to come, I’m gonna shoot you….  I’m gonna pray for you, but I’m gonna shoot you.” 

She got repeated applause from the audience – usually they are of the trained seal variety when it comes to leftist talking points – and got Maher to admit that calls for gun bans are foolish.  Her performance on his show illustrated why most lefty programs won’t allow any conservatives on, unless it’s to ambush them with dirty tricks or shout them down.

(Maher is the smartest and fairest of the leftist talk show hosts. I know: that’s like saying “the tallest building in Campbellsville, Kentucky.”  But still, credit where credit is due.)

Sears would make a great VP pick, if she wasn’t ineligible because she was born in Jamaica before her family legally immigrated when she was 6.   She’s got an amazing first name, and she’s actually smart and competent. 

It would be great fun to watch the Dems reveal their bone-deep sexism and racism (for the 1,000th time) if she ran.   For them, no woman who bucks the gender feminist party line is an authentic woman, and no conservative black person who won’t go onto the Dems’ ideological plantation is really black.

I’d love to watch a clot of Dems and MSM talking heads arguing that Dylan Mulvaney, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, and Richard “Dick”/Rachel Levine are all women, but Winsome isn’t. 

And that Liz Warren (#wemustneverstopmockingher) is Indian and Rachel Dolezal is black, but Winsome Sears (just like Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott) isn’t.  

Man, we are about to see an Old Testament, reap-what-you-sow, Sodom and Gomorrah-style beat-down descending on the benighted city of Chicago.  After the ruinous reign of weapons-grade-stupid Lori Lightfoot, only 38% of Chicago’s voters showed up in a run-off election.  So they got mayor elect Brandon Johnson, who before he is even officially in office, is already picking up right where the fright-wigged one left off.

Over the weekend, hundreds of “youths” rampaged through the Loop in an orgy of violence, terror, and property destruction. 

(By the way, if at least 3% of those in the mob had been white, the MSM would have screamed about the “white supremacist violence.”  But because the MSM called them “youths,” you don’t need to get out your “leftist-speak decoder ring” to find out what uncomfortable truth is being unsuccessfully evaded.)  

This is the kind of failure of government that, if left unchecked, will doom a city, so this was a time that required the new mayor-elect to step up to the plate and show that he wasn’t going to be Lightfoot redux. 

Unfortunately for once-great Chicago (RIP), this Brandon proved to be as inept as our other Brandon.  In a softball interview, a sympathetic news lady desperately tried to steer Johnson into saying the minimum necessary words: I condemn this violence.

But as the old saying goes, “you can lead a radical left apparatchik to water, but you can’t make him think.”

Three times the MSM lady said, “You don’t condone the violence, though…?”  And three times, Brandon refused the lifeline, and spewed a bunch of “commie gobbledygook” (boy do I miss Norm MacDonald!) and misdirection.

Finally he was exasperated enough to let slip some of the reliable old class-warfare, to the effect of, “I don’t condone when big corporations come in and take tax dollars from citizens just to get a profit.”

Got that?  Running a business that gets customers to exchange money for your goods or services voluntarily, thus funding your city government – and earning an evil profit! – is worse than going on a feral, destructive rampage.

By the time he put out a statement the next day, Brandon demonstrated the old adage that when it comes to public statements, “everything that comes before the ‘but’ is meaningless.”   

As in, “I’m a pacifist, and never intended to hurt anybody… but I did massacre all of those nuns.”  Or

“Dad tells me I’m the smartest person he’s ever met… but I did record all of that ‘Caligula in a den full of crack whores’ stuff on my laptop.”

Brandon opens with 2 brief sentences of rhetorical throat-clearing: “In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend.  It is unacceptable and has no place in our city.”

But then: “However… it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities…” followed by 57 words of blaming everybody but the bad guys.    

Watching the video of that mindless, anarchic violence, I was reminded of one of my favorite Shakespeare lines from The Tempest: “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.”

By the way, if someone putting dark make-up on is doing “black-face,” and Dylan Mulvaney is doing “woman-face,” can’t we say that when he doubles down on Lightfoot’s racist, ideological idiocy, Brandon Johnson is now doing “carp-face?”

Asking for a friend.  (Who got out of Chicago and down to Boca Raton just in the nick of time!) 

Speaking of hell being empty, and all the devils being here…

(that’s what we in the professional writing biz call a top-shelf transition)

Hey, if you’re like me, you probably won’t make it to SatanCon 2023, which I swear I am not making up, and which will take place in Boston next weekend. 

I’ve got the same reason for skipping it that you probably do: it’s just not the same as the SatanCons of my childhood, because it’s been ruined by all the commercialism!

But for those who are going, you can rest assured that the brilliant minds running SatanCon have got your best interests at heart.  Because nobody is going to be allowed into the events – including the totally not made-up “Satanic Marketplace” (or as you may know it, the Democrat National Committee) – unless they are fully vaxxed and masked! 

Naturally.  Because one of the Satanists’ 10 commandments is a total devotion to capital “S” Science. 

And nothing just screams “SCIENCE” like a fat guy with facial piercings and dark eye shadow struggling to get into a set of goat-skin chaps and explaining that as soon as he can get the outfit and his ram’s head mask on, he’s going to ritually defile you from behind, before cutting your throat and dismembering you on a stone altar dedicated to Lucifer.

But don’t worry: he’ll have an N-95 on under the ram’s head the entire time! 

Speaking of defiling yourself from behind…

(Man, that is two world-class transitions in a row!)

Actress, health nut, and leftist goofball Gwyneth Paltrow was asked by an interviewer last month to describe what was the “weirdest wellness thing that you’ve done.”

And she went for it!

Quoth Gwyneth: “I mean, I have… used ozone therapy… rectally.”

Because I am AT LEAST as much of a Man of Science as the next guy in a set of ass-less goat skin chaps and fogged-up glasses wearing an N-95 under a ram’s head mask, I immediately started wondering how in the world administering ozone can be healthy or therapeutic.  I also racked my brain to remember what role ozone plays in our troposphere. 

And then, because I am basically a child trapped in a man’s body, I quickly brainstormed several hilarious jokes involving the ozone hole.  (Which, if I remember correctly, was all the rage amongst the big brains on tv in the 80s and 90s, and had almost nothing to do with a young Gwyneth Paltrow.)

And then, because I am both a child trapped in a man’s body and an astute political commentator, I realized that Gwyneth Paltrow is attending to her health in the same way that Joe Biden and the Democrats are ruling our country:


I can’t think of a better way to “end” this column. (HA!)

Other than…

Biden delenda est!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Paltrow’s Proctologist 2024!

My Take on Trump v. DeSantis, Part 2 (posted 4/18/23)

Before I conclude my thoughts on this contentious topic, I’ve got to compliment the Cautious Optimism community here.

I’ve seen some pretty heated discussions on this topic, and I thought that my first piece would likely bring out some rhetorical rough elbows.  That would be a good and healthy part of the process overall, but I would always prefer that we treat each other with the camaraderie and good humor that this site is known for.

And boy, did you all come through!

More people agreed with me than I had expected to – we’ll all support the eventual nominee, but there’s a lot of conflicting thoughts out there – and even the solid Trumpsters and the uncommitted showed the class and wit rarely seen on political sites. 

My favorite response might have been from the inestimable Don Deere: “Excellent piece as always.  Having said that… #TRUMP2024!”  

That’s the spirit!

As we left off yesterday, I was saying that we conservatives need to be careful about attacks on each other, and save our heaviest fire for the Bidenistas who are damaging our country…

DeSantis has been very slow to attack Trump, which is very smart/Machiavellian: it’s hard to win a slugfest with Trump, and the process gets mud on you too, and RDS will need as many Trump fans as possible to stick with him if he can win the nomination. 

So it’s in his best interest to try to stay above the fray for as long as he can, and then to respond to Trump’s jabs judiciously, with a “more in sorrow than in anger” posture, as the saying goes.   

Trump’s attacks on DeSantis, on the other hand, would also benefit from being less personal and more substantive.  As it is, they’ve too often been personal, petty, and – worse yet – obviously false, and/or leftist talking points.

When Trump found old pics of DeSantis with a couple of young women from a class he taught, Trump turned that into perving on underage girls, then to grooming and infidelity, and possibly even pedophilia!

When he attacked RDS’s record in FL, he just sounded silly.  He claimed that Charlie Crist was a better governor than RDS, thus causing 500,000 spit-takes from Floridians.  (Crist is a turncoat ex-Republican who became and Independent and lost, then became a Dem and lost again.  The guy’s picture is next to RINO in the dictionary.)

He even bashed RDS for opening FL too soon during Covid.  (This repeats the discredited Dem label of “Death-Santis.”)  But Trump is on record several times since then, praising DeSantis’ handling of covid.  Besides which, this is 2023, and NOBODY thinks DeSantis opened FL too soon anymore!

He also claimed that Florida has always done well because of the sun and water and beautiful beaches, rather than because of DeSantis. 

But you don’t have to be a FL resident to know that it’s been sunny here since the end of the last Ice Age, whereas GOP governors didn’t start winning elections by 19 points until the end of last fall.

And it’s really aggravating when Trump uses leftist leftist talking points!  The old “he wants to cut medicare and social security” canard has been a cliched Dem scare line for my entire life, and I winced when Trump used it. 

The fact is that both programs are going broke if they aren’t fixed, and the necessary job of eventually taking that on (I give the Bushie and RINO Paul Ryan credit for even trying) is only made more difficult if our guys are giving aid and comfort to the lying leftists who have mendaciously clubbed us with that attack for decades!

If I could write for Trump, I’d create a still Trumpy but higher-road approach:

“Ron’s done a very good job in Florida.  If you’ll remember, I helped put him over the top in his first, tight race in 2018.  I endorsed him and campaigned with him, and we got him to the finish line together.

Then he governed the way I’d taught the Republican party to govern.  He chose excellent policies – only the best, such great policies! – and then fought for them.  He didn’t surrender when the Democrats attacked him, as so many Republicans so often did before I became President. 

Instead, he became kind of a mini-Trump, and that’s why he won so big for the people of Florida. 

Ron can’t know what I know, and that’s not a knock against him.  But he’s been a great governor while I’ve been a great president, and those are not the same thing.  I’ve been unfairly and viciously attacked more than any president in history – never happened before! – but it’s toughened me up. 

It’s given me the skin of an elephant.  The beautiful, tough skin of the finest elephant – the great animal mascot of our incredible party!  And it’s also taught me things that only a president can know.

Now many people say that Ron shouldn’t run this time around.  I’m not saying that, but I’ve heard it from many people.  Fine people.  “He shouldn’t run yet,” they say to me. “It’s not his time,” they say.

But I disagree.  In fact, I’d be honored if Ron ran with me, as my Vice President.  Together, we’d be a formidable team – so formidable! – and after four years of fighting together to finish the job I started, and truly Make America Great Again – I would happily pass the baton to Ron.” 

3. There’s an old truism that a politician’s two jobs are to make it harder to vote for his opponent, and easier to vote for him. 

Trump’s strong suit has always been making it hard to vote for the opposition. The nicknames, the combative style, the “they don’t hate me, they hate you, and they’re only attacking me b/c I’m in the way” helped him win his long-shot bid in 2016.

But his greatest weakness is the flip side.  While he sometimes uses his charm and authentic magnetism to attract people to him – I thought his visit to East Palestine, OH was a great example of Trump at his best! – he too often makes it very hard for anyone not in his camp to vote for him.  Huge swaths of the electorate hate him, and his smearing of DeSantis makes it harder for even ME to vote for him.

And I’ll crawl across broken glass to vote for him if he’s our nominee!

RDS on the other hand, has been aggressive with the press, but not usually in ways that will needlessly drive away voters.  The only political misstep I think he may have made is the new bill to drop the abortion ban from 15 weeks down to 6. 

The left has an awful, extremist position that most semi-informed voters don’t know about: abortion right up until the moment the baby crowns.  We should highlight that obscenity – demolish their dishonest “women’s rights to healthcare” euphemistic obfuscation – and make it harder for people to vote for that.

At the same time, achieving our ultimate goal is easier if we take a more moderate step first (a 15-week ban with exceptions for rape and incest), and take the wins everywhere we can get them.  Especially if the alternative is to be more morally correct (IMO) by going for a near-total ban that means that we lose what might have been a winnable result, i.e. reducing the number of abortions in the short run, with the possibility of more progress in the long run.     

In addition to his policy successes, DeSantis’ biography gives Dems very little to hit him with: 

He’s smart – having degrees from both Yale and Harvard.  (Sure, those don’t carry the impressive imprimature for conservatives as they do for independents and libs – academia has so besmirched itself over the last 25 years that we now know better – but the libs will have difficulty painting him as a dummy, try though they will.)

He joined the Navy and served overseas.  This is a bigger plus for us and some independents than for libs.  And we shouldn’t over-play it: he wasn’t in a combat role, and he didn’t fast-rope down onto a rooftop in Kandahar from a helicopter, with machine guns in both hands and a combat knife clenched in his teeth. 

But he had a law degree from Harvard and joined the Navy, instead of either joining daddy’s firm or becoming a career pol and sucking at the government teat for the rest of his life, like everyone else in DC. (Cough <Joe Biden> cough.)

His personal life appears to have been impeccable: married to one wife for 14 years and counting, 3 cute kids.  His wife is a cancer survivor (!), and the commercial she taped for him last year almost brought me to tears, and I normally hate that kind of soft-focus, touchy-feely ad.  The soccer moms and independents should eat that up.     

Of course, the left will still try to smear his personal life anyway.  They’ll dredge up a middle school classmate who says she once heard him say the “n” word, or they’ll try to pull a Kavanaugh, and get some unstable loon to say he assaulted her, but she can’t remember when or where, and there’s no evidence that he ever even met her. 

But to any uncommitted voters, those attacks will look super-thin and desperate, especially compared to Biden’s entire corrupt family kicking up 10% to the Big Guy from Burisma and the ChiComs, while
“smartest guy I ever met” Hunter was videotaping himself hip-deep in crack and hookers.  (“[Fredo] was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time!  Players couldn’t get a drink at the tables!”)

(Semi-obscure yet appropriate Godfather reference? Check.)

One other bonus for RDS: as far as I can tell, he’s not made any mortifyingly bad hires or appointments.   I’m sure that it will come out that some assistant to an Ag commissioner somewhere got a DUI, but his high-profile appointments have all been solid and even boringly competent.

I don’t blame Trump too much for his bad appointments as prez, because every POTUS has to rush to staff so many positions that mistakes are inevitable.  And that process was bound to be even tougher for an outsider like Trump, who had no deep connections and layers of networking to rely on when hiring.

But it’s still a fact that most of the administration figures he ended up firing and/or lambasting — the Mooch, Steve Bannon, Michael Cohen, Pompeo, Sessions, Bolton, Barr, even Mike Pence – were all people he either picked, kept or elevated. (I don’t even dislike all of those guys.  But Trump does, and he picked them all!)

I think it would have been politically tough for him to fire Fauci by mid-summer or so, when it was clear that he was a dishonest, self-serving hack.  But he kept him in place, and allowed him free reign all through the election season.

Having said all that, I don’t want to overdo it on praising DeSantis.  (“Too late,” many of you may be thinking.)  He’s a fallen man like the rest of us, and a politician, and I’m sure that time in the national spotlight wielded by our corrupt media and political elites will highlight all the flaws that are there. 

And as good conservatives, we shouldn’t be putting too much faith in any politician anyway. (“Put not your trust in princes,” the Psalmist says.)  We’re in the “let us run our own lives as much as possible” business, not the “putting pols on pedestals” business.

But DeSantis has made the fewest unforced errors of any politician I’ve seen.  And I salivate at the thought of him in a debate with Joey Gaffes, or Ken Doll Newsom, or any of the other dullards who might rise to the top of a Democrat nomination process.

By contrast, I always went into Trump debates knowing that he would probably land some haymakers – and Oh, how I loved those! – but also fearing what might come out of his mouth.  I can’t imagine being that worried before a DeSantis debate.

I’ll end this with my biggest election fear: the Dems use serial illegitimate and unfair indictments to maneuver us into defending Trump (as we should) and giving him the nomination, after which they capitalize on Trump hatred and fatigue in much of the nation to get the same results they got in ‘20 and ‘22.

I’m as concerned about voter fraud and a rigged election as all of you are, and I don’t have any confidence that we are doing anything now – or maybe even that there is anything we CAN do, considering corrupt Dem control over the states in question – that will prevent a repeat of ’20 in ’24.

The only way I see to overcome that is to win by so much that they aren’t able to steal it.  And I’m really sad to say this, but I don’t think Trump can do that.  I think he might be able to thread the needle and narrowly carry enough close states to just barely win, as he did in 2016.

But my gut tells me that that is exactly what happened in 2020.  And we all know how that turned out.

As a newcomer – with discipline that Trump doesn’t have, and with opposition that is not as hardened and immovable against him as Trump’s opposition (unjustly, IMO) is – DeSantis gives us the best chance to win by an “outside the margin of fraud” vote total.

Ugh – that was too gloomy of a note to end on. So I’ll close with a throwback to one of my favorite politicians in history: Cato the Elder (234-149 BC).

Roman soldier, senator and historian, Cato lived during a century-plus period when Rome’s great rival was the city of Carthage.  Cato was so focused on the threat posed by Carthage that he ended every speech – no matter what the topic – by saying, “Carthargo delenda est!”  (Carthage must be destroyed!)

That’s how I feel about the necessity of beating the Dems in 2024.  For the next year we’ll have our primaries and tout our favorites (and live our lives and try to give politics little room), but in the end our focus has to be on defending this great country from the leftist hordes who are doing so much damage.

Say it with me, people: “Biden delenda est!”

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Other Terrible Choice, 2024!

My Take on Trump v. DeSantis, Part 1 (posted 4/17/23)

As I promised on Friday, I’m going to risk the good will – and, let’s face it, the near-worshipful admiration – of many in CO nation by declaring my ‘druthers in the upcoming Trump v. DeSantis primary battle.

I hesitate to do this, partly because I think I’m going to be disagreeing with the esteemed CO, and as we all know, if you’re on the opposite side of an issue from CO, you’re almost guaranteed to be wrong.  (Except when he’s in a dispute with the COW, in which case we all just huddle in a corner and wish that dad and mom would stop fighting.)

CO wrote a rightly outraged piece after Trump was indicted, saying that after that illegitimate exercise, he is backing Trump.  Many on our side have obviously done the same, since Trump’s poll support and fundraising have jumped post-indictment.

So I know that Trump is the odds-on favorite to win the GOP nomination right now.  But I’m going to make the case for DeSantis anyway. 

I actually made part of this argument in a column that is now posted at Martinsimpsonwriting.com, and dated 11/14/22.  So if you are interested, please go there, scroll down the right side list of my columns, and read that piece first.  I still believe that what I said then is correct, but in this column I’m updating and expanding my thoughts based in part on the added data that I’ve seen over the last 5 months.

To summarize that piece, I give Trump huge credit for far exceeding my expectations when I voted for him in 2016, I voted for him in enthusiastically in 2020, and will do so again if he’s the nominee in 2024.  He has more conservative presidential governance accomplishments than anyone since Reagan, and the heart of my argument is really more pro-RDS rather than anti-Trump.

That said, I have three main theses today.  (Martin Luther had 96; Martin Simpson has only three.   Does that mean that I’m better than Luther?  Probably.  Also, suck it, all you who say I’m too long-winded!)

(Okay, that last thought clearly proves that I’m not better than Luther.  Because no one can imagine Luther saying, “Suck it, Zwingli and the current Pope!”)

(Although don’t you think I should get some extra points for that deep pull from the semi-obscure Protestant reformers category?  How many of you have a relevant Ulrich Zwingli reference chambered and ready at a moment’s notice? Show of hands?)

Where was I? 

Oh yeah. 

3 Theses:

1. We have to win!

2 Leftist Dems are the real opposition. 

3. Politics 101: make it as easy as possible to vote for you and as hard as possible to vote for the other guy. 

1. Ultimately I think that RDS has the better chance to win in ’24, for several reasons:

He’s got the crucial upside that Trump has – the willingness/appetite to fight back – but with much greater target discipline.   (I can’t imagine RDS spending time on Rosie O’Donnell’s weight, or the equine qualities of a porn star’s face, for example.)   

His executive performance as governor is easily better than anyone else’s since Reagan.  It’s true that presidential experience is at a higher level, but governing a huge state is the closest a non-prez can come, and RDS has nailed it.

He’s taken principled, conservative stands on one issue after another, and many of them have been quite risky: he re-opened the state and lifted mask and vax mandates very early during covid; he’s taken on education behemoths at the K-12 and university levels that no governor ever has; he punched back on tourism/financial giant Disney, and took away their sweetheart tax breaks.

He’s been very strong on gun rights, and on abortion, the latter of which opens him to a lot more political risks than if he had stuck with a 15-week ban (already the strongest in all but the reddest of states).  He’s also been excellent on taxes and fiscal responsibility, as well as strengthening voting integrity, which might be the most important single issue, since all other political outcomes depend on clean elections.

And the results have proven him right. 

Florida has been the most purple of battleground states for two decades.  Our nation was spared an Al Gore presidency in 2000 by less than 800 votes here!  In the last 7 presidential elections, FL went GOP in 4 and Dem in 3, and the winning percentages in the last 4 have been 50.9% & 50.01% by Obama, and 49.02% & 51.22% by Trump.

It was still that tight when DeSantis won in 2018, squeaking by a terrible, little-known Dem candidate by less than half of one percent, and only 30,000 votes.  Four years later, DeSantis won in an unprecedented landslide, beating a high-name-recognition FL ex-governor by almost 20%, with a winning margin of over 1.5 million votes!

DeSantis did in a divided state what the GOP has not been able to do in a divided nation since 1980: win going away.  He even won in deep-blue, urban Palm Beach and Dade counties, which hadn’t happened since the Conquistadors overcame a huge panhandle majority for the Seminoles to take the 17th century!   

Next, I hate this fact, but I have to say it: most presidential elections are determined by the votes of independents in the middle.  The mushy, moderate, “thou art lukewarm, so I spit thee out of my mouth!” middle.  

Committed Dems will vote for a barely animated corpse if he’s got a “D” by his name.  They’ve voted for a fake Indian (#wemustneverstopmockingher) and a real socialist (dozens of them, in fact), and they’ll continually re-elect the locust-swarm of career pols who have been destroying their cities for decades.   

They voted for John Fetterman even though he opened a debate by saying goodnight, and then stood there swaying and drooling on his shoes for 90 minutes!

Similarly, committed Republicans will hold their noses and vote for RINOs and weirdos against Dems, and I’m no different than the rest.  (If I woke up on election morning and found out that Satan was running at the top of the GOP ticket, I’d have to hesitate. But if Satan was even half-decent on immigration and a few other issues, I’d be Team Satan ’24!)

I voted for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, for crying out loud!  (And yes, I’ve compulsively showered ever since.  And no, I can never completely wash the shame away.)

But we shouldn’t ultimately pick a candidate who can win the GOP base, but is a toss-up at best in a general election.  And this is where I think DeSantis has a definite edge over Trump. 

I’m going to cite some general trends in polls, but I must state up front the caveats that polls can be biased and wrong and all the rest.  Everyone cites them when they’re good and bashes them when they’re bad.  But in the aggregate and over time, they’re the only info we’ve got, absent an election.

Obviously Trump’s poll numbers in the GOP primary are strong, and getting stronger since the indictment; he’s the smart money bet to win the nomination right now.  But RDS consistently polls better with independents than Trump does, averaging around 15 points higher with that group.    

Trump has a much higher floor so far – many GOP voters will stick with him no matter what – but he’s got a carved-in-stone ceiling, too.  Trump-hatred is now irreversibly baked into the cake for many non-GOP voters.  Some large proportion of the country – 40%?  45%? – hate his guts, and they will never, ever vote for him.

DeSantis partisans shouldn’t be too sanguine about that, because the Dems and the dishonest MSM – but I repeat myself – are going to smear RDS and bring his numbers with independents down, just like they do with every GOP candidate.  

But Trump’s negatives are set in stone, while DeSantis has the chance to conduct a strong campaign and good debates – if he’s as disciplined in ’24 as he has been for the last 5 years – to limit or even counter much of the damage. 

2. The leftist Dems are our real opposition, and I think that fact gives RDS an advantage, too.

DeSantis has been very effective and disciplined on the attack, and always against the Dems and on strategic policy grounds.  And he has the sense of humor of a happy warrior (which Trump, at his best, also has).  Flying the illegals to Martha’s Vineyard was a wry shot at leftist hypocrisy.  He announced one conservative policy in tiny little Brandon, Florida, just for the winking joke.   

And he deftly skewers reporters and counters leftist smears in press conferences with just the right touch of pugnacity without red-faced anger.  The cliché of “an iron fist within a velvet glove,” comes to mind. 

For Trump, unleashing strong, often entertaining attacks on opponents has always been a strength.  He’s all iron fist and no glove, and the iron fist has little spikes welded to each knuckle. And it’s holding a mace, with bigger spikes on it.

But he tends to wield it in all directions, and against all foes, including non-politicians (fat Rosie, horseface Stormy, Megyn Kelly, etc.), Republicans (Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb), and the Dems.

I’ve never been that bothered by his insults, because they were often just returning fire, and they were mostly against people who deserved it.  And I understand the rough elbows during a primary, where you need to beat your GOP rivals to get to the general.

But some of Trump’s insults are gratuitously mean enough that they reflect worse on him than his targets.  To call Ted Cruz’s wife ugly and say that his dad killed JFK is just creepy.  To mock McCain for having been a captured POW is not a good look, especially for someone who hasn’t served.

In general, I think most hard-edged insults to decent conservatives – even if they are too moderate for my taste, as most of them are – don’t help. When it came to governing, he needed people like Rubio and Cruz, and if they had been as petty when he was president as Trump had been during the primaries, they could have crippled his agenda.

McCain WAS that petty, and he killed the repeal of Obamacare as a consequence.  That’s primarily on McCain, but it’s no credit to Trump, either.  

One other issue on which Trump has been attacking in all directions involves the way he’s driven to relitigate and get vengeance for 2020.   I completely understand this, and empathize with his justified anger, as I’ve said elsewhere.  If I had been in his shoes, and had been as thoroughly screwed as he was in that election, I would probably spend a lot of time seeking revenge, too.  (Have I mentioned that I’m an Appalachian-American, and prone to feudin’?)

But it’s not useful, and a disciplined candidate would eschew it.  It takes the focus off of your opponent’s weaknesses, and frustrates and exhausts everyone who doesn’t already love you.

And when one of your negatives with many independents is your ego, it makes the next election an individual psychodrama that is all about you, instead of a fight for the future of the nation that is all about delivering us from the disastrous reign of Biden!

In fact, his anger over 2020 helped us lose the 2 senate seats in GA in 2021 that allowed Biden to spend 6 trillion, open the border completely, etc.  Trump’s personal grudge against Brian Kemp in GA led him to push a hugely unpopular Perdue gubernatorial campaign in ‘22.  Only Kemp’s primary win and strong performance spared us from Governor Stacey Abrams!  

His attacks against other GOP candidates before and since the midterm election were especially ill-considered.   He held a rally a week before the expected “red wave” election, and he criticized DeSantis and Youngkin (2 GOP bright spots in the last several years) as much as he did the Democrats.   

Even if you argue that GOP-on-GOP attacks are justified during a primary, nobody can say that they’re helpful on the eve of an election, when the real fire should be focused on the opposing party and their terrible candidates and policies!

Darn it!  After making an early crack about how I’m not too long-winded, I realize that this column is too long, and will need to be broken into two parts, for those of you who care to continue. (Oh, the irony!)

So I’m going to stop now, and ask you to look on the bright side, cautious optimists: I’ll post the second half tomorrow, making this a rare, three-column week!   

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Satan (D-Hell), 2024!

Chicago’s Problems, & Wrong-headed Corporate Scoring (posted 4/14/23)

I’ve tried to make this my best column ever, because on Monday I’m going to be taking a big risk of alienating some in CO nation.  That’s right, I’m going to give my thoughts on the contentious “Trump vs. DeSantis” debate. 

I may even partially disagree with the great and powerful CO.  So prepare for chaos: tectonic plates shifting, cats and dogs living together, who knows what else?  But in the meantime…

Here’s some news that will make you laugh, and then cry.   Or vice versa.

Chicago has been selected to host the 2024 Democrat National Convention!  Mayor J.B. “Jabba the” Pritzker announced the news with a giddy tweet: “I look forward to welcoming everyone to the Midwest and showing off our diverse communities, impeccable hospitality, and world-renowned venues.”

By “diversity” he is referring to the Benetton rainbow of ethnic diversity that peoples the violent rioter community.   (We’re so diverse that even our Maga-hat-wearing Jussie Smollett muggers are from Nigeria!)

By “impeccable hospitality” he’s referencing the new policy amongst Chicago carjackers: if you survive the first three gunshots, the next bullet is free!  (Chicago puts the “hospital” in “hospitality!”)

My first thought on reading this was that I’m going to get a huge tub of popcorn next August, and sit back with my Wonder Dog at my feet, and watch Democrat delegates running serpentine into and out of the United Center as the echoing gunshots evoke the ambiance of Mogadishu in the springtime. 

(Best case scenario: enough of them end up in either intensive care or the Democrat-voting-stronghold cemeteries of Chicago to deny the convention a quorum to actually choose a nominee!) 

But then I remembered: Democrats are world-record holders in dishonest hypocrisy.  (Or was that hypocritical dishonesty?) (You say “potato,” I say “Que Mala.”)

So I’m sure that shortly before the convention starts, they’ll sweep the homeless off the streets, temporarily jail all of the gangbangers (“C’mon guys, it’s just for two weeks, and then you can go right back to preying on our helpless citizens!”), and put more cops with guns and armored vehicles on the street than Patton had when he was liberating Bastogne from another bunch of evil socialists.

I don’t know who really made this decision, but I’m absolutely certain that it wasn’t Joe Biden (RIP).  In fact, I’m guessing that Pritzker paid off the appropriate grifters (by the way, “Pritzker and the Grifters” would not be the worst band name ever), and then made the following phone call:

Pritzker: “Hello Mr. President, this is J.B. Pritzker.”

Biden: “Huh?”

Pritzker: “I’m calling to tell you that the convention is going to be in Chicago next year.”

Biden: “What?”

Pritzker: “Isn’t that great?”

Biden: “I like ice cream!”

Pritzker: “Yeah… I’ve heard that.”

Biden: “Who is this?”

Pritzker: “Okay then.  Gotta run.” [click]

Biden: “Mint chocolate chip is my favorite.  Or just chocolate chip.” [long pause] “Hello?”

Biden looks at the phone, then hangs up.

“Dr.” Jill: “Who was that?”

Biden: “It was Pretzel.”

“Dr.” Jill (rolling her eyes): “What did pretzel want?”

Biden: “He said the retention’s gonna be in the Congo new year.  Or maybe… we’re gonna have detention in Cabo.”

“Dr.” Jill: “That’s nice, dear.  Do you want some ice cream?”

Biden: “Oooh yeah!  Lint droplet slip.  I mean, squint gauntlet trip”.

“Dr. Jill: “Mint chocolate chip?”

Biden (pointing one finger in the air, triumphantly): “That’s it! 

And, scene.

Whoever was writing the press release cleaned things up.  But the final draft of the announcement still had this sentence in it, which I swear I am not making up: “Chicago was chosen after getting top grades in an evaluation by the DNC’s Technical Advisory Group, a panel of experts considering factors such as hotel capacity, transportation, security, financing and other logistics.”

Wow!  Can you imagine the palpable fog of incompetence, avarice and delusion filling the room when the dunce-cap-bedecked DNC “Technical Advisory Group” gathered in one place?  In their list of criteria that made Chicago such a winner, they had the gall to list “security!”  

I would deploy my Sam Kinison filter™, but I’m afraid that plugging “security” into a discussion about Chicago would break it.  And something tells me we’re going to be needing it over the next 19 months.   

Pritzker accidentally told the truth in the last line of his announcement tweet: “There is no better place to tell the story of @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris.” 

No disrespect to San Francisco, Baltimore, St. Louis, Sodom, Gomorrah, or the other most crime-ridden, dysfunctional dumpster-fire cities.

But, yep.

Moving on…

On Monday night I drafted some thoughts on the Bud Light/ Dylan Mulvaney fiasco which was then just breaking. (Because I’m always on the job, working for the fine people of CO Nation. You’re welcome.) But now that story is feeling like old news. 

However, a few aspects of it are representative of other stories and long-term trends.  Take, for example, Alissa Heinerscheid – and yes, her last name looks like a devastating insult in German – the PR boss who came up with the idea to use Boy Barbie to pitch Bud.  (And he looks more like a catcher than a pitcher, doesn’t he?) 

Heinerscheid is typical of our insulated, cultural elite: liberal arts degree from Harvard, MBA from Wharton, high-powered, bi-coastal job.

And yet she thought that the best way to sell a least-common-denominator product consumed mostly by blue-collar males would be to hire a grown (if cringingly effeminate) “man” pretending to be a pre-teen girl. 

Well, I guess that’s one approach, though it’s not one I’d bet my career on.  But then again, I’m no fancy, high-priced marketing expert.  I’m just an average guy, i.e. one who has to struggle manfully not to poke my eyes out with a sharp object whenever I see Dylan Mulvaney’s woman-face act on tv.

Heinersheid’s now-infamous quote that the challenge for her is that the Bud Light brand “has been in decline for a really long time” reminds me of the famous Hemingway quote from The Sun Also Rises, in which one of his characters, when asked how he’d gone bankrupt, answered, “Two ways.  Gradually and then suddenly.” 

I think Ms. Heinersheid is going to find that Bud Light may have been declining gradually.  But she’s about to see “suddenly” kick in.  

[And in the four days since I wrote the previous two paragraphs, “suddenly” has arrived for Ms. Heinersheid.]

It’s hard to imagine how any influential corporate big shots can make such disastrously risky decisions.  Until you consider the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and CEI (Corporate Equality Index) scores assembled by influential far-left groups like the Human Rights Campaign.

These scores are supposed to indicate “ethical investing,” but in this case, “ethical” means “leftist.”  (You know, the way war means peace, and freedom means slavery, and ignorance means strength.) 

Since some of the largest asset funds use those scores to steer investments, many intelligence-insulting ad campaigns have been foisted onto the public by corporations more concerned with getting leftist approval than providing a good or service that customers actually want.    

Some a-political and conservative groups are pushing back on those biased scores, and I hope that they will succeed in getting rid of them.  But until that happens, I think we need to fight fire with fire. 

To do my part, I hereby introduce the Simpson Common Sense Index (SCSI), a much more logical way to judge the merits of corporate leadership.  I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but below I offer some of the SCSI criteria for your consideration.

If the CEO and/or top executive team members have done the following listed behaviors, they receive the corresponding score adjustments:

If they’ve voted for any Democrat since Daniel Patrick Moynihan died, they start at an absolutely fair zero points. 

From that position, the following points will be subtracted from their zero:

If they’ve ever said, “My truth” non-sarcastically — minus 10

If they’ve sent their own kids to private schools while voting to force middle-class and poor folks’ kids into public schools – minus 20

If they own a gun or employ anyone who carries one, but have voted to keep law abiding citizens from owning guns – minus 20

If they’ve lectured others about CO2 levels but have ever flown private – minus 20

If they’ve ever cited The Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Watch, the UN’s Human Rights Council, or Dr. Fauci approvingly – minus 10 points each

If they’ve ever said that newborns “are assigned gender at birth” with a straight face – minus 20

If they’ve ever used the adjective “Reverend” when describing oily charlatan Al Sharpton – minus 10

If they’ve ever used the adjective “Reverend” when describing rhyming charlatan Jesse Jackson – minus 10

If they’ve ever booed anyone for saying “All Lives Matter” – minus 10

If they’ve ever put one of those idiotic “Co-Exist” bumper stickers on their car — minus 20

If they’ve ever ridden in a car with one of those idiotic stickers without berating the owner – minus 10

If they’ve ever said “LGBTQ” in reference to the gender-non-conforming – minus 1

If they’ve ever added the “+” to “LGBTQ” – minus an additional 4

If they’ve ever added “2-spirit” to “LGBTQ+” – minus an additional 10

If they’ve ever said “LGBTQ” to indicate “Let’s Get Biden To Quit” – plus 20

If they’ve ever told the following joke – “Q: What do you call it when a Pride parade float catches fire?  A: LGBBQ” – plus 20 (but with an accompanying look of mild disapproval)

If they’ve ever told that joke in a faculty lounge:  plus 100, and a pricey bottle of bourbon for their retirement party.  

If they’ve ever used pronouns in any way other than God and the Anglo Saxons intended – minus 30  

Next week, if I survive the outrage from my Trump vs. DeSantis column, I’ll offer some behaviors that will improve the SCSI scores for companies who want to actually serve in the marketplace.  Until then, have a great weekend!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Jabba the Pritzker, 2024!

Easter, and then Lefties Get it Wrong About Guns. Again. (posted 4/10/23)

I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did. 

The Good Friday service at our church was somber, and properly so.  The cross draped in black; mostly old, lovely, minor-chord hymns with upbeat titles like “Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted;” the congregation leaving the darkened sanctuary in silence at the end. 

But just like a long Illinois winter – early sunsets, dead cornstalks in bare fields, dirty slush and road salt and slate-gray skies – imbues the first day of spring with that much more manic energy, the grim darkness of an appropriately contemplative and sober Tenebrae service evokes that much more exhilaration on Easter.

At the end of the Sunday service the choir sang Handel’s Hallelujah chorus, accompanied by brass and bells, and I left feeling ready to go out and love my neighbors and my enemies, and to fight the good fight. 

And, of course, to mock those who are mock-worthy.  (Because I’m just as God made me!)

Speaking of which, after a post-church nap I took a quick stroll through some good websites.  Of course, top of that list is Cautious Optimism (duh), and I saw CO’s posting of the pic from the 1950s of the NYC skyline with multiple buildings lit up with crosses at Eastertime.

And, because I  remember 1970’s tv shows, I found myself singing, “Boy, the way Glen Miller played/ Songs that made the Hit Parade/ Guys like us we had it made/ Those were the days.”

For those of you who remember that nostalgic song, there are several verses in it that weren’t in the shortened intro to “All in the Family,” and my favorites are, “People seemed to be content/ Fifty dollars paid the rent/Freaks were in the circus tent/ Those were the days.”

“$50 paid the rent,” hasn’t held up too well.  But “freaks were in the circus tent” is dead-on perfect!

Because now the freaks are in congress, and pitching Bud Light, and on blue-state juries!  And don’t we all wish a circus would come through town and take them with it?

Case in point: lefty fossil and amateur theologian Bette Midler had an uplifting Easter message for the nation.  If by “uplifting” you mean “exploiting dead children in a cynical attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens who are no threat to anyone except school shooters and other criminals.”

Midler tweeted, “On this most Holy Day in the Christian calendar, remember the slaughter of your own innocents in school shootings across America, and let this #Easter mark a #resurrection, for them and for your commitment to change.  It’s your turn.  #MomsDemandAction”

Ugh.  After reading that, and throwing up in my mouth a little, two appropriate Bible verses came to mind:  “Jesus wept.”

And – hat tip to Michaela for reminding me of the Lazarus verse that fits here with just a slight alteration:  “She stinketh.”

And if you are a more secular sort who doesn’t need a Bible verse to point out that hypocritical Bette is protected by armed bodyguards while preaching that peons like us shouldn’t be allowed guns to defend ourselves, God bless you, too!     

My favorite response to Midler’s obnoxious tweet was from a guy who posted a picture of an AK-47 with the tag, “I find it ironic that democrats hate the only thing socialism ever produced that works…”

Buy that man some non-Anheuser-Busch beer, and some extra ammo!

The aftermath of the Nashville shooting has provided the feckless Dems two more chances to prove what colossal jackasses they are, and they really stuck the landing on both!

First, in a patented leftist cranial-rectal inversion move, they cast their political co-religionist aggressors as the victims of those they’ve been attacking in the recent transgender wars.

Within just the last 10 days, for example, a transgender murderer killed 6 Christians in Nashville, another mob of transgenders and transgender-adjacents assaulted and terrorized swimmer Riley Gaines after a speech at San Francisco State, and ANOTHER transgender was arrested in Colorado for plotting to use guns and bombs to attack three schools along with non-specific churches.

(That’s not to mention the April 6th Symposium in France – meant to “raise awareness of the plight of Afghan and Iranian women” – that had to be canceled after “trans activists threatened to violently ambush the event because of the presence of a gender critical speaker.”) (Because in France, irony is morte.)

Meanwhile, in that same time frame, Christian and non-Christian “transphobes” have murdered zero transgenders, been arrested zero times for plotting zero attacks on transgender gatherings, and have assaulted and held hostage zero transgender swimmers following university speeches.

So naturally, the intrepid LGBTQ army (not the cool, “Let’s Get Biden To Quit” one) has zeroed in on the real problem: imaginary violent transphobes who are threatening pacifist transgenders with genocide.


Second, in the aftermath of the Nashville shooting, three Tennessee Democrat state representatives insisted that the legislature pass new gun control laws that wouldn’t have affected the Nashville shooting anyway.  Inconveniently for them, a large majority of TN voters and legislators disagree with them, and out-voted them. 

So the “Nashville Three” (the “Stooges” on the end is understood) led a bunch of chanting, misbehaving, adult children into the state Capitol.  One of the reps smuggled in a bullhorn, and the two of the three took turns using it to amplify their screamed slogans and chants. 

For a while they were able to stop the chamber from doing its business, and many of the protestors jostled some law makers.  Finally they were removed for breaking long-standing and well-known Capitol rules, and days later the GOP-led chamber voted to expel two of them.  (The other’s lawyer argued that she had never used the bullhorn, and kept herself separate from other protestors.)

A responsible, sane Democrat party would have chastised their misbehaving members, reminding them that they have been ranting for two years about an “insurrection” in DC, most of which was no more violent than what they just did in TN. 

In fact, the TN “coup attempt” was actually much closer to a coup attempt than the events of January 6th, since actual legislators were present when the mob was stomping around and screaming.  And no cops were allowing this mob inside, and voluntarily opening doors for them and giving them tours. 

Again, a responsible, sane Democrat party would have felt mortified and sheepish, and would have punished their own morons.  I’m not sure how a responsible, sane party of sentient fungi would have reacted.

I only say that because we are as likely to find a responsible, sane party of sentient fungi as we are to find a responsible, sane party of Democrats in 2023.

Therefore, the party fell back on its most reliable strategy: Cry havoc, and let slip the charges of racism!  (The two expelled idiots were black, while the other, bullhorn-less idiot was white.  But just to be safe, the TN GOP should expel her sorry butt, too!)

Many top Dems – the same dullards who have been howling that January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and the Jussie Smollett pseudo-lynching, all rolled into one! – now shamelessly reversed themselves.       

Remember when being inside a government building without permission was a grave threat to democracy?  Well now, it turns out, STOPPING people from being inside a government building without permission is a grave threat to democracy.

AOC – proving yet again that she is all juicy booty (her words, not mine) and no brains – claimed that the GOP insistence on following government rules and decorum was “stoking fascism.” She also promised more bad behavior in the future, because asking those Dems to follow the rules “is only further radicalizing and awakening an earthquake of young people.”

(As a writer who appreciates a good analogy, must I point out that an earthquake can neither sleep nor awake, and it cannot serve as a collective noun consisting of many people?)

She finished with a flourish: “If you thought youth organizing was strong, just wait for what’s coming.  Gen Z don’t play.”

First, great impression of a spoiled 12-year-old girl threatening to hold her breath if she doesn’t get her way.

Second, as a factual matter, Gen Z DOES play.  It plays “dress up as a girl when you’re a boy,” and it plays soccer. 

Neither of which we find as scary as you seem to think we do.

Since AOC’s antics apparently weren’t embarrassing enough – I swear, if she was a cartoon character, all of the thought bubbles above her head would be empty – the dynamic duo of Joey Gaffes and his vapid VP got involved. 

Que Mala jetted into town to meet with “the Tennessee Three,” and then went to a church, where she tried out an angry preacher voice and waved her arms in almost human-like gestures as she screamed things like, “You don’t silence people!  You don’t stifle people!”   

She didn’t say, “You don’t arm your mentally-ill self and go into a Christian school and murder 6 innocent people!”  I guess there wasn’t time for that, when a-holes with bullhorns were being kept from disrupting the democratic process.  

I never thought I’d say this, but I found myself wishing that she would pull out that unhinged Joker cackle of hers instead.

Not to be outdone, our Cadaver-in-Chief invited the TN3 to meet with him at the White House.  He hasn’t yet had time to meet with the loved ones of the 6 murdered people in Nashville.

And for that, I’m sure they’re grateful.   

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Sentient Fungi, 2024!

The World is Making Less Sense (posted 4/7/23)

If this column reads a little discombobulated, it’s not you.  It’s me.

I like to think of myself as man with his share of common sense.   I’m old enough to know better, and I’ve been around the block a few times.  My eyes are not ones over which the wool can usually be easily pulled.

And yet the world is making less and less sense.  Let me give you a few examples.  

Two weeks ago, 92-year-old Fox Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and 66-year-old Ann Lesley Smith got engaged, but this week they canceled the engagement. 

If those crazy kids can’t make it, what chance do the rest of us have?

Chicago, having delivered itself from the scourge of Lightfoot, picked perhaps the only other far-left loon in Christendom who could be as bad as she was.   (At least his name – Brandon – will be easy to remember, during the chaos to come.)

On a different topic, I’ve always thought that I’ve understood how marketing works.  If you’ve got something to promote, you identify your target audience, learn everything you can about them, and create ads that appeal to their interests and beliefs.

For example, if you’re looking to draw eyeballs to the View, your target audience is going to be unemployable women with low-to-middling IQs and physical appearance, who will feel better about themselves as they watch women who look and sound even worse than they do.

If you’re pushing the Joy Reid show – may God have mercy on your soul – you’re looking for an audience of black folks and white liberals who share a deep-seated hatred of white folks, and America.  And logic. 

If you’re promoting the Stephen Colbert show, your target audience is… the family and both friends of Stephen Colbert. 

That’s all logical, and it’s how the world used to work.  But not any more.

In 2019, Gillette came out with a new ad campaign.  Common sense would say that a razor maker – which sells a large majority of its products to men – would try to appeal to, you know…men. 

Instead, Gillette found an ad director and agency with a reputation for hostile, feminist campaigns, and they produced a 90-second male-bashing meditation on “toxic masculinity.” It was a dog’s breakfast of every negative stereotype of males – bullies, homophobes, sexual harassers, mansplainers – and also included the shrill Ana Kasparian from Young Turks discussing sexual assault, followed by a split screen of a bunch of leftist MSM empty heads yowling on the topic.

It ended by transforming the previously well-known previous Gillette slogan (“The best a man can get”) into a scolding, sarcastic, “Is this the best a man can get?”

The ad was slickly made, but the message was clear to every male who watched it: “You’re all filthy, disgusting pigs, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Now buy our razors, jerks!”

Guess how that worked?

The giant parent corporation Proctor and Gamble owns Gillette, and P&G did very well that year; all of their brands went up in value. 

Except Gillette.  Which reportedly lost $8 billion dollars.  With a capital “B.”

So okay, that was colossally stupid, and everyone on Madison Avenue learned their lesson, and no one ever made such an idiotic, crap-on-your-customers ad again.  The end.

HA!  I kid. 

Because many other morons kept making the same blindingly obvious mistake.

The NFL is watched by males, and the women with the good taste to love those men, and football.  They are not racists, as you could infer from the fact that they watch a game played mostly by black Americans, and they hero-worship many of those black Americans. 

(As a case in point, when my wife and I were ready to have kids, I suggested that if we had a son, his name should be either “Antonin Scalia Simpson,” or “Walter Payton Simpson.”  My wife pointed out that we are not Italian, and little Antonin’s initials would spell “ass.”  So Walter Payton it was.  Until I had two daughters.  And when I suggested “Walterina,” my wife gave me a single look that caused part of my body that is normally on the outside to migrate to the inside.)

(Perhaps I’ve said too much.)

Anyway, the brain trust at the NFL knew that their target audience was mostly regular guys.  (Or as the MSM calls them, “predatory foot-soldiers of toxic masculinity and the patriarchy).”

So naturally, they started dressing the players partly in pink as part of an interminably long campaign to bring awareness to… wait for it… breast cancer!   (You know, the same way the LPGA has made all their lady golfers wear black arm bands and talk endlessly about testicular cancer.)

Then they promoted a number of black players’ ill-informed protests against racism (Michael Brown never said, “Hands up don’t shoot!” before he got shot, because he was too busy assaulting a cop and trying to take his gun.), and cops, and America, and the national anthem.

All of this was led by Colin Kapernick, a quarterback so skilled that he was benched in favor of the immortal Blaine Gabbert.  (For those of you who haven’t been to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, you’ve got to see the scale model of a football version of Mount Rushmore.  From left to right, the images carved there are as follows:  Marino, Montana, Brady and Gabbert.)  

Luckily for the NFL, the male devotion to football is so strong that they could only dent the ratings, rather than kill them.

Similarly, hockey is a game so filled with alpha males that many fans buy a ticket to a fight, and are pleasantly surprised when a hockey game breaks out.  So naturally, the geniuses at the NHL started having “Pride Nights” and making players wear warm-up jerseys with the gay rainbow, and reacted with shock when many players and teams resisted bringing sexual politics into hockey. 

(I don’t follow hockey, but I see a potential compromise: if woke totalitarians won’t make hockey players wear gay pride junk, hockey fans won’t make gay porn stars and drag queens wear hockey jerseys and blacked-out teeth while they work.)       

Speaking of drag queens, the Country Music Awards just featured a singer surrounded by a bunch of unattractive men in Liz Taylor’s old wardrobe.  This wasn’t the Tony awards, or the Emmys, or the Grammys.  It was the Country FREAKING Music Awards!  The world has gone mad!

Some of you might have guessed what I’ve been leading up to: Bud Light just signed a deal to have Dylan Mulvaney become their spokesman. 

If you don’t know who Mulvaney is, you’ve been spending your time more wisely than I have.   He was a little-known actor and singer in several Broadway shows, and he once went on a game show, where he put on the most over-the-top, drama queen, super effeminate gay routine ever.

But a little over a year ago, Mulvaney found a way to transform himself from an unknown flamingly gay guy to a celebrity spokes-they by jumping on the transgender bandwagon.  (Though that may be a circus wagon that just identifies as a bandwagon?)

He began a daily series of TikTok videos called “Days of Girlhood,” in which he documented each day that he’s been pretending to be a girl.    

I’m not sure which is the most nauseating thing about his new career, though there are several serious contenders:

The President of the United States (RIP) gave this weirdo a public platform by meeting with him to discuss women’s issues.

It would be insane enough if Mulvaney was just pretending to be a woman, but he’s not; he’s pretending to be a flighty airheaded girl in her early teens.  But the guy is 26! 

(Try calling the women in their mid-20s at your work place a bunch of “girls,” and see if you escape with your groin un-kicked.)   

I think the worst part is that the guy is doing a “woman-face” routine that is every bit as insulting to real women as the vaudeville black-face routines were to black people.  He offensively mimics the worst stereotypes about women.  

In his first video, “Day 1 of being a girl,” he said, “I’ve already cried three times, I wrote a scathing email that I did not send, I ordered dresses online that I couldn’t afford, and then, when someone asked me how I was, I said, ‘I’m fine,’ when I wasn’t fine.  How’d I do, ladies?”

Well, you defined “femaleness” as being unstable and hysterical, unable to manage money, and emotionally stunted.  So… great job, fella!

What can Anheuser-Busch be thinking?  How many beer drinkers out there have been dying to drink Bud Light, if only it were pushed by a grown man with a fetish for acting like a teen girl? 

And what has the world come to when the most sane response to an offensive commercial comes from Kid Rock, who blasted a case of Bud Light with an automatic weapon and said, “F**k Bud Light?”

(And just like that, I’m a big rap music fan.) 

But rather than end on that down note, I’ll close with the undisputed Greatest Commercial Ever Made, which I guarantee you will love.

The story starts last March, when yet another razor company repeated the same mistake that Gillette made.  After advertising on the Daily Wire’s great conservative podcast network for several years, Harry’s Razors dropped their sponsorship after received a single complaint from a mope who got offended when one DW host pointed out that men and women are different.

But dropping their sponsorship wasn’t enough for the hateful dopes at Harry’s – they had to issue a virtue signaling smear at DW.  They “condemned” DW’s “hate speech,” and promised to “prevent any values misalignment” in the future.

So DW’s co-CEO and “god-king” Jeremy Boreing did what any fightin’ Appalachian-American like myself would do: he launched a feud! 

Within several days, he had started a razor-selling business called Jeremy’s Razors.  He cut the aforementioned greatest ever ad, started the website “ihateharrys.com,” and within 3 days in business, he’d sold 25,000 razor subscriptions, and had more Twitter followers (35K) than Harry’s had amassed in 10 years (32.5K). 

He also put up a giant series of ads directly across from Harry’s company headquarters.   

Seriously, you’ve got to watch the Jeremy’s Razors ad.  It’s got everything that makes an ad great: flamethrowers, a reference to the guys who shot Bin Laden, great tongue-in-cheek humor, and Jeremy on a huge throne, wearing a crown and a fur cape, flanked by two models on one side and a bald eagle on the other. 

And most importantly, a cigar-store Indian version of Liz Warren (#wemustneverstopmockingher)

So boycott Budweiser, watch that ad at least twice, think of me, and you’re welcome.  

Now I’ve got to post this column, and then begin preparing myself for our church’s Tenebrae service, which I’ve written about in previous posts. 

“Tenebrae” is Latin for “darkness.”  The service takes place on Good Friday, and features a somber reading of scripture about the crucifixion, while a series of candles are extinguished along the way.  It ends with a darkened church and a loud sound – “strepitus” – symbolizing the stone being rolled in place to seal Christ’s tomb.

Tonight’s service, coming halfway through the Biden administration and amidst our nation’s incipient unraveling, sadly fits my mood.  “Democracy dies in Tenebrae,” and all that.  

But tonight, I’m going to soak in some other, better words: “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it.”

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Dylan “Woman-Face” Mulvaney, 2024!

Crime Stories & Foolishness (posted 4/3/23)

No, I’m not going to discuss the Trump indictment, for several reasons.  First, I’m no law-talking guy.  (“Do you mean ‘lawyer,’ Martin?”  Yeah.) (Obscure Simpson’s reference? Check.)  Second, I’m sick to death of hearing about it.

Third, it’s Palm Sunday, and I’m supposed to be looking forward and getting my mind right for Easter.  Instead, thinking about Alvin Bragg and the shameless Dems’ egregious behavior gets me in a vendetta kind of mood, which is not where I want to be. (Obscure Christopher Walken in “True Romance” reference?  Check.)  

So I’m going to write about a few stories that fall into happier categories for me: crime stories and laughable leftist foolishness.

First up on the crime beat we have the story of Ricky Jimenez, 23, a resident of Houston.  On March 28 he stopped at a food truck where a grandmother was cooking soul food.  Ricky asked about the food, and then stuck a gun in the window and pulled the trigger.

So cue the sad trombon—

No, wait.  Ricky’s gun jammed.  So grandma pulled out her licensed pistol (because: Texas!) and gave Ricky a little of the ol’ ballistic behavioral adjustment herself.  Then, according to the news story, Ricky “attempted to leave the parking lot.”

I’ll bet he did.

He made it around 50 feet before he took the asphalt challenge, still within smelling distance of grandma’s great soul food.  Not that he could smell it.  Because he was dead.

So I guess, cue the happy, New Orleans’ style jazz parade happy trombone!

A sadder story, also from Houston, involved two young thugs who followed a 44-year-old Asian mother after she’d withdrawn cash from a bank.  Zy’Nika Woods drove, and when the victim was out of her car, Joseph Harrell jumped her.  He grabbed her wallet and knocked her down, and then body-slammed her onto the concrete, leaving her paralyzed.

Which raises the obvious question: Does Texas law allow a scumbag thief who paralyzes someone to be sentenced to paralysis?  And if not, how soon can we get that on the books, and can it be applied retroactively to Woods and Harrell?

I think such a law would be a pretty effective deterrent to other would-be thieves out there.  Can you imagine the benefit of televising a judge reading out the sentence?

“Mr. Harrell, you are going to serve 5 years in prison, and pay a $1500 fine.  Oh, and you’ll be taken to a parking lot and repeatedly dropped on the cement until you’re paralyzed.  Bailiff?  Let’s get to paralyzin’!”

Utah has an even better idea.  After having to postpone a death row inmate’s execution several times because they’ve had a hard time getting lethal injection drugs, Utah’s governor just signed a bill to go “old school,” in the best possible way:

They’re bringing back firing squads!

If you don’t mind, I’m going to take a long draw of bourbon, and write an improvised, ideal Utah execution screenplay scene:

INT.  We open on an execution chamber, with a condemned serial rapist strapped to a wooden chair, with 5 riflemen standing and facing him, and a warden standing to one side, beside a telephone on the wall.

Warden:  “Okay, the warrant being read, we’ll proceed with the execution.  I’m going to count down from 5—”

Rapist: “Don’t I get a blindfold?”

Warden: “Do you want one?”

Rapist: “Yes.”

As the warden steps up to tie a blindfold around the condemned man’s eyes, the fourth rifleman in line, whose name is Brian, says, “Wussy.”

Rapist: “What?”

Brian: “You heard me.”  (As soon as the blindfold is in place, Brian raises a middle finger.)  “How many fingers am I holding up, wuss?”

Warden: “Knock it off, Brian.”

Brian (muttering): “Big strong rapist needs a blindfold.”

Warden: “Okay, I’m going to count—”

Rapist: “Are you sure the phone is working?  The governor might call.”

Warden: “Yes, we checked the phone an hour ago.  Now then, I’m going to count down from—”

The phone rings.  The rapist sits up straight and gasps, then laughs.  The warden picks up the phone, and listens for a few seconds.  Then he turns to the riflemen.  “Did somebody order a pizza?”

The rapist groans, and four of the riflemen turn toward Brian.

Brian (raising a hand): “Guilty.  Listen, tell the guard at the gate to pay for it, and I’ll get him back.  I got enough for everybody.  Well…not EVERYBODY.  Wuss!”

Rapist: “You son of a—”

Brian: “Stop whining.  Tell you what: you can have my piece, if we all miss.”

Warden: “All right, all right.  Now I’m going to count down from 5.  Riflemen, take your aim…”

All five riflemen raise their weapons.

Warden:  “Five…”


Warden: “Brian!”

Brian: “You said ‘Five’.”

1st Rifleman: “He’s counting DOWN from 5!”

2nd Rifleman (looking at the rapist): “You’re a terrible shot!  You’re supposed to aim for the heart, and you hit him in the groin.”

Brian: “Oops.”

Rapist (in great pain): “C’mon, let’s go!”


3rd Rifleman: “Brian!”

Brian: “He said ‘let’s go.”

Warden: “He’s not in charge here, I am!”

Brian: “Got it.  Sorry.”

5th Rifleman: “And you shot him in the groin again.”

Brian: “He rushed me.  I barely had time to aim.  Let’s not get all bogged down in who shot who early.”

Rapist (in greater pain): “YOU DID!”

Brian: “Agree to disagree.  Come on guys, pizza’s getting cold.”

Warden: “Okay, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”  


The rapist slumps forward, and all 5 riflemen lower their weapons.

2nd Rifleman (looking at Brian): “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.” (to the Warden) “Wasn’t Gary supposed to be up tonight?”

Brian: “I paid him $100 to let me take his place.”

Warden: “What?!”

Brian (nodding toward the dead guy): “My little sister was his third victim.”

The other riflemen look at each other.

Warden (clapping Brian on the shoulder): “Pizza’s on me!”

And, scene. 

On to two stories of lefty foolishness, on one of the topics about which the lefties are most predictably foolish: transgender stuff.

The first story comes from JFK airport, where a trans “woman” – i.e. a guy – complained about an aggressive frisking at the hands of a TSA agent. 

And because it’s 2023, this is an actual sentence in an actual news story: the “…woman was left in tears after she claimed a TSA agent punched her in the testicles.” 

Now in some of these stories, the “trans woman” is pretty obvious.  As in, when you’re about 50 yards away you think, “Hey, since when does Mike Ditka wear a frilly blouse and… Oh good lord!” 

But in the pics that accompany this story the mix-up isn’t so obvious.  So I imagine that the TSA agent was moving her hand into what she expected to be empty space, when… surprise!

As someone who was “assigned male at birth” as they say, and who also played a lot of contact sports with a lot of juvenile males, I am well acquainted with the temporarily debilitating sensation of the proverbial “sack tap.”

And I really do feel sorry for this person.  As I said in my column on Friday, it has to be terribly painful to live in such denial of reality. 

But this could end up being a healthy therapeutic experience for “her.”  Because there’s nothing like a good, hard whack on the juevos to serve as a wake-up call!

After the airport search, this poor guy ended up retreating to a women’s restroom and texting “her” story on social media, blaming the insensitive TSA agent and ending with the question, “Anyone know what I can do?”

Would it be rude to say, “Man up?”

If you’re wondering where this poor soul came up with her delusion, look no farther than NPR. 

In a March 26th story, the brain trust drawn from the elite of our J-schools, and spanning the political spectrum from far left to ultra far left, reacted with predictable outrage to the news that the World Athletics Council is barring “transwomen” (i.e. dudes) from elite female athletic competitions.

In their truthy and unbiased opinion, the elite “journalists” said that the WAC took action, “citing a priority for fairness over inclusion, despite limited scientific research” supporting the idea that males have a “physical advantage” over females in competitive sports.

How can one respond to that? 

In many ways, I guess.  Most of which should start with the venerable Sam Kinison filter™:


Honestly.  NPR’s researchers could look at a few record books, where they would find that the elite male vs. elite female athletic performance gaps are huge.  A study out of Duke pegged the average difference at between 10-12%.  

For an idea of how that works out in the real world, researchers took the lifetime best speed of two female Olympic runners in the 100 and 400 meters respectively, and then totaled the number of men and boys (under 18) who beat the record-holding females’ times in the year 2017.  

In just that one year, 15,000 men and boys ran faster times – in each event – than each female record-holder’s lifetime best. 

Or, NPR “journalists” could have spent a half hour watching NBA and WNBA games, or men’s and women’s pro tennis matches, or golf matches, or weightlifting, or swimming, etc.

None of that is to put down female athletes, obviously.  But no one should be able to make the argument with a straight face that “male” and “female” are just malleable, easily transitioned social constructs.

Seriously NPR, do you WANT to get tragically confused males being whacked in the balls in our nation’s airports?

Because THIS is how you get tragically confused males being whacked in the balls in our nation’s airports!

Let me end on a more positive note:

As your humble Roving Correspondent, I want you to know that I am completely on board with the LGBTQ agenda!

If by “LGBTQ” you mean, “Let’s Get Biden To Quit!”                  

Have a good week, everybody!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Ricky “Food Truck Bandit” Jimenez, 2024!

Writing About a Painful Subject (posted 3/31/23)

Writing a column partially about the Nashville school shooting is going to be a bit like tightrope walking for me.  Partly because most people feel like we’ve heard enough about that story, but mostly because of how sad it is.  

My natural tendency is to mock and crack wise, and even though many of the political reactions to this story deserve mockery, and I do have some serious thoughts about transgenderism and how I think we should view it, I’d understand if many people aren’t in the mood for a discussion of this topic. 

If that’s you, you might want to skip this one.

For the rest of you, I’ll start with the obvious: the tragic, violent deaths of those at the school are heartbreaking, somehow even moreso because three of the victims were children.  Especially for those of us who don’t know those involved, offering thoughts and prayers really is the appropriate thing to do, even as hollow as that feels, and as often as that idea is mocked.  

But I do feel some dark schadenfreude from watching the self-owning, hypocritical leftist media tie themselves into knots as they have been trying to force the round peg of this story into the square a-hole of their ideology.

Sorry, that should have been “square hole.” 

Or should it?

Anyway, they are juggling so many internally contradictory ideas that they can’t help but beclown themselves in multiple ways.

For example, in their usual script, the gun itself is evil, and responsible for all gun deaths. 

UNLESS the gun is wielded by a right-winger, or a straight white guy of indeterminate politics, in which case the gun is incidental, and the gunman is evil, and responsible for all gun deaths.  (In this case, obviously, the gun is at fault.)

Also, all guns are assault weapons!  Even if they’re pistols, or tiny little derringers from an Old West poker game, or flintlock muskets that take 22 minutes to reload. 

But you put two AR-15s in the hands of a transgender shooting Christians at a Christian school, and leftist craniums are exploding and bouncing off ceilings from sea to shining sea.  (If by “sea to shining sea” you mean from each coast to about 10 miles inland, and then skipping over all the icky flyover states in between.)

You know that there is a certain kind of malevolent leftist – hopefully not a huge percentage of the left! – who can’t think of a more satisfying daydream than a transgender Rambo shooting up a bunch of people in a red-state Christian school.  

And yet they have to do their best to suppress the shooter’s “manifesto,” out of fear that it will likely express exactly that sort of Christophobic poison that they have been pushing for years.  

The poor MSM reporters stuttered and stammered as they tried to report at least some facts while also avoiding the obvious truth that is the transgender elephant in the non-binary room. 

Initial coverage made a big deal about how rare it was for a female to be a mass shooter like this.  Which is true.  Except that it can’t be true, because this shooter was “male,” like all the bad patriarchal shooters always are.  Because of their toxic masculinity. 

Which obviously arises from the ovaries “trans men” are born with, and is not the least bit affected by the functioning testicles that they absolutely never have, even if they do get genital mutilation/emulation surgery, in the worst metaphorical game of hide the pea under the shell ever known to mankind.

I mean, “personkind.”

And no, I’m not going to explain what is the metaphorical pea and which is the metaphorical shell in that horrific game.   Because I don’t know, and you don’t know, and Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t know.  Even though he’s been doing his best to hide the pea for quite some time now.

Or was it the shell?


Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah.  My favorite med-idiot (I’m trying to create a neologism from “media” and “idiot,” but I know that it’s not there yet.  Maybe “meediot?” or “media-idiot?”  I’ll keep working on it.) was “science” writer Benjamin Ryan, who stumbled through a pronoun minefield.

First he said that the shooter was killed “after she gunned down” her victims.  Later, he called the shooter “he.”  Finally, he solemnly intoned about how the shooter had been “assigned female at birth.” 

That phrase is a ridiculous, moronic linguistic malformation; it easily belongs in my top 5 leftist-language pet peeves.  It both gets my goat AND gets my dander up, until I’m left to just sputter in anger, as I watch a dander-covered goat gamboling about, just out of my reach.

Nobody is “assigned” anything at birth!  The phrase suggests a doctor walking through a nursery full of newborns, trailed by a nurse who is writing down every infant’s assignment as the doc taps each crib and says, “Eenie, meenie, miney, Boy.  Eenie, meenie, miney, Girl.”

Or possibly, “Duck, duck, Vagina.”  Or “Black sheep, black sheep, have you any Penis?”  Or however such phantom “assignments” would be given out.

These people are idiots, and I feel like they’re shaving several IQ points off of me just in the process of writing this column.  (Re-read the last 250 words or so.  Do they not indicate someone who is slowly losing his faculties?  The whole family is worried about me, and Cassie the Wonder Dog is staring at me with her gorgeous dog head cocked at an extreme angle.) 

Again: none of this is about the shooting.  It’s about the way the ghoulish, bad-faith left is trying to make political hay out of it, which we should always push back on.  Yes, that gets us talking politics in the wake of a tragedy, which we’d all rather not do.

But we don’t have that luxury, because that’s not the way politics and culture work: if the other side is constantly aggressing, and we either passively cede ground — or worse, try to fight by one-hand-tied-behind-our-back, Marquess of Queensberry  rules – the aggressors are going to win. 

In this specific debate, we need to go back to the most basic fact from which all other arguments, responses and policies flow: authentic transgenderism is a mental disorder. 

I say that out of compassion for everyone it affects.  I’ve known people with various mental issues.  My mom has Alzheimer’s, as did her mother, and I struggled with a natural depression during the five months when my dad was dying.  I can only imagine how awful it would be to feel alienated from your own body and gender, and I seriously empathize with anyone experiencing that, and wish only the best for them.

But if a condition is wrongly diagnosed, the prescribed treatment is bound to go horribly wrong.   

A hallmark of nearly all mental disorders is that the patient mis-perceives reality.  In various psychoses, the patient thinks voices are talking to her – from the radio, or fillings in her teeth, or from the empty air around her – when there are no voices.  Or the patient thinks he’s Napoleon, or Christ.  (Spoiler alert: he’s not.  There has only ever been one of each.)

In the body dysmorphia subset of mental illnesses, the same holds true.  An anorexic looks at her emaciated frame in a mirror and sees an obese person.  Some rare illnesses have involved people who felt that they are alienated from one body part, that it is somehow not part of them; one such patient mangled his arm to force its amputation; another intentionally blinded himself.

Transgenderism seems logically related to that subset of mental illnesses, and in none of those other cases would we condone doctors or society indulging the sufferer’s delusion.   Many Americans think it’s compassionate to agree and go along with traumatic surgeries and health-threatening drug interventions for those with one body dysmorphia, when they would NEVER agree with an anorexic that she is disgustingly fat.  

There is clearly a strong element of social contagion with transgenderism, as the numbers have been exploding far beyond any biological or naturally occurring phenomena would.  And it coincidentally affects far-left parents in blue states disproportionately; many high-profile parents have “discovered” that several of their kids are trans or non-binary, which is statistically unlikely, to say the least!

The one bit of truth in the leftist script is that there have always been people who are gender stereotype non-conforming, as with more masculine or “tom-boy” girls, or more effeminate boys.  Those are so common as to be a familiar fixture in all cultures.  In that sense, if not in the sense that the radical LGBTQ activists claim, gender expression is very commonly on a spectrum, from hyper-masculine to hyper-feminine, and encompassing everything in between.

I think most people in this group would fall into one of three common-sense categories:

1. In many cases, these are characteristics or tendencies that don’t dominate personalities, and can be very well accommodated into lifelong, well-functioning relationships.  You all know couples in which the man is more stereotypically sensitive or “feminine” – eschewing sports, hunting, or activities more often associated with testosterone – and women who are the same in the opposite direction: hard-charging, aggressive, or confrontational in their careers and social relationships, etc.

Even though most women don’t go into traditionally male-dominated fields (engineering, construction, the military), some do.  Even though most men don’t go into traditionally female-dominated fields (elementary school teacher, caregiver, housekeeping), some do.  Even though most husbands don’t take a long paternity leave, and most mothers don’t willingly choose to go back to work a day or two after giving birth, some do.  

These aren’t people who should pursue radical means to try to change their gender; they are part of the diverse kaleidoscope of preferences and tendencies that make up varied human nature.

2. In at least as many other cases, some gender-non-conforming behavior in childhood is a transient phase that a young person goes through during the process of coming into one’s self that marks all passages into adulthood.  Every adult with a normally wide circle of acquaintances knows many, many women who went through a tomboy phase, before dating and settling into a satisfying traditional marriage, or becoming “earth-mother” types with many kids.    

3. In many, many other cases, gender-non-conforming kids just turn out to be gay.   

The comparatively tiny number of people who don’t fall into any of those groups and who are actually suffering from gender dysmorphia need therapy and treatment, not affirmation in their illness, and encouragement to pursue surgeries and drug regimens with life-long, severe consequences  

Today we look back with disdain on many fads that were considered to be at the forefront of “science,” endorsed by some of the most influential medical and cultural groups of their time.  

Some of these are tragic and dark – using lobotomies to treat mental illness, or eugenics to “compassionately” improve society – and some were ridiculous, as when phrenologists studied the shape of the skull to diagnose psychological attributes, or astrologers used horoscopes to make life decisions.

The current transgender mania is both ridiculous and darkly tragic, and history is not going to be kind to those pushing it now.    

In the meantime, we should show compassion to the mentally ill, and politically defeat those who – knowingly or not – are fighting for a bad cause, and doing life-changing damage to too many children.  

And thank the cops in Nashville, who bravely confronted a disturbed person, and used their guns to save many lives!