The Sex Strike & Rashida Tlaib both continue to haunt our Nation (posted 5/21/19)

As I predicted last week (through the magic of my tax-deductible wizard hat), I managed to make it through a long weekend of not having sex with Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano, and have lived to tell the tale.  In fact, and I don’t want to toot my own horn (although I’d much rather toot my own horn than have sex with Bette Midler or Alyssa Milano, if you know what I mean), I think I’m surviving quite well.

As the sex strike grinds on into its second week (and no, it doesn’t bump – only grinds), I probably shouldn’t still be commenting on it.   But it is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious, and that is a combination that I am too immature to resist.  I only have a few more thoughts about it, though,

It’s an archetypally great example of a common leftist trope that I’ve mentioned before: being totally clueless about how others perceive you.  Recent examples include pro-abortion Dem Brian Sims videotaping himself bullying a peaceful old woman and thinking that made him a hero, and ineffectual beta male Cory Booker calling himself Spartacus, and translucent old crank Grandma Squanto looking into the mirror and seeing the Indian maiden from the Land o’ Lakes butter ads. (#wemustneverstopmockingher)

Similarly, Alyssa and Bette must have actually had the thought, “You know what will really bring all of those conservative males — with their toxic masculinity and their socially constructed attraction to a .7 female waist-to-hip ratio that you see everywhere from cave paintings to Egyptian pictograms to Sophia Loren movies in the 1960s – to their knees?   If we say that we’re not going to have sex with them!”

That’s a big swing and a miss.  Because the first rule of strike club is that a strike has to involve withholding something that your target audience wants.  If people are boarding a plane to Orlando and the pilots go on strike, people are going to want that strike to end.  If the workers in an ice cream factory go on strike, we are going to want that strike to end, because ice cream is delicious.

But if we would not voluntarily … how can I put this delicately?… engage you… with our worst enemy’s (say Bill Clinton’s) … body part of choice… a strike is unlikely to work.

Yikes – this is a high-class website, and I am out of euphemisms.  Let me try to put this another way.

You know how in the crucial moment when a strike starts in a movie, the leaders of the strike shout to their audience, “TOOLS DOWN!”

I think I speak for all of us deplorable straight males when I say: Way ahead of you, ladies.

In other news, if you had told me in January that the national Democrats’ biggest liability in 2019 would NOT be their presidential field, I would have been shocked to the point of having my wizard hat tested to see if it was broken.

But we’re halfway through May, and I think you could make the argument that one group has done more damage than the Dirty Two Dozen: the troika of fresh (rapidly becoming stale) faces in the freshman House class — AOC and the Muslim avengers Omar and Tlaib.  (I think we need a trendy shorthand acronym for those two, and I’d like to suggest HJT, for Hateful Jihadi Twins.)

So one half of HJT took the Baton of Stupid™ this past week, and advanced it quite nicely.  Rashida Tlaib went on a podcast you’ve never heard of and excreted a few deep thoughts about the Holocaust.  Others have already had a field day with her choice of words to describe her emotional state when she thinks about the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews.  (“Calming?”  Really?)

But what followed was more surprising to me.  She gave an impromptu history lesson on the founding of the State of Israel.

In Tlaib’s telling, “[I]t was my ancestors, Palestinians — who lost their land, and some lost their lives their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways — have been wiped out, and some people’s passports. And just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right? In many ways.”

If by “many ways” you mean “zero ways.”

You don’t have to be a Middle East scholar to know that a tale of super philo-semitic Palestinians sacrificing so that the Jews could have a homeland is a tough one to swallow.  In fact, it’s harder to think of a more far-fetched take on actual events.

Here’s an example.  I might make the argument that it is a historical fact that in the late Middle Ages, the kingdoms of Europe were confronted with a blue-eyed devil-looking guy leading an army of zombies who broke through a mile-high wall of ice and almost wiped out the planet, but were stopped at the last minute when a tomboy with a magic knife stabbed the devil guy, and also a hot, crazy blonde flying around on the back of a dragon did her part too.

That argument would still be closer to the truth than Tlaib’s tale about a bunch of pacifistic Muslims welcoming Jews with open arms and lovingly giving them a country.

Not satisfied with stepping in it so badly, Rashida responded to her critics in the patient, understanding way that we’ve come to expect from her.  (Remember, this is the little gem whose first public words upon being elected – spoken into a microphone, in public – was that the Dems were going to “impeach the mf-er.”)

She went on Seth Meyer’s “crimes against comedy” late night show, and found a way to make her comments worse.  After revisiting her “the Palestinians helped the folks at Winterfell defeat the Night King and then created a warm and welcoming homeland for the Jews” fable, she followed up with another charming grace note, saying, “I got a text message from a friend who’s like, ‘Hey, next time, you know, really clarify. Maybe talk like a fourth grader. Because maybe the racist idiots would understand you better.’”

Yes.  You think that the big problem in the Muslim Middle East is the tiny sliver of land occupied by the Juden, and WE’RE the racist idiots.

Keep it up, Dems.  I’m sure this kind of gratuitous slap at most of the country is going to hit that same electoral strategy sweet spot that a certain ex-future president (CAW CAW) hit with her “deplorables” comment.

You know that there have to be some sane Dem pols and consultants who are pleading with the HJTs to just shut it.  But they can’t help themselves, and they are continually being hoist on their own petard.

For the record, I’m not sure what getting “hoist on a petard” means, and it sounds painful.  But I would still rather be hoist on my own petard – after tooting my own horn – than have sex with Bette Midler or Alyssa Milano.

Another Dem Candidate, Women we’d Never Want to Have Sex with Call a Sex Strike, & a Tax Expert Gets Fired Because She Understands Biology (posted 5/17/19)

You may remember that just a week ago, I’d narrowed the dementia of Democrats seeking the 2020 nomination down to the two “best” – in the sense of most representative of their far-left base – candidates:  Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti and Creepy pro-abortion bully Brian Sims.

But I may have spoken too soon, because Warren Wilhelm Jr. has entered the race.

You are probably saying “who?”  (Or maybe, “who cares?”)  It turns out that Bill DeBlasio – terrible leftist NYC mayor – was born Warren Wilhelm Jr.  He later changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm – I guess because he had married Hillary Rodham de Blasio? – before settling on his current nom de knucklehead.

If I were the type to engage in ethnic rumor mongering, I might point out that given the uber-Germanic name “Wilhelm,” his devotion to socialism, and his obvious urge to dictate everything from drink sizes to salt content of meals consumed in his domain, I think we might infer some Nazi sympathies in his background.

But since I’m above that sort of thing, I’ll just point out that since Kaiser Wilhelm has completely failed  at running a major city, he naturally wants to take the next step up to failing at running a country.

In his favor: if Mayor Pete can be a candidate because he’s the mayor of Hooterville, and Skateboarding Doofus can be a candidate because he almost didn’t lose a Senate race, and Bernie can be a candidate because he’s the only surviving member of Marx’s 19th century inner circle, and Kamala can be a candidate because she slept with that married octogenarian, and Grandma Squanto can be a candidate because she once spent a night in Sioux City when her car broke down (#wemustneverstopmockingher), why can’t Heinrich de Blasio run for president, too?

Not in his favor: everything else.

Exhibit A – When polled, something like 76% of New Yorkers said that they thought he shouldn’t run for president.  I can only assume that the remaining 24% favor a presidential run only because that would require that he stop being mayor of New York City.

Exhibit B – On Monday he was scheduled to do a big photo op pushing the Green New Deal in front of Trump Tower.  But because God hates Sergeant Schultz-de Blasio, He sent inclement weather, which pushed the de Blasio speech indoors, to right in front of the escalators.  And because most New Yorkers hate de Blasio as much as God does, a group of them immediately made some cardboard signs reading “Worst Mayor Ever!” and “Trump 2020,” and rode up and down the escalators behind him throughout his entire speech.   (Just when I was ready to write off NYC altogether, you magnificent bastards do something like that!  I salute you!)

Exhibit C – A few days later, he went on GMA to tout his candidacy to former Clinton hatchet man and totally objective journalist George Stephanopoulos.  He was drowned out by protestors outside chanting “Liar, liar.”

So why am I so stoked about a Reinhard Heydrich-de Blasio candidacy?  Because I think that, of all of the ominous things said by all of the creepy leftists so far in the 21st century, de Blasio uttered the one that best sums up the clueless arrogance and lust for power inherent in leftism.  It’s not a slip of the tongue, because he has said it multiple times in the past, and repeated it this week in his announcement video:

“There’s plenty of money in this world, there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands.”

That’s our would-be leftist overlords in a nutshell.  If you are financially successful or own something, you didn’t build that, and it’s not rightfully yours.  They’ll decide whose hands it should be in.

Ugh.  Let me just go over to my hat closet to retrieve my wizard hat and do a little prognosticating.

Annnddd… Bill de Blasio is not going to get the Dem nomination.

Oooh, the pointy hat is still tingling.  (No offense, Mayor Pete.  No gay slang intended.)  I feel another prediction coming on.

No man in America is going to be taking any cold showers over the sex strike called by Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano.

The wizard hat has spoken.

Really, though.  Did any guy hear that news and groan to himself, “I have to do without sex with Bette Midler AND Alyssa Milano?  Where is my arsenic, and my handgun?”

Granted, I’m not the target audience for this strike.  When I met the CORCAW (the CORCA wife, obviously), all other women became invisible to me.  Which is a real problem in the office, because I’m constantly bumping into many women whom I do not notice.  If one of them happens to be bending over to pick up something when the collision occurs, I’m back in HR before you can say, “Mr. Weinstein will see you now.”

But there was a time before I’d met the CORCAW, and I can envision some hypothetical sex strike participants who might have moved me.  If you’d told me that a bevy of Bond girls, or a 1976 Farrah Fawcett, or a 1983 Nena (singing in German) were going to stop taking my calls, I’d have hobbled to the negotiating table.

But octogenarian Bette Midler, and momentarily-attractive-25-years-ago Alyssa Milano?  I think I can soldier through that libidinal Lent without losing my will to live.

Besides, the logic of this protest escapes me.  These geniuses are calling for women to stop having sex with men — which will mean that none of them will get pregnant – in order to preserve the right to abort the babies that they will not conceive, because they are not having sex with men.

Well played, screeching termagants.  Well played.

Finally, in case you think that sexual politics can’t get any more ridiculous, I give you the story of “feminist tax expert” Maya Forstater, who recently lost her job at the Centre for Global Development, which Breitbart London identified as an “international think tank.”  (Although after reading this story, you will believe, as I do, that the use of “think tank” is a considerable exaggeration.  Even a “think saucer” is probably over-stated.  Is there such a thing as a “think thimble?”)

Sharp CO readers have probably already spotted a few red flags.  First, why would anyone’s feminism or gender politics be relevant to the work of a tax expert?  Has anyone ever said, “Get me our Q3 results, and also your thoughts on biological males using women’s bathrooms.”  Or “I need a spreadsheet of our accounts receivable, cross-referenced with the preferred pronouns of Chelsea Manning, Caitlyn Jenner and Don Lemon!”

Also, Simpson’s Law of Ridiculously Spelled Names is violated by “Centre.”  And I know – that spelling is European, so we should all acknowledge its cultural superiority.

Well, you know what else is European?  Soccer.  French rap “music.”  Pretentious black and white films that make zero sense.  No second amendment.  No freedom of speech.

No thank you.

Anyway, what did crazy tax expert Forstater say that was so outrageous?   Here is her quote, which I am not making up, “Yes I think that male people are not women. I don’t think being a woman/female is a matter of identity or womanly feelings. It is biology.”

So obviously, we must burn her at the stake.

Or, as her boss put it in an email to her, “You stated that a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality. A lot of people would find that offensive and exclusionary.”

Yes, and those people are raving lunatics, and Democratic primary voters.

The rest of us don’t go to our tax people – or to the fourth lead on Who’s the Boss – for advice on our sex lives.  We just want to know if there’s a way to write off our wizard hats as a business expense.

Is that too much to ask?

Light Years Apart (posted 5/10/19)

So last weekend I was watching Youtube videos of some old Super Chicken cartoons, and enjoying the hilarious staccato “cluck cluck cluck cluck” during the refrain of the theme song.  As one does.  (If you haven’t read my last column, that line probably doesn’t make any sense.) (If you want to read that column before this one, hop over to  But then come back – always come back! – to Cautious Optimism.)

But after re-living some nostalgic moments from my youth, I noticed a little video window on the screen identified as “Surprise Pregnancy Announcements.”  So I watched one.  And then another one.

And then an hour had gone by, as I compulsively watched about 30 of those videos.  And I’ll admit that I was repeatedly choked up to the point of tears multiple times.

That may shock many of you in CO nation, who think of me as tough as a two-dollar steak.  And you are not wrong.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I once won three out of four arm wrestling falls with Chuck Norris, or that the character of Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec was based on me.  On advice of counsel, I have no comment on whether I may have ever killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

If the mysterious CO and I ever faced off in a tough-guy contest, it would be like Batman v. Superman, and the earth would tremble.

But watching those videos had me crying like a dad walking his little girl down the aisle in a country music video.  There was a sweetness and a joy to all of them.  Even as they were all different, there were consistent themes.  All people, as they get the news that their loved one is pregnant, get a momentarily shocked look on their faces.  Then the dam breaks.

Some grandmothers-to-be get all screamy, some jump around in hysterics, and many just cry into their hands.  A few grandfathers and fathers cry, but there are also some raised arms, and fist pumps, and raucous cheering (not unlike when the Cubs sweep the Cards in a weekend series, as God intended).

You see some ethnic differences: I never saw any super-restrained black or Hispanic families, and a few patrician New Englanders (even as they teared up) said things like, “Well that’s just wonderful!  Such great news!“

You see some class differences: some announcements happen in immaculate HGTV kitchens over granite countertops or in impeccably decorated great rooms, while others take place in cramped little living rooms and dated kitchens like the houses that I grew up in.  Some happen in trailers, and you can almost see the walls shake when the news is out.

You see some religious differences, too.  Some houses have crosses on the walls, and people start crying and thanking God.  One sneaky young father-to-be managed to slip the news into his prayer as he said grace at a holiday meal, “And lord, we thank you for the four-month-old life that Kelly is carrying inside her…”  (Yes, the rest of that prayer was heard only by God, as everyone at the table erupted.)

Others start dropping instinctive, shocked F-bombs and strings of accompanying expletives.

Some of my favorite videos were the announcements of twins or triplets.  After the first wave of joyous chaos was just beginning to subside, the pregnant woman would point out the second baby on the ultrasound, or intentionally let it slip that “the babies are due in early July.”  Several clever women gave their mothers tiny little onesies labeled “Thing 1” and “Thing 2,” which produced open mouths and momentary shocked silence.

Followed by the Democrat talking points hitting the proverbial fan, as they say.

There are several constants:  Dogs always go nuts when a pregnancy is announced.  (God love ‘em!) Very old people suddenly look 30 years younger when a family member has finally gotten the message through, half-shouted into their good ear.  Everybody hugs everybody like their lives depend on it.

Most importantly, there is such life-affirming happiness in all of these videos.  I recommend them to anyone who is feeling down, and I defy you to watch just one or two, and not find yourself simultaneously tearing up or smiling as you watch them.

“Hey Martacus,” I can hear many of you saying, “all of this treacly Hallmark stuff is fine, but where is the acid sarcasm and the sharp tongue we’ve come to expect from you?  Have you gone soft on the “should we ever stop mocking Grandma Squanto” question?   Have no Dems pulled a ceramic chicken this week?

I’m glad you asked. Because what got me thinking about all of this sweet joie de vivre stuff was seeing the polar opposite of it in the miserable, malevolent face of the Worst Leftist of the Month:  Brian Sims.

You’ve probably seen and heard about this guy.  He’s the elected PA state representative – from guess which party? – who has videotaped himself harassing peaceful protestors outside a Philly Planned Parenthood abortuary.

Full disclosure: I understand why some pro-choicers are repulsed by and angry at some pro-life demonstrators, especially the attention-getting subset who carry gigantic, graphic color photos of aborted fetuses, and scream at miserable young women who run their gauntlet.

But these protestors aren’t those types at all.  The videos run around 10 minutes total, and capture a mother with three girls (ages 13-15), an elderly lady by herself, and what looks to be a lone male in his late teens.  All of them are low key, quietly protesting and praying and trying to persuade any women who might show up from going through with an abortion.

Sims aggressively harasses all of them.  He corners and then stalks around the elderly lady, who tries to avoid him, all the while snarling that she is “an old white lady,” and a hypocrite.  He taunts her, asking how many children she has fed or clothed today, and saying that she should be ashamed of herself.

Her treats the mother and girls and the lone boy the same way.  He repeatedly points out that they are white.  (Even though one of the girls – who looks to be Hispanic – says, “I’m far from white.”)  He says they are pseudo-Christians who should be ashamed of themselves.  He also threatens to dox all of them, offering $100 to anyone who will tell him their names and where they live.

In general, he is a hateful, obnoxious bully.  And thus, I would argue, a perfect representative of the far-left leadership of the Democrat party.

In 10 minutes of video, he demonstrates all of the dysfunctional, malicious tropes that characterize the Woke Left Resistance:

Self-righteousness:  He perfectly captures the left’s hatred for all religions (except Islam), and its simultaneously judgmental hyper-religiosity (in the name of either their secular religion of leftism, or their own eccentric version of “spiritual- but-not-religious” Christianity).  He continually mocks them as pseudo-Christians and preaches how shameful and immoral they are.  He’s a 21st century Cotton Mather, raging that they should all be forced to wear the scarlet letter “A” – for anti-abortion.

Obsession with race and gender:  he continually berates them for being white, and for harassing women.  Meanwhile five of his six victims are women, and he’s male, and pretty white.  I mean, he’s not as white as Elizabeth Warren (#wemustneverstopmockingher), but neither is the hypothetical baby of Edgar Winter and Tilda Swinton.   But he’s at least as white as any of his victims.

Textbook psychological projection: He accuses people whom he is bullying of being bullies.  He accuses them of harassing women, while he (a male, and not a Mayor-Pete-looking-male, if you know what I mean) just happens to be harassing three teenage girls, a mom, and an old lady.  He accuses them of being evil white people, while he is a white guy, acting evil.

Blindness to how he comes across: In a sane world, this video would be some kind of undercover sting footage, taken surreptitiously to expose a creep, who would be mortified when it went public.  But this moron proudly took the video himself, and he thinks he comes off just great!  He turns the camera on himself and identifies himself at the beginning of each segment, before turning it on his hapless victims.

Ugh.  This guy is truly terrible.  But one silver lining is that he seems to be getting some rational blowback against his hideous behavior, to the point that he had to make a cliched leftist non-apology apology.  Usually that involves weasely phrasing such as, “If anyone was offended by my behavior…” or “I’m sorry that my totally justified actions have been taken out of context by evil right-wingers…”

But Sims can’t even do that.  He is defiant, insults his victims, and the closest he gets to “sorry” is “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  (Hey, Bri: you’re one wrong short, you pompous jerk.)

I watched Sim’s infuriatingly creepy video, and started to feel depressed about what darkness people are capable of.

But then I thought better of it.   I sought out those pregnancy announcement videos, and felt the tightness in my chest loosen up.  There’s a Hispanic woman, laughing in confusion as she holds up the small jelly bean that her son and daughter-in-law just gave her as a gift.

Then her daughter-in-law says, “That’s the size of your grandchild.” And the woman’s face transforms, and she starts jumping around like a lunatic, shouting and crying with joy.

And snarling, benighted Brian Sims seems a million miles away.  As he should be.


I am not a single-issue voter, but I can’t think of any clearer illustration of the stark contrast between left and right than on abortion.   The left used to at least act like they understood the moral gravitas of abortion, casting it as an option for those in extremis, and mouthing platitudes about how it should be safe and legal, but (tellingly) rare.

Those days are long gone.  Today’s avant-garde left will not be infanticide-shamed.  They’ll “shout their abortions,” as if irresponsibly sleeping with one shiftless quasi-male after another is something to be proud of, and then cancelled like an error on a math test.

They’ll reductively objectify themselves by wearing genitalia-evoking hats and costumes, and bring their small children to marches where they carry obscene signs and scream expletives at quiet and respectful opponents.  They’ll assault you, and spit at you, and they’ll force you to pay for their abortions.

They’ll bully old women and teenagers, and they’ll proudly record themselves doing it.

Which leaves me with only question:  Who is the most representative 2020 Democrat dream-team presidential ticket?

Avenatti/Sims or Sims/Avenatti?

Choose wisely, Democrat voters.

Ceramic Chickens Coming Home to Roost (5/6/19)


When I wrote about the Democrats’ pathetic showing against Bill Barr last week, I thought the Dems had sunk as low as they could possibly go.  (Proving what a naïve optimist I am at heart.)  But I spoke too soon.  Because losing a debate to a taciturn, composed opponent is one thing.

But being soundly trounced by an opponent who doesn’t even show up is quite another.

I speak, of course, of Chicken Gate.  (I had an alternative name for this political scandal.  But upon further reflection, I am far too classy to use the phrase “Cluster Cluck.”) (You’re welcome.)

After having gone through one day of listening to Crazy Mazie and the Dueling Dicks (Durbin and Blumenthal), Barr decided not to show up for an encore performance.  (By the way, if you ever get the chance to see Crazy Mazie and the Dueling Dicks in concert, take a pass, because they are terrible.  I wouldn’t go to one of their shows even if they shared the bill with Elvis Costello and the Attractions and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.) (And I love both of those bands.) (RIP Tom Petty.)

When he heard that Barr wasn’t going to show up, Democrat Steve Cohen decided that this was his big chance to finally win a debate, for once in his miserable life.  So he gathered his props, and made his bid for forensic immortality.

He placed a ceramic chicken on the table where Barr would have sat, and he put a bucket of fried chicken on the table in front of himself.

In doing so, he forgot the immutable laws enshrined in the Democrat party platform:

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Never take a black voter to your Klan rally.

Never take Elizabeth Warren to a powwow. (#wemustneverstopmockingher)

Never take a ceramic chicken to a Senate hearing.

They are all clichés for a reason, Stevie.


When a reporter asked him to interpret the deep meaning behind the chicken props, Cohen said, and I quote, “Chicken Barr should have showed up today. It’s a sad day for America.”

Which gave me two thoughts:

  1. When you’re trying to project gravitas, evoke a funereal, somber tone, and warn of a great nation in political twilight, it doesn’t help establish the mood if you do so… WHILE HOLDING A CERAMIC CHICKEN! (Cue Sam Kinison scream: OH! OOOHHH!)
  2. A Chicken Bar sounds like a pretty sweet entrepreneurial idea.  I’m picturing a wide selection of imported and domestic beers, happy-hour white-or-dark-meat specials, dart boards along one wall with Steve Cohen’s big, dumb face on them.  To quote another illustrious Simpson: “Mmmm, chicken bar.”

So if you’ll just give me a moment, I’m going to apply for a trademark on “Chicken Bar.”

Annnnnnndd, done.


This stunt was so dumb that I think it deserves a place among the all-time best TV moments that emblazoned themselves in our consciousness by adding a phrase to our national lexicon.

The best example to date has been “jumping the shark.”  For those of you too young to remember, the coolest guy on tv in the 1970s (with the possible exceptions of Jim Rockford and the Six Million Dollar Man) was Fonzie on Happy Days.  When that show had exhausted all creative story premises, an episode aired in which the Fonz – who had previously been voted the tv personality least likely to ever water ski –jumped over a shark while waterskiing, in a leather jacket.  (Because everyone knows that chicks dig leather jackets over life jackets. Duh.)

Hence “jumping the shark,” meaning that you’ve stooped to a desperate stunt which inadvertently sounds the death knell for a doomed enterprise.

I propose that we now replace “jumping the shark” with “pulling a ceramic chicken.”

Before I go on, I’d like to apologize to Mayor Pete.  I am not up on gay slang, so if the phrase “pulling a ceramic chicken” has any double-entendre meaning, it was not intended.  So mea culpa to the Pence-Slanderer from South Bend.


Good lord!  I tried to put myself in Steve Cohen’s mind, to figure out what he could have been thinking.  (If you’re curious, it was very dark and cold and cramped in there, with lots of cobwebs and tumbleweeds, and the sound of wind blowing through empty passageways.)

Does he think that there is a long tradition of animal figurines being deployed as devastating trump cards in debates?

Does he believe that when Roman orators Marcus Aurelius and Cassius Clay (in addition to gay slang, I am also not super-knowledgeable about Roman orators) were debating the relative merits of a Republic vs. an Empire, Aurelius carried the day when he produced a small, bronze sheep?  (To which Flavius Somebody-or-other said, “Clay may have command of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle, along with a powerful right jab.  But Aurelius has a graven farm animal!  Huzzah!”)

Is Cohen under the impression that Lincoln was losing the Lincoln-Douglas debates, until he famously said, “My rotund, slavery-supporting Democrat friend makes a formidable argument, but has he considered…” then, with a flourish, from beneath his frock coat he sprang his surprise, lifting a wooden object high above his unattractively angular head, proclaiming, “this magnificent OAKEN COW?!!”

(Spoiler alert: the crowd went nuts, he won the presidency, and eventually defeated the slave-state Democrats in the Civil War, thanks in large part to what many later called “The Bovine Proclamation.”) (True story.)

Nicely done, Steve Cohen and Senate Democrats!  You’ve performed the equivalent of stepping into an empty boxing ring, slipping on a piece of fried chicken, and falling onto your own fist, knocking yourself out cold.

You have started with chicken soup, and ended up with chicken poop.

You have truly “pulled a ceramic chicken.”

CO Nation, please share this column, and spread the word about the phrase that should replace “jump the shark.”  I will consider my entire life well-lived if, during the Democrat primaries, one candidate accuses another of pulling a ceramic chicken.

(Doesn’t have to be Mayor Pete.) (But it would be hilarious if it were.)

Go forth now, and speak my truth!

Case Studies in Media Bias (posted 5/3/19)

Barr’s testimony on Tuesday showed the Rorschach test nature of congressional hearings.  MSM commentators and various room-temp-IQ celebrities who watched the proceedings were so horrified by what they saw that they got their gender-binary garments over their heads and tweeted up an obscene storm, the gist of which was: Barr must be impeached, following by Trump’s execution!

I watched the same thing, and shared CO’s take: Barr looked like a responsible adult in the middle of a disgraceful middle school mean girls performance by a parade of dim-bulb leftist hacks.  Lowlights: a pathetic, slanderous performance by nasty piece of work Crazy Mazie Hirono (the voters of Hawaii should be ashamed of themselves for electing her), and less bad but still miserable performances by Richard “everyone secretly calls him Dick” Blumenthal and Dick “no one calls him Richard” Durbin.

They were obnoxious, and spent their time bloviating and posing the most transparently bad-faith rhetorical questions.  Questions like, “Do you think we should be grateful that the president gutted the constitution and pooped on all that we hold sacred?”  and “Wouldn’t you agree that it’s terrible what a partisan Trump supporter you are, when an AG is supposed to be non-partisan?”

I remember when Eric “Steadman” Holder (put his picture up against that of Oprah’s longtime eunuch-y boyfriend and see if you can tell them apart) called himself Obama’s “wingman,” and called Obama “my boy,” and proudly stated that “I’ve got his back.”

Do you remember the outraged howl that arose from the MSM when Steadman proudly proclaimed his bias like that?  Me neither.

For an even better example of transparent media bias, I give you a story from only last weekend:  a potential terrorist bombing of a right-wing political gathering was avoided with the arrest of the perpetrator, which I’ll bet you haven’t heard much about.  You can Google it to get the whole story, but the outline is familiar: FBI hears about violent nut job running his mouth about wanting to build a bomb, they get an agent posing as a fellow terrorist close to him, then record his rantings, deliver him a fake bomb, and arrest him.

The fact that you haven’t heard much about it is the first bias red flag, and that tells you that this guy was not a right-wing Trump supporter, or else he’d be the most famous man in America right now.

But look at the way that the story was covered (when it was covered at all):

The article in the LA Times has this headline: “L.A. terror suspect was ousted from U.S. Army for violent offenses, source says.”  The first paragraph begins, “The U.S. Army veteran charged with planning a terrorist attack in Southern California was kicked out of the service several years ago….” In the second paragraph, we find out that the suspect lives in Reseda, CA, and that his name is Mark Stephen Domingo.

In the next two paragraphs, we learn more about his dishonorable discharge.  At the end of paragraph 5, we get a reference to the fact that his motive for murder involved “…retribution for the killings of Muslims in other parts of the world.”

Hmmm.  Curious.  I looked back up at his name: Mark Stephen Domingo.  Not so Muslim-y.  “Mark” (white guy) “Stephen” (white guy) “Domingo” (Hispanic)

Then I considered the ambiguity of the preposition “of.”  “The killings of Muslims” might refer to Muslims being killed, or to killings carried out by Muslims.  Since the latter would seem to be a lot more frequent than the former, I thought that maybe this guy has a bias against Muslims.

Until I started on paragraph 6:  “Prosecutors said Domingo, a recent convert to Islam…”

“Aha!” I said to Cassie the Wonder Dog, who watched me with her adorable one brown eye and one blue eye.  “The game is afoot!  I think we have stumbled upon a clue.”  I assume that my brilliant deduction had bowled her over, because she walked in a circle and lay down with a deep sigh of appreciation.

Let me recap: In the headline, White-Guy Hispanic is identified as a former solider.  The first five paragraphs expound on how he, as an Army veteran, had a falling out with the army, but had done a military tour in Afghanistan, and then got a dishonorable discharge.  From the army.

Also, he was a military guy.

Then, in paragraph 6 (when most of the lefty audience of the LA Times had given up reading because their lips got tired), the writer mentions the probably irrelevant detail that he recently converted to the Religion of Peace™  Oddly enough, he soon thereafter became a member of the pressure-cooker-bomb-enthusiast community.

Well, I said to myself, “I wonder if I need to go to my closet and pull out my wizard hat, to anticipate how other MSM outlets might have covered the story?”  And Cassie shook her head at me, snorfling in derision.

So I sat at the computer, bare-headed, and looked up a few other trusty news sources.

Here’s ABC News’ (sic) headline — “US Officials: Army veteran’s plan to bomb California Nazi rally stopped.”  At least they got to the Islam connection quickly:  “An Army veteran who converted to Islam…”  But I might still make a humble editing suggestion: if you wanted to lead with the most pertinent factor in his decision to become a bomb-maker, you might try starting with “Recent Islamic convert who was kicked out of the Army years ago…”

How did CNN cover the story? you are not asking since you already know, even though your wizard hat is in the wash.  Headline: “Army veteran charged with plotting terror attacks in LA area.”  Opening sentence: “A 26-year-old former US Army soldier who served in Afghanistan has been charged…”

Not until the 7th paragraph does the story mention that he recently converted to Islam.

Although to be fair to CNN, all of their paragraphs are one sentence long, so that delay is not as bad as it sounds. I’m not making that up: The story is 13 paragraphs long, and 12 of those paragraphs have one sentence.  The remaining one has two.  Which tells you all you need to know about CNN’s perception of their readers’ literacy rates.  The phrase “not at grade level” comes to mind.

By the way, the story’s byline is by Kate Sullivan and Josh Campbell.  Which means that it took two writers to come up with those 14 sentences.  By comparison, I write roughly a column per week all by myself in my spare time.  And they are chock full of paragraphs, most of which contain many sentences.

Except this one.

And those columns are read by CO Nation (average IQ: four quintiles higher than that of CNN’s audience).

The only editorial assistance I receive comes when I run potential jokes past my wife and daughters, and they rate them on the following descending scale:  All Hail Martacus/ hilariousgenius-level/ semi-hilarious-semi-genius level/ and CNN-worthy.

I’ve never gotten a “CNN worthy” rating yet.  Which you should know, because if I ever did, I’d immediately kill myself by impaling my aorta on the point of my wizard hat, or die trying.

Where was I?  Oh yeah: MSM coverage of the Muslim would-be LA bomber.  After a quick trip around the net, the only sources I found that led with Domingo’s Islamic conversion were partisan conservative sites.

I finally ended up at the New York Times, and their take was as predictable as the sunrise.  Assuming that your sunrise is usually accompanied by blood-curdling cries of “Allahu Akbar!” followed by gaping shrapnel wounds.

Their headline alluded to a generic “Terror Attack Thwarted.”  The slug line under their opening picture began, “Federal officials on Monday accused a military veteran of planning terror attacks…”

The opening line in the story proper: “Federal authorities said on Monday that they had thwarted a domestic terror plot by an American military veteran…”

Hey, people who are simultaneously pretentious enough and stupid enough to still be reading the New York freaking Times, did we mention that this guy is an Army man?

To give credit to the NYT, they feature mostly multi-sentence paragraphs.  To immediately remove that credit, it took them 8 paragraphs before they could bring themselves to mention that Domingo had been supportive of “violent jihad.”  (Which I would have thought the NYT editors would have identified as an oxymoron, since everyone knows that “jihad” is Arabic for “contemplative, pacifistic search for self-actualization, and definitely not beheading the infidels.”) It took them three more paragraphs before they could grit their teeth and use the word “Islam.”

Way to go, NYT!  You get a Pulitzer for burying the lede.  (Just like recent Islamic convert White-Guy Hispanic tried to bury all the non-Muslims he could get his creepy hands on.)

Moral of the story, from “Centurion Obvious” Martacus: we should never believe anything we read in the MSM.

Also, Grandma Squanto wants to forgive the student debt of all of the Social Justice Puppetry majors of the world – if by “forgiving the debt” you mean “sticking taxpayers with the debt.”   So #wemustneverstopmockingher

Sure, that last paragraph may have seemed a little forced.  But I wasn’t about to write another column without a “never stop mocking her” reference.  (You’re welcome, Don!)

Looking Back at April (posted 5/1/19)

As April comes to an end, I thought I’d write about a bunch of more or less random things that I’ve noticed but haven’t written about this month.

First, our main stream media have once again really covered themselves in (bias-drenched) glory – for the 378th consecutive month!

(I decided quasi-randomly to start counting from October of 1987, when – with MSM help – Senior Dirigible from Massachusetts and Aquatic Homicide Aficionado™ Ted Kennedy led the first Borking of a Supreme Court nominee.  But one could easily start counting earlier than that.)

You may remember that when a white supremacist murdered 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand in March, it was a worldwide story.  And well it should have been.  But you may also remember that the news coverage was not shy about mentioning several facts.  For example, the victims were Muslims.  (Not “Ramadan worshipers.”) The killer was a white racist guy.  And therefore probably a member of a rising, terrible movement of Trump supporters that is a huge threat to all of humanity.

Upon hearing of that incident, I went to my hat closet and sorted through my collection: cowboy hat, sombrero, Martacus-style Roman helmet, old-timey leather aviator helmet with goggles.  And finally… my tall, pointy wizard hat that I use for all of my prognosticating.

I put it on and meditated for a moment, and then predicted that the shooter would turn out to be a loser lone wolf whose only friends would be other anonymous losers in sicko internet chatrooms.

Six weeks later… turns out he was a lone-wolf loser with no friends outside the dark web.  Respect the wizard hat, people!

So then Easter comes along, and there is a coincidental attack on “Easter worshippers” in Sri Lanka.  (Whom you can recognize by the giant bunny statues in their houses of worship, which are topped by gigantic rabbit ears with bells inside.)

Or, as Ilhan Omar tweeted, “Some other guys did something else, and now Muslims are being oppressed again.”

And immediately, the MSM leapt into action, marshalling their forces to devote wall-to-wall coverage to…  Lori Laughlin’s decision to plead not guilty in “Getting-my-dumb-kids-into-USC-gate.”

The MSM’s hot take on the story?  “Well, there weren’t that many deaths, all things considered.  And it was probably just a lone wolf, who was likely a white nationalist, and definitely not connected to any organized group.”

Compare that to my initial impression, arrived at as I sat cross-legged on my library floor, wearing my wizard hat: I bet it’s going to be a bunch of guys – heavy on “Muhammad”-adjacent names – carrying out a coordinated attack under the orders of some hateful weird-beard leader of one jihadi caliphate or another.

And what do you know?  The perpetrators were 7 moral dwarves, operating as part of a coordinated jihadi operation, at the behest of a creepy, bearded lunatic.  Also, none of them were named either Nigel or Alan.

Though one survivor, oddly enough, was called Jussie Muhammad.  Apparently he was ambushed by some Sri Lankans in white face, who put a noose around his neck and stole his Subway sandwich, only for him to escape, and live to tell his heroic tale.  True story.

But that wasn’t the only bit of the religion beat that the MSM screwed up in April.  When Notre Dame caught fire, news-weasels around the country said, “Good!  Football is an evil manifestation of toxic masculinity.”  When a Catholic janitor walking by in the hallway explained their mistake, they turned on a tv, just in time to hear it reported that a priest ran inside and retrieved several sacred items, including “the body of Christ.”

Intrepid New York Times reporter – and, I’m guessing, not a Biblical scholar — Elian Peltier garbled that into a report that the priest rescued “a statue of Jesus.”

Well done, NYT.  Now we’ve got to add “Christianity” to the list– which already includes “history, economics, biology, logic, fairness, truth, science, objectivity and basic math” – of topics about which you idiots know NOTHING!

Speaking of knowing nothing, rich socialist Bernie Sanders got his house slippers caught in his dentures when in a New Hampshire town hall, he boldly came out in favor of letting convicted felons vote.  Not after they’ve served their sentences and had their civil rights restored, but while they are still in jail.

A normal human in attendance then did a double-take, and asked if that should apply even to evil people like the Boston bombers.  (Or, as Ilhan Omar refers to them, “Two guys who did something, and now people stare at me every time I tell them the Jews have hypnotized them.”) Bernie doubled down: Yes, let Osama bin Weinstein Manson-Bundy vote!

Hilariously enough, when a reporter put the same question to Willie Brown’s former mistress, Kamala at first agreed.  When the reporter seemed incredulous, she hesitated, and settled for a lukewarm cliché: “I think we should have that conversation.”

Which is leftist speak for “I think we should have that monologue.  So zip it.”

Not to be outdone, Grandma Squanto (#wemustneverstopmockingher) came out in favor of letting another group vote who should obviously never be allowed to vote:  16-year-olds.

Here is a partial list of things that 16-year-olds think: Rap “music” is music.  Global warming is going to boil us all in 12 years. Texting and driving is a great idea. So is socialism. And piercings.  If you think you’re a girl, you’re a girl.

Here is a partial list of things 16-year-olds do NOT know: Don’t draw to an inside straight.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Soccer is a terrible sport.  Don’t go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line. Speech that offends you is not violence.  Who fought in the Civil War.  Or World War 2.  Or any other war outside of Game of Thrones.

Oh, yeah… one more: WHO TO VOTE FOR!

It’s very telling to see which groups the Dems are trying to get to vote: Criminals. Impressionable children. Illegal immigrants.  The mentally ill and the addicted (i.e. most homeless people, who suffer from one or both conditions).

I can’t see how that could possibly go wrong.

In other news, “Plugs” Biden has finally joined the dementia of Democrats currently crowding the primary stage, which promises even more train-derailing humor in the coming months.  He launched his campaign with a video, and his very first point was a lie: the smear that Trump called neo-nazis and white supremacists at Charlottesville “very fine people.”

I know that Trump says lots of stupid things, and often those things involve being too complimentary to those who don’t deserve it, as when he flatters Porky Nork (hat tip to CO), and speaks positively of Putin.  And he expressed himself clumsily – and vaguely – in that infamous press conference.

But in that “very fine people” line, Trump was not talking about neo-Nazis and white nationalists, whom he believes should be condemned totally.

Where do I get that crazy idea, an incredulous leftist might ask?

Allow me to quote Trump in that same press conference, about two minutes after the “very fine people” line: “And you had people, and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”

Sound vaguely familiar?

Anyway, Plugs came out of the gate with a smear, and promises more of the same.  It’s going to be fun to watch the other Dems’ reactions to him, not least because after a decade of stressing intersectionality and women and minorities and gays, the two top Democrat candidates are… two old, straight, white guys!

And now, because I fancy myself an astute observer of global news and American culture, I’d like to close by touching on one story from each realm:

On April 28th, Spain held an election, and although a far-right party had some sizeable gains, Spaniards elected a socialist government.

Excuse me for just a moment while I put on my wizard hat.  Annnnndd… Two years from now, things will be worse in Spain.

Mark this date on your calendar.  And respect the wizard hat.


In culture news, over the weekend, one guy came out of a movie theater in Hong Kong after having just watched the new Avengers movie.  In front of a line of people waiting to get in to watch the movie he’d just seen, he started loudly revealing spoilers from the movie.

And the crowd gave him a sound beating.  (You can see a picture of someone wiping a little blood off of his big, stupid head.)

To which I say, “Good for you, unruly mob!”

Mobs have a bad reputation, and for good reason.  They’re known for mindless behavior: rioting, looting, clogging up DC while marching in ridiculous female-genitalia-evoking headgear.  Trampling each other to get into a Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving to buy a tv for $7 less than they could buy that tv for one week later.

Plus, I’m a Christian, so I should be against violence on general principle.  I just enjoyed a great Easter.  (Or, as Ilhan Omar might refer to it – if she were way smarter, and me —  “Some Guy did something, and now my sins are forgiven.”) I try to practice restraint and non-violence in my day-to-day life.

But there is such a thing as the social contract.  And if small violations of that contract – vandalizing others’ property, shouting down people you disagree with, ruining a movie out of spite — go unpunished, worse things will follow.

So if we’re going to keep letting immigrants come here illegally, can I request that the next immigrants to be let in are those Hong Kong movie fans?  I saw we fill the front rows of the first Dem debate with those folks, and provide them with translators, so they can understand every stupid word that comes out of the candidates’ mouths.

Then, make like you’re in a Hong Kong movie line, and commence the pummeling!

Trump places 3rd in a Narcissism contest, but maintains his title King of Trolls (posted 4/26/19)

Donald Trump is a confident/arrogant guy, and is no stranger to narcissism.  I’ve written before that I think most presidents and presidential candidates are full of themselves, and as presidential egos go, I’d much rather have the transparent, cartoonish Trumpian flavor, as opposed to the deadly serious kind of Obamian hubris.    (Trump might want to see his name everywhere in big gold letters, but at least he didn’t say – in public, and not ironically – that his election would cause the oceans to recede and the earth to heal.)

But when it comes to real, unmitigated self-love taken to self-parodic levels, Trump has been outdone recently by two leftist egotists: The Skateboarding Doofus and AOC.

Beta’s big moment came when he was caught up in “charity-gate” – as no one but me is calling it.  As the bumbling lefty candidates have started to release their tax returns, they have lived down to the stereotype of socialists who are profligately generous with other people’s money, but downright Scroogian with their own.

Decades ago it came out that Richie-Rich Gore had given almost nothing to charity, as had Bill Clinton, who actually wrote off old pairs of underwear that he donated.  (I am not making that up.  And can you imagine any worse luck for a down-and-out person who is reduced to accepting used underwear from a charity?  The poor guy gets a pair from the future Rapist-in-Chief, wears them for a day, and then is rushed to the nearest hospital with a near-fatal bouillabaisse of venereal diseases the likes of which medical science has never seen.)

Beta was right in there with the rest of his moralizing, stingy co-religionists.  But it wasn’t how little he gave — $1167 out of earnings of $365K in 2017 – that made him an early contender for Narcissist of the Year.

It was his reaction when a voter called him on it.  He said, “I’m doing everything I can right now, spending this time with you, not with our kiddos, not back home in El Paso, because I want to sacrifice everything to make sure that we meet this moment of truth with everything that we’ve got.”

Got it?  His presence is the real gift, you dolts!  In fact, he tells you what he thinks of you: to “spend time with you” is akin to “sacrificing everything.”

Try that the next time the IRS audits you: “Sure, I may have paid almost no taxes.  But I’m wasting my valuable time talking to you idiots.  Isn’t that WAY more important than trivial facts like how much I may or may not have paid in actual dollars?”


But as bad as Beta was – and this is a phrase I fully expect to be saying many, many times in the future – AOC was even worse!

Or better, depending on your point of view.  I prefer “better.”  Because what could be better than a big-headed juvenile making a self-flattering opposite-day video that predicts a future in which all of her ideas are implemented, and prove to be brilliant!


If you haven’t seen the video yet, you must find it and watch it.  Otherwise, you will believe that Ol’ Uncle Martacus is putting you on, with more of his exaggerated sarcasm.  But I swear to you that I am not making this up.

Her video is a literal cartoon, entitled, “A Message from the Future, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”  Future AOC opens by thinking back to when she first got elected, with a little self-congratulation about being part of the most diverse congressional class ever.  She then glides through a list of future accomplishments straight out of an under-educated leftist’s dream journal: the Dems win the Senate and White House in 2020, then launch a decade of huge government legislation.  A smart grid is built, “every building in America” is retrofitted, bullet trains are built and run everywhere.

Then AOC introduces us to the character of Ileana, a young girl who could only exist in the notebook doodles of a dreamy C- student who wants to run for her junior high class president so she can bring about world peace.

Ileana gets out of college – no mention of her degree field, though the smart money is on a major in Women’s Studies with a minor in Social Justice Puppetry – and her first job is with “Americorps Climate, restoring wetlands in Louisiana.”  She moves through a few other jobs, one of which is being a solar plant engineer” – apparently that Social Justice Puppetry curriculum really gives you some diverse job skills – before making a career as a teacher.  Did I mention that in AOC’s fantasy world, teacher salaries skyrocket?

But even that lofty achievement is not enough for ambitious young future AOC – er, I mean, Ileana.  Because she eventually runs for public office (due to a new program that provides public funding for political campaigns) (by the way, still not making this up!) and reaches the apotheosis of human excellence: “she now occupies the seat that I once held,” says future AOC.

But that’s not all, because AOC next pronounces, in the most sincere voice I’ve ever heard her use, “I could not be more proud of her, a true child of the Green New Deal!”

It’s very telling that the person AOC is most proud of in her whole life is a pretend doppleganger of herself from the future.

In good leftist fashion, AOC’s fairy tale bounces from one hideously expensive government plan and benefit to another, while not ever devoting a single syllable to how any of it would be paid for, or by whom.  It’s just welfare and boondoggles, all the way down.

Any fan of AOC who criticizes Trump for his ego ought to be ashamed of themselves, not least because they can fall for such a facile, juvenile, self-flattering exercise as this cartoon.  Anybody over the age of 4 could come up with such a self-aggrandizing fantasy about the future.

In fact, here’s one I just wrote about myself:

“As I look back from 20 years in the future, I smile to think of how my plans have all come to fruition.  In the summer of 2019, everything started going my way.  First, People magazine contacted me with the news that they’d made a counting error, and I actually had defeated Idris Alba for Sexiest Man of the Year.   When Donald Trump read my tweet about forcing all social media to stop discriminating against conservative writers and sites, the CO membership quickly topped 10 million viewers.  These viewers soon overwhelmed my Tip Jar, making me an instant billionaire.

I spent part of my fortune on starting a think tank which I called The Simpsonian.  I collaborated with Thomas Sowell and Victor Davis Hanson on a few position papers, which were widely read, and then implemented.  By July, the Democratic party realized the error of their ways and began to dissolve, and prosperity broke out immediately.  We retired our national debt by Labor Day, and my wife began adoringly referring to me as #hilariousgenius.

Elizabeth Warren’s husband called a press conference in which he announced that I was right, and we all should really never stop mocking his ridiculous wife.  A red wave swamped the hideous Dem candidates in 2020, and Grandma Squanto was sent packing.  AOC lost, along with the fresh leftist faces of 2018; Ilhan Omar was last seen wandering the streets of Minneapolis, screaming about how the Jews had hypnotized the voters of Minnesota.

And now I can’t go out in public without a crowd of people hoisting me onto their shoulders and carrying me around joyously, chanting “Simp-son, Simp-son!  I spend most of my time accepting the thanks of a grateful nation.”

See.  Not that hard.


But while Trump was out-done on the narcissism front, he held onto his title of King of the Trolls.

After the Mueller report exposed the collusion hoax, he posted a pic of himself with the Game of Thrones logo, changed to read “Game Over.”  He also ran an ad featuring Ilhan Omar’s insulting “somebody did something” speech along with images of the aftermath of 9/11, setting off paroxysms of guilty howls on the left and in MSM newsrooms (but I repeat myself).

But his crowning achievement was his proposal to release all of the illegal immigrants into the Dems’ sanctuary cities.

My theory is that Trump and his cabinet were sitting around the Oval, watching Cocaine Mitch put the Green New Deal up for a vote in the Senate – sending the Dem hypocrites running for cover and resulting in a vote that came up 60 short of the 60 required for passage.

Cheering broke out all around, and Mike Pence said, “No one will ever top that!”

And Donald turned to an aide and said, “Get me a beer.”

The room went quiet, and someone whispered, “But I thought that he never drinks?”

The aide returned with a beer, poured it into a glass, and handed it to the president.  He looked around him at all of the shocked faces, and then gestured to Pence.  “Hold my beer, and watch this.”

Then he picked up the red bat-phone that I assume he keeps under a clear glass dome, and said, “Get me the guy in charge of the border, and the one in charge of sanctuary cities.”

The move is so freaking beautiful because it forces the Democrats’ hands in multiple ways:

It would put the burdens created by an influx of illegals most heavily on their districts, which is only fair, since they are the ones doing as much as they can to create the influx.

As soon as they protest the move, it reveals the utter hypocrisy of the moral preening that they’ve been doing for years.  They’ve postured as loving, charitable souls who want nothing more than to take care of the noble illegals, but at the first suggestion that they might actually have to pay or care for them themselves, they squeal like stuck pigs.

Their protests also reveal them as absolute liars. (Surprise!) For years – and especially since Trump’s election – they’ve insisted that all illegals are the salt of the earth, a collection of saintly, productive citizens who rarely use the welfare system, and pay far more in taxes than they cost in support.

The only rational response from them – if they truly believe what they pretend to – would be to welcome all of the illegals whom Trump could drop off for them.  Soon they would have full employment and giant mounds of tax money to pay for an amazing array of public services and infrastructure.

The fact that they’re reacting like Trump is threatening to deposit a pillaging horde of TB-infected mongols on their doorsteps tells you all you need to know about their character and honesty.

But I don’t think Trump goes far enough.  Instead of just bussing the illegals to Nancy Pelosi’s district, I think he should bus them to her estate, which I understand is luxurious, and also surrounded by a wall.

I’m sure that that wall was built by a previous owner, who was racist, and xenophobic, and Not Who We Are.  I’m also sure that Trump can agree to join hands with Nancy and the illegals to tear down that wall.

Let the festivities begin!