Dems’ Behavior Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test (posted 11/13/20)

Boy, are these national Dems smart, or what?  It turns out that they made all kinds of prescient statements about what was going to happen on election day and afterwards, and they were much more accurate about that than they’ve EVER been about any policy issues. 

For example, were you able to keep your doctor?  Or your health plan?  Did those shovel-ready jobs overwhelm your local community?  Did raising taxes produce economic growth and prosperity?

But when they talked about the election, they were spot on.  Remember when Joey Gaffes said that they’d developed the most extensive voter fraud network in history?   We all assumed that that was yet another of the Senile Scrantonian’s “brain Swalwells” (if you catch my reference), but what if – against all odds – he was actually expressing a true and cogent thought?

I mean sure, that was the quiet part that he wasn’t supposed to say out loud – which would be par for Biden’s miniature (IQ) golf game – but still.

Or remember when many slimy Dems warned that on election night, it may SEEM that you’re seeing a Red Wave and a Trump victory. But just wait until our troglodytic partisan hack vote manufacturers have a week or two to get behind closed doors, and fondle and massage and give the ol’ “Biden handshake” up the skirt of the results.

Sorry, that’s “vote counters,” not “vote manufacturers.” 

No, wait.  I was right the first time.

Anyway, if you didn’t know better, it’s almost like the Dems and MSM are ethically stunted, corrupt-to-the-core, dishonorable adamschiffen, and – in the words of a previous president, speaking about white nationalists and neo-Nazis – “they should be condemned totally.” 

I am really rooting for a high-profile legal battle in each of the battleground states where obvious leftist chicanery affected the election.  The way it looks right now, I don’t think Trump is likely to be able to reverse the momentum and be certified as the winner of the election.  But he’s a fighter, and this is a battle that needs fighting.

Even if he doesn’t win it, the whole nation needs to see the dirty tricks and sleazy tactics used by the Dems around the country.   And a few contrasts can be easily drawn.  Florida and Ohio are perennial battleground states, and the crooked polling predicted that Biden would win both by around 3-4 points; instead, he lost both by around that much. 

More importantly, those states have competent GOP governors (I’m not a huge fan of DeWine, but DeSantis acquitted himself especially well.), and they ran a transparent, smooth election, with clear rules that were clearly followed.  They were able to count the ballots and announce reliable vote totals on election day, the way it should be done. 

The contrast between those states and the colossal cluster friend of corruption and brazen cheating that happened in Dem-run cities and states is stark.  And it should be instructive, to anybody who isn’t blinded by partisanship: one party is competent and transparent, and the other is a bunch of Machiavellian crooks who shouldn’t be trusted to run a lemonade stand, let alone a great nation.

As we’ve seen during the peaceful riots over the last many months, the left really does have an army of partisan hacks at their disposal, and that army was out in force during the election.   In the big blue cities – you can recognize them even from a distance, by the stench, the screaming, and the plumes of smoke ascending into the sky from multiple arson fires — they man the polling stations with corrupt officers supervising the counting, questionable corporals doing the counting, and corrupt foot-soldiers “observing” the counts, half of whom seem to focus more on forming a picket line to block GOP observers.

Hey, wait a minute.  Do you think the Scranton Speech-Slurrer might have been trying to say “dog-faced poll-y soldiers?  If so, it’s yet another rare instance of him making sense. 

Because when you kick poll watchers out, and even after they return with a judge’s order, bar them AGAIN … you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you plaster over the windows of your vote counting area to prevent people from seeing what’s going on inside… you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you change the rules on the verge of the election to accept ballots received many days after the election — as in PA, and as was attempted in WI, and possibly elsewhere, for all I know – you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you are confronted with undisputed data documenting  large disparities from any previous election – 30% more ballots than cast in any previous election, blocks of votes coming in that are all or nearly all for one candidate (impossible even in the deepest red or blue voting area), more ballots cast than there are eligible voters – that are statistically IMPOSSIBLE, and your response is to first clamp both hands over your ears, begin loudly singing “Imagine,” and then perform a cranial-rectal inversion so that you are physically unable to hear anything? 

You, sir or madam, are a lying. Dog-faced. Poll-y soldier! 

And for people who claim not to have anything to hide, you sure seem to be trying to hide an awful lot.

My favorite early example of the kind of characters that Biden will choose to surround himself occurred when he named creepy Zeke Emanuel – of the creepy Emanuel brothers – as one of his main covid advisers.  Which is entertainingly ironic.   Because Emanuel published a piece a few years ago arguing that he hoped to die at 75, and that all people should do the same.  (We’re bad for Gaia, and the climate, and the economy, or something.) 

Think about that.  77-year-old Joe Biden has chosen a health adviser who has argued that it would have been better for Joe Biden to have assumed room temperature 2 years ago.   (Assuming that he didn’t, I mean.)

Okay, so even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  That’s one point for you, Zeke!

But the obnoxious post-election behavior has not been limited to just the left.   You’ve probably seen the video of Fox News’ Sandra Smith, reacting to a Trump spokesman’s factual statement that the election isn’t over until the results are certified and confirmed by the electors.

Smith didn’t know that she was on camera and a hot mike, and she reacted with a sour expression, saying, “What?  What is happening?  Like, Trace, we’ve called it.”  

That’s not the way it works, Sweet Pea! 

And if you think it does, why don’t you trot on over to the copy of the constitution that I’m sure you keep in your desk drawer, and peruse that baby, and get back to us when you find the clause that states that an election is not called by a gathering of electors after any disputes have been legitimately adjudicated, but by a collection of entitled people whose main qualifications for their jobs is that they can read a teleprompter and either have reasonably symmetrical features or look good in their underpants!

By the way, I have reasonably symmetrical features, and I used to look fantastic in my underpants, until I was forced into quarantine for 7 months, and I put on the dreaded “Covid-19” (pounds).  So can I just declare that Biden has lost?  And while I’m at it, I’d like to declare that Imhotep Pelosi must have a stake driven through her mummified heart, and then be transported back to her ancestral homeland and buried beneath the northeast corner of the pyramid of Cheops? 

Because if so – and let me clear my throat and do my best Yul Brynner here – “So let it be written … so let it be done!”

Do you realize what this means?  There might be another Sandy out there to challenge Sandy Ocasio Cortez for the coveted title of “Most Undeservedly Arrogant and Uninformed Sandy in the Western Hemisphere.”

Avenatti/Zeke “the Grim Reaper” Emanuel 2024!

A Few Thoughts on our Nation’s Current Dilemma (posted 11/9/20)

 Note: this column was drafted before the last 24 hours, and under the assumption that there’s not much chance that Trump’s appeals can prevail and give him an electoral college victory.  That assumption seems a little shakier this morning.  Accordingly, all of the thoughts that follow are therefore tentative, and as long as there’s any chance of electoral college victory, we should fight until that chance is gone!

I need to talk to some Germans, and find out if there is a word for the opposite of schadenfreude – i.e. misery at witnessing the joy of creepy morons celebrating an misbegotten victory.  If there is such a word, I need to know it immediately, because I’ve got a third-degree case of it.

If there is no such word, my German friends need to step it the friend up.  Because if they’ve come up with schildkrote (“shield-toad,” i.e. turtle) and a word that means, “you’re not wrong, but you’re still an a-hole,” they should certainly have a word to describe the combination of heartsickness, nausea and intestinal distress that is the only rational reaction to watching the national Dems being happy.

We’re still a great country, and we will be able to withstand the motley crew of malicious ignorami (Latin plurals – they still comfort me!) who can’t wait to storm into office in January.  Especially if we can hold onto the senate, we can blunt most of the worst damage they are dying to do.  After that, we’ll need to do everything we can to be the loyal opposition, and fight them over every bad move they make. 

And work with them if they ever accidentally propose something that is actually good.  I’m not holding my breath on that front, but we’re cautious optimists, right? 

Also, it’s good to remind ourselves that there are many good liberal Americans out there: folks who (though they are wrong about politics, IMHO) love this country, and aren’t comfortable with blatant fraud and lawlessness.  (I hope that they’ll be much more vocal about that in the coming days and months!)

We don’t want to inadvertently throw those metaphorical babies out with the sewer water. 

Er, bath water.  (So sue me: I think of Schiff and the squad and CAW CAW and Schumer, and my mind invariably goes to waste disposal.)  

Trigger warning: I’m about to wax philosophical, and for me, that involves some God talk.  For those of you who don’t care for that type of thing, no problemo.   Feel free to skip down to the end of the column, where you’ll find some secular consolations (I hope!).

One of my short suits has always been the “turn the other cheek” part of my faith.  I tend to get angry at bad behavior — and bully, lying and cheating are three of the varieties of said behavior that enrage me  the most.  So you can imagine the way I’ve been stomping around and cursing the national Dems and their perfidious schemes this last week.

You can believe me when I say that this does not come naturally to me, but I’m working through ways to appeal to the better angels of my nature, and of yours too.

I understand the temptation to throw off the bonds of civil and moral behavior, and sink to Leftist hacks’ level.  If they have so obviously cheated and lied and stuffed ballot boxes and all the rest, I can almost get to the point of arguing that we should do the same.  The ghost of Machiavelli – whom I teach on a regular basis, and who always strikes me as simultaneously brilliantly correct and repugnant! – whispers to me that taking the high road while our opponents cheat will ruin us.

But then I go back to my moral lodestone, Uncle Jesus, who looks at me with love while also boxing my ears.  (My image of Him is a little eccentric, I’ll admit.)   And He says, “What will it profit a man if he gains the White House and both houses of congress, yet forfeits his soul?” 

And because I’m only as He made me, I immediately think of saying something sarcastic like, “Well, one profit would be that the green new deal won’t destroy our economy, and we might not be at the mercy of an incompetent socialist cabal of ex-bartenders, ancient Egyptian mummies who won’t die, and arschaffen as far as the eye can see…” But He gives me a look that suggests that another ear-boxing is on the way if I don’t zip it.

And then He says, “Verily, thou art hilarious – and just between us, one of My personal favorites — but I’ve got this.  Their victories are fleeting, and I’ve laid before them metaphorical acres of rakes, so behold as they go forth and stomp on one after another of them.  Rejoice in the spectacle of their self-delivered karmic head-thwackings.”    

“Also, remember that testing makes you stronger.  If the Jews could survive the pharaohs, and Samson could survive Delilah, and Bears fans could survive the McCaskey family, surely you can survive a few years of moronic governance.”

And before I can say, “Technically, Samson didn’t actually survive—” He says, “Yeah, yeah.  I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.   And by the way, what’s that thing you say about Elizabeth Warren?”

“#wemustneverstopmockingher’?” I say.

And He says, “That’s it!  We all love that.  Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull are up here – the theology of that is a little tricky, but I’ll explain it when you get here – and they could not stop face palming when she came out with that DNA test.”

“I knew it!” I say.  “But she’s supposed to be made in Your image too, right?”

“Oy, don’t ask.  That’s another one that you’ll have to be here before you understand.  Anyway, I’ve got to get going.  I’ve got some birds of the air and beasts of the field to watch over, and I’ve also got to reassure the Israelis that I’m not going to let Biden bumble them back into another intifada.   Plus, tonight Tom Petty and John Prine are putting on a concert, and for the first time, Eddie Van Halen will join them on guitar.”

“Also, your dad says hello, and that he knows what happened in the election, but he can’t bring himself to care about it, because he’s together with the rest of the family, buoyed by the joy that passeth understanding, and looking forward to seeing you again.

Also, he doesn’t want to give things away, but Foles is not a long-term answer at quarterback for the Bears.  Which is more consequential than Joe Biden, but still, not so much.”

And, scene. 

Okay, so I’m no theologian.  But I think I’ve got the details pretty close.

I realize that this column may have been rough sledding for those of you of a different faith or no faith.  But I meant what I said before the election: there is more to life than politics, and becoming as degraded as they are will not help the country, and it will do great moral damage to ourselves.

So let me leave the agnostic or atheist among the CO nation with different words of encouragement.  

If you appreciate Nature – but are not sold on Nature’s God – consider again our wide world beyond politics. 

Uncle Jesus may say (through Paul, IMO), “Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—think on these things.”

To paraphrase the Big Man, “Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, and whatever things can help you get your mind off of the MSM, Hollywood and the Left, think on those things.” 

Turn off the tv, avoid news of politics for a while, and think of whatever comes to mind when you think of Nature’s greatest gift to you.  (For me, that was meeting a piping hot 21-year old Norwegian-American girl, and pulling off the most miraculous four-bank carom shot in world history by tricking her into falling in love and marrying me, lo these many years ago.   But your mileage may vary.)

Take a walk in the early morning, or at sunset.  Closely watch a housecat playing or resting: does he trouble himself with Joey Gaffes’ incipient mental deterioration, or the outlook for the economy in 2021?  He does not.  (For the cynical among you, okay: he probably wouldn’t trouble himself if you had a massive heart attack and keeled over right in front of him, either.  But still.  He’s not a dog, so don’t hold him to dog-level standards.) 

Go through a vigorous workout, and then lay on your back on a sunny patch of grass, and feel the tingling in your muscles and the breath in your chest, and look at the sky.

If you have a few bucks and can spare some time, take a trip to the mountains, or walk in some snowy woods.  Think of a thoughtful gift for a loved one before secularist-defaced Christmas makes it mandatory.  Write a thankful letter to different people in your life – I can guarantee that they haven’t received one of those in ages, because no one writes letters anymore, since John and Abigail Adams died.

If you’re still feeling down after all that, I’ve only got one other idea for you: Go to, where you’ll find a new picture of Cassie the Wonder Dog, sitting and smiling at you. Look at those beautiful brown and blue eyes, and that adorably cocked right ear and happy smile, and tell me you don’t feel better.

Comma-la/Avenatti 2024!

Getting Back Up, Dusting Ourselves Off (posted 11/6/20)

This is going to be a tough column to write, because the election obviously didn’t go as we’d hoped. 

Which is a polite way of saying that I can’t get this taste of bile and ashes out of my mouth!  As I wrote before the election, the polls were so far in Biden’s favor that it was hard to believe that they could be that wrong.  But there were so many signs that Trump had so much momentum, and Biden is such a stammering, mostly-dead gaffe machine, that I couldn’t bring myself to believe that he could win.

So now we’re here in purgatory.  I’m 100% convinced that if we could somehow eliminate all the voter fraud in this election – even if only in the half-dozen battleground states that will decide the issue – Trump would win.  I’m also about 99% convinced that there’s no way to achieve that, given the nature of the fraud.  Once ballots are submitted and counted, there is no way to tie them back to the scammers  or dead or fictional people who cast them.  Even if we manage to uncover evidence of widespread voter fraud in a few states, it would likely take something like a completely new vote there to resolve that, and I don’t think that can ever happen. 

I have purposely tried to avoid following events since election night very closely, just because of how heartsick I am to powerlessly watch as the GOP victory margins in several states are slowly, irrevocably eroded and then reversed right in front of our eyes. 

Which is not to say that I will attribute all close losses to fraud.  Allowing mail-in ballots that arrive after election day to be counted is ridiculous, and an invitation to fraud; by the same token, those rules were in place in many states, and I think many legitimate votes were cast in that way.  (Along with a lot of fraudulent ones!)   

To be honest, we won in 2016 by razor-thin margins in a handful of states.  If 100K or so votes could have been shifted around in about 4 states, Hillary would have won.  (Shudder!)  What I fear right now is that Biden may well narrowly win this time, and the same will be true: 100K votes shifted in just one or two states could have reversed that outcome. 

But I think that cheating is involved this time, unlike last time – and that makes all the difference in the world.   On the other hand, I am so biased, and have such disdain for the national Left and our execrable MSM – but I repeat myself – that I can’t even trust my own judgment at this point!

Having said all that, I’ll harken back to the wise words that a wise man once said: “If Biden does win tomorrow, I’m going to have some dark days for a while.  But not too dark, and not for too long.  Because life is too short to make politics the center of it.”

Okay, you’ve got me: that wise man was me, and I wrote that on Monday.   

And so far, that timeless wisdom has stood the test of time… for the intervening four days.  The last several days have been pretty dark, and I expect some more of those to come, especially if the Senile Scrantonian ultimately becomes the president.

On the other hand, am I going to put my head in my hands and weep, saying, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” until the Godfather – in this case the great and powerful CO – slaps me in the face and mocks me, saying, ‘You can act like a MAN!”

I am not.  Because this website is called “Cautious Optimism,” not “Cautious Let-me-put-a-gun-in-my-Mouth.” 

So let me look on the sunny side, and list a few silver linings in this potentially very dark cloud:

1. As of this writing, there is still a (very) slim chance that Trump will eventually win.  And if that happened, it would be the most delicious political victory ever, eclipsing even the glorious shock of 2016.

2. If we can manage to hold on to the anxiety-producing 51 seat majority in the Senate, we will have blunted the worst effects of the agenda that the far-left cabal using Biden as a dim-witted ventriloquist’s dummy were planning to inflict on our country.

3. The MSM is left standing knee-deep in crap, their clothes covered in it and their faces smeared with it, wearing a feces-bedecked dunce cap.   Their bias has been totally exposed, their polls were dishonest, and they’ve proven themselves to be absolutely without honor and unworthy of any trust or confidence.  I spit on them, metaphorically.  (And, if I get within spitting distance of one of them, literally.)

4. The Dems had a terrible night, mostly because they had bought their own propaganda.  They really believed that there would be a blue tidal wave: they expected to take the Senate, add to their lead in the House, and to gain state legislatures that would allow them to gerrymander in this crucial census year.

Instead, despite the fact that we had to defend twice as many senate seats, we may have narrowly held the Senate, and we actually gained house seats and state legislatures. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars to unseat Lindsey Graham 2.0 and Cocaine Mitch, and both of them won easily.  If Biden does win, it will be by the narrowest electoral college vote ever, and their dream that the monstrous Trump of their imagination would be decisively repudiated by the people did not come true.   

My home state – and the new home state of CO – came through like a champ.  Trump tripled his margin of victory in Florida from 2016, and carried with him several new House seat victories. 

5. The short- and mid-term future for conservatives looks brighter after this election.  Trump’s improved performance among black and Hispanic men and women suggests that the racist identity politics at the heart of many Democrats’ strategies might not be the winning gambit that those cynical creeps expected it to be.       

Trump’s personal example has also revealed a template for future victories, for any in the GOP who are wise enough to learn from it.  After years of effete wimps and go-along-to-get-along RINOs, Trump’s willingness to fight has been bracing, and produced outsized wins in advancing a conservative agenda.

Even his flaws are instructive, and encouraging.  It will not be hard for future GOP candidates to be more disciplined than Trump, and for them to deploy targeted instead of omni-directional punching, because a lane is wide open for a pugnacious but controlled conservative.  Trump has also revealed how much the media and the far-left agenda are hated; they are both easy targets, and the public will clearly support someone who attacks and opposes both. 

6. Finally, the Dems are in utter disarray, and as a snarky mocker of leftists, I’m going to be reveling in a target-rich environment!  There have already been some vicious intramural attacks on the left and in the media; the leftist Dems are furious with the far-left Dems, and they are at each others’ throats.  Already! If they don’t take the Senate, they will not be able to accomplish many of their long-desired schemes, and that will drive them even further up a wall.

On top of that, Biden and Comma-la have both been absolutely terrible candidates, and they promise to be absolutely terrible presidents.   If they eventually win, it’s only going to be after a bruising fight that will reveal clear corruption by state Dems – the PA and Philly machines are already beclowning themselves, with more obvious hackery to follow. 

If Biden does get inaugurated, it’s going to be as a tainted, morally compromised candidate with no popular mandate, and half the country dug in to oppose every leftist proposal he makes.  Not to mention that he is on the verge of being clinically dead.

I expect a Vegas betting line to be immediately established regarding how long he can remain in office before he steps down or is pushed out.  (I would put the over/under at 6 months.)  Then Comma-la will step in, and her ham-handed delivery, room-temperature IQ, and repulsive cackling will alienate every non-hard-core leftist in the country.

So we can look forward to incompetent leadership, vicious Dem in-fighting, and great prospects for a GOP wave in the 2022 mid-term, and a presidential win in 2024.

Would I trade all of that for a long, dirty, court battle ending in a second Trump term instead?  You bet your friending Schumer I would!  But is there reason to be optimistic, even if we don’t get that? 


Christmas is coming, CO nation is here, and Avenatti should be out of the joint in time to run next time around. 

Let’s let our righteous anger fuel us to support Trump’s battle in the courts and in the court of public opinion, and to get out the vote in the Georgia senate run-offs next month.  Let’s stiffen the spines of the GOP congressional delegations, form ranks in defense of our liberties and our country, and make Joey Gaffes and Comma-la sorry that they ever wanted to try herding the rabid, hateful, hissing, syphilitic cats that are the moonbat congressional Democrats!

Comma-la/Avenatti 2024!  

Election Eve Thoughts (posted 11/2/20)

Before I get started, you may remember that last week I had the brainstorm of cutting in some of Joe Biden’s last-debate “Come on”s into the Beatles’ “Please please me.”  Well, CO nation came through – hat trip to Brian, who sent me this short MP4 version of Biden singing a Beatles chorus with the Fab 4, which I’ve posted on this page, under the title, “Beatles-Biden.”

If you’ve seen some of Joey Gaffes’ recent word salad incident, you can probably guess that he’d also do a great job with other nonsense excerpts, such as “I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.”

On a more serious note, I really don’t know what to think about this election.  

As much as I don’t trust the polls to not tilt left to some degree, I also don’t want to delude myself by just dismissing them out of hand.  (They were largely right in 2018, 2014 and 2012, and they were just outside of the margin of error even in 2016.)  If they show a 2-3 point lead for Biden in any given state, I can see Trump picking that one up.  If they show Biden up by 7-8, I can’t feel sanguine about that state.

On the other hand, there are so many reasons that argue against believing that Biden will win.  The gigantic, frenzied Trump rallies vs. the handful of goofballs parked in a defunct drive-in movie theatre in their insane-political-bumper-sticker-plastered Priuses.  Larger-than-usual support for Trump from blacks and Hispanics.  Joey Gaffe’s “Weekend at Biden’s” somnambulant performances on the stump.  (Have you noticed that Biden has not been seen on an actual stump?  That’s because the difficulty involved in distinguishing the stump from the candidate.)

Not to mention the “shy Trump voters.”  Who are logically shy about their vote, given the Dems’ nationwide orgy of violence, vandalism and bullying of anyone who disagrees with them.

So I don’t know what to expect tomorrow, and I’m more than a little depressed that this election could even be close.   Many conservatives like me were afraid that Trump was a lifelong Dem and not a committed student of conservative principles, and I’ve been thrilled to see how wrong I was, at least about his governance.  He’s gotten more conservative goals done – tax and regulation cuts, originalist judges, a little on the wall at least, a booming economy, our embassy moved to Jerusalem, reversing foreign policy blunders of Obama and those before him, droning terrorists, etc.  

He’s blown out the budget, but every president on both sides has done that, and the worst of the deficits have come because of the pandemic – and I can’t picture a scenario in which any president would have held the line any better, or spent less. 

For centrists and reasonable lefties (I know: all 14 of them), he certainly has not turned out to be the extremist or power-hungry autocrat whom they said they feared.  Surely you can only call someone an orange Hitler for so long before he’s either got to start rounding up some Jews and dissidents, or you have to realize that you were wildly wrong.

Beyond all that, the left has been so terrible this year that I can’t believe a majority of Americans will vote for them.  The left has either explicitly or tacitly condoned violent, America-hating race riots for almost 6 months now.   They have leapt at the chance to micro-manage the lives of everyone with the misfortune to live in one of the blue cities or states that they run.

The latest example comes from Gavin Newsom, certain to make the podium in the “Worst Governor in America” competition.  (And that’s knowing that Cuomo, Whitmer, and the “Round Mound of No Economic Rebound” Pritzker from Illinois are also in the mix!)

Newsom recently came out with idiotic lefty rules for Thanksgiving that are almost too bizarre to be believed:  Everyone must have their Thanksgiving meal outside, and the gathering may last no more than 2 hours.  He prefers that there be no singing or shouting, but if you must do that, he says to do it quietly.  (I’m waiting for Gavin to issue some instructions on how one can shout quietly, the numbskull.) 

The good news is that he will grudgingly allow you to go inside to use the bathroom… but only if it is sanitized frequently. 

Thank God for our moral betters telling me how to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Because traditionally I like to just step away from the patio table, defecate in the front yard, wipe myself with a festive pine bough (carefully!), and then sit down again and pour some gravy through the mask that Newsom wants me to wear.

If the American people really vote for these guys, I am tempted to start going around to every house with a Biden sign and “celebrate Thanksgiving” in their front yard, Newsom-style!  

So I don’t have any bold predictions for this election-eve column.  Instead, I’m going to examine an example of how NOT to approach a high-stakes, alarming election like this one. 

Let me introduce to you (if you haven’t already seen this story) a lovely little leftist lass (alliteration for the win, Alex!) known on TikTok as “Erleepen.”  This little ghoul relates a tale through a series of note cards that she holds up to the camera:

“My 55 year-old conservative dad has never voted Democrat in his life. He’s dying of Aplastic Anemia.  We’ve had some intense exchanges about him voting for Trump this year, which has been painful, since we’ll almost certainly lose him in the next few weeks/months. He has 6 daughters who love him dearly.”

The terrible daughter then smiles as she shows a card announcing that “yesterday” her dad “was so excited to tell me he’d just voted for Biden/Harris 2020!”

‘Erleepen’ says her father told her that he voted Biden – apparently casting aside his own political beliefs in the process – because “it matters to my girls and my girls matter to me.” 

The video ends with a call to arms: “Vote for the guy who respects women! If my very Republican dad can…So. Can. You.”

I’m not going to comment on the case she makes for Biden. 

Well, except to say that calling him “the guy who respects women??!”  C’mon, man! 

If we ever get back to working in person, and I ever came into my office and saw a half dozen female colleagues and employs in a group, and if I then went around that group and alternately sniffed their hair, rubbed their shoulders, and gave them the Biden “up-the-skirt high-five,” do you know what sentence would appear in NONE of their testimony at the emergency HR meeting that would immediately be called?

“I think we can all agree that Martin REALLY respects women!”

But other than that, I’m not going to comment on the case that she makes.

Instead I’m going to comment on how badly she is missing the point of life, and of politics.

I’m a bit of a political junkie, as most of you are.  But my interest in politics takes a back seat to many other areas of life: my religion, my family, my work, my virtual family at the CO site, sports, good fiction, Wonder Dog ownership, etc. and etc.

In fact, politics only means anything to me because of the way it impacts many more important areas of life.  Since I value my rights to speak and to worship and to defend myself and my family with a gun, and since I’m fond of my country and running my own life, I would like to see no Democrats in a position of national power for the next century or so, at least. 

I would also like to be left alone by a bunch of micro-managing statists who hate my guts because of my skin color and my gender and my political beliefs.  And also, for all I know, for my rapier wit, animal magnetism, and catlike grace. 

For all of those reasons and more, if Biden does win tomorrow, I’m going to have some dark days for a while.  But not too dark, and not for too long.  Because life is too short to make politics the center of it.

But life is never shorter than when a loved one is dying.  And to spend that precious time browbeating your dying dad about politics?  Are you kidding me?!

Longtime readers of this column will know that my world-class dad died in December of 2014.  (I’ve written and re-run a tribute to him, which you can find in a Father’s Day column from this last June at, if you are interested.)  Dad had cancer, and when we found out in August that a surgery hadn’t worked, and the cancer has metastasized, I made sure that I spent as much time with him as possible.

I had a T-R teaching schedule in north central Florida, and every Thursday after class I loaded Cassie the Wonder Dog into the minivan and drove up to mom and dad’s house south of Nashville, returning to Florida on Monday evening so I could teach again.   In November, when he was finally in the homestretch, my colleagues at work pitched in to handle my classes so that I could stay in TN with him and mom, and just do my grading from a distance.

Those months with dad were a great gift.  All of us are dying, but we all knew that dad’s days were truly numbered, and that made each of them precious to us.  Although we always had a great relationship, he and I spent more time together in his last 4 months than we had in the past 12 years.  We talked about God, and what he wanted my sister and I to do to make sure that mom was looked after and taken care of.   We watched DVDs of the sermons he missed because he couldn’t make it to church, along with some football games, and Jeopardy.  We played cards and we told jokes, and he held court with a steady stream of visitors from all eras of his life, but mostly his church friends from Tennessee.

I took a video camera, and during those last months I recorded about 4 hours of him reminiscing and telling stories about his childhood and family and life.

You know what we did NOT talk about, and what we never would have talked about in those circumstances, in a million years?  WHO HE WAS SUPPOSED TO VOTE FOR!  (Cue Sam Kinison if he were a hospice worker:  OH! OOOOHHHHH!)

I can’t even imagine bothering my dying dad about politics, under any circumstances.  But to strong arm him into voting for Joe friending Biden??!!

What could that sad woman have possibly said to her poor father?  “Hey dad, you and Joe Biden really have a lot in common!  I mean, he’s almost dead, and you’re almost dead, right?  And he’s called a lid on his campaign, and you’ve called a lid on your life.  And with your morphine drip, you often don’t know where you are, or what year it is, either!”

“And you know how mom used to always call you a racist rapist, and then haunt you with that horrible, braying laugh of hers?  Joe’s got that, too!” 


I really hope that her dad just humored his small-minded daughter, and voted for Trump anyway.  And I think we should pray for her soul.

And also that she is very, very disappointed on election day.

Get out there and vote, people!

Happy Birthday to Hillary, & Joey Gaffes keeps Gaffin’ (posted 10/30/20)

As our beloved COSE reminded us, Monday was a certain pant-suited former future president’s birthday.  She was celebrating the big 7-3. 

As you may know, there are certain gifts associated with momentous birthdays: diamonds for one, gold for another, a commemorative dinnerware set featuring Legendary Bears Players of the Past for another.  (Yes, turning 40 was especially sweet for me, thanks for asking!  Also, please pass me my decorative Gayle Sayers tumbler of scotch.)

But how many of you knew that for the 73rd birthday, the traditional gift is to elevate your polar-opposite arch-nemesis to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, leaving you gnashing your frighteningly over-sized teeth and pounding the earth with your hooves in rage ?   

Well now you do. 

Sing it with me, CO Nation:

Happy birthday to you (CAW CAW!)

Happy birthday to you (CAW CAW!)

Happy birthday dear Hillary (CAW!)

Now slink back to Chappaqua!     (She’s on the couuuuurrrrttt!) Yeah!”

Quick quiz.  Below I’ve listed three actual absurd things that the late Joe Biden has done in the last fortnight, and one ridiculous thing that I made up.  See if you can guess which is which:

  1. He said that he’s running against someone named George.
  2. He said that his team has “developed the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
  3. He called the voters in a state he desperately wants to win “chumps.”
  4. He tried to cast his vote early at a polling place in Delaware, but wandered into a men’s room, stepped up to a urinal that he thought was a voting booth, and by the time his secret service escort retrieved him he’d written “Me” on a urinal cake.  Then Jill took him by the arm and helped him up to an actual voting booth.  Where he accidentally voted for Donald Trump.

Okay, the urinal cake was probably one step too far, and gave it away.

My favorite real gaffe was the George thing.  If you didn’t see it, he was being interviewed by George Lopez (whom he managed not to refer to as Juan, Jose or Miguel, but only with a great effort), and Lopez asked what he would say to undecided voters.

Biden said, and I am not making this up, “The character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot, what kind of country are we going to be?  Four more years of George uh… George…”

Then Jill jumped in and side-whispered, “Trump, you idiot!”

And Biden blurted, “Trump, you idiot!”

I love that the MSM tried to dive on that dementia grenade to protect Plugsy from himself.  An AP “fact check” – and sarcastic scare quotes were never more appropriate – helpfully explained that you shouldn’t trust your lying eyes and ears: “Biden appears to stumble over his words before correcting himself. The clips online do not mention that Biden was being interviewed by [George] Lopez and instead contend that Biden was so confused that he mixed up President Trump with George W. Bush.”

Got that?  He only “appeared” to stumble over his words, or be confused. But he obviously wasn’t.   He was talking to a guy named George, you see, so he naturally… said that guy’s name?   (Like if you and I were talking, and I asked who you were voting for, you’d naturally blurt out, “Martin!”  And if I said, “What’s your favorite dessert topping, you’d say, “Martin!”)

Of course Biden wasn’t mixing up Trump with a previous president! No!  He was just referring to the constitutional provision that when a GOP president gets re-elected, he is actually replaced by a semi-talented Hispanic comedian, as in, “Trump won, so here comes another four years of George Lopez!” 

As Joe could tell you, that part of the constitution is right there toward the bottom, in the Bill of… Attainder?  No, wait.  The bill of lading?  Oh, you know… you know the thing!

To be fair to Biden, I’m not sure that he WAS referring to George Bush. 

Considering that rolling-tumbleweed-filled noggin of his, he could just as likely have meant George Lazenby, or George Wendt (Norm!), or George of the Jungle.  (Though after a moment’s reflection, there’s no way that what’s left of the Big Guy could have made the arcane reference pull of the least-remembered James Bond.)

Regardless, it couldn’t be more obvious that Biden is a momentary stand-in as a candidate.  If he wins, that means only one thing: Kamala’s got her nose under the tent, and she’ll shortly be forcing her way in, and forcing Biden out.  

Speaking of camels, did you catch that braying, insanely inappropriate laugh that she unleashed when Norah O’Donnell mentioned that she had the most liberal voting record in the Senate?   Good lord!  Just when you think nobody can have a more annoying laugh than Hillary, Comma-la says, “Hold my comically oversized Cheech-and-Chong spliff and watch this!”

I voted on Monday, and I almost feel bad for the earnest oldster Dems on the edge of the library property, who gave me a small sheet outlining the Dem-preferred responses.  I knew all of candidates to vote for, but there were a dozen amendments to state, county and city laws, and they are always confusingly written.

I used to read each proposition earnestly in the newspaper ahead of time, trying to decipher each one.  But then, almost 10 years ago now, after having everything I hold dear routinely pooped upon by leftist “journalists” for my entire adult life, I stopped subscribing to the paper.  

So now I usually have to camp out in the voting booth and try to untangle the badly written amendment language.  “This amendment calls for reversing the earlier bill that restricted any attempt to prevent the elimination of prohibiting the right to require that an expectant mother be allowed to opt out of seeing an ultrasound before an abortion.” 

I always just want to straighten up and raise my hand and say in a loud voice, “Hey, on Amendment 8, which way do I vote if I’m not a moral monster who is pro-infanticide?” 

And then watch all of the pinch-faced booth dwellers give me the stink eye.

But not this year.  Because the nice Dems outside gave me a paper cheat-sheet listing all of the voting positions that a properly woke leftist should take.  So I just voted the opposite way on every item. 

I was out of there in 4 minutes, and back to my usual routine of crushing it at life! 

Finally, in these stress-filled days before the election, I think that what every sane American needs is to look at a picture of Cassie the Wonder Dog getting ready to take a top-down drive with me.  And I’ve got your back, sane Americans.

So when you finish this column, go to, where you will see a picture of Cassie and I, preparing to go for a spin.   I can’t divulge our travel agenda after this pic was taken; I will only say that the local Dem headquarters did make a police report about a car containing a hilarious Caucasian man and a world-class beast repeatedly circling their building at high speed, in a harassing manner. 

Rumors that witnesses reported hearing intelligent barking, along with a rousing cry of, “What’s up with Hunter’s laptop, you lying, dog-faced pony soldiers?!” have not been confirmed.

Don’t forget to vote, people!

Avenatti/George Lazenby 2020!