Getting Back Up, Dusting Ourselves Off (posted 11/6/20)

This is going to be a tough column to write, because the election obviously didn’t go as we’d hoped. 

Which is a polite way of saying that I can’t get this taste of bile and ashes out of my mouth!  As I wrote before the election, the polls were so far in Biden’s favor that it was hard to believe that they could be that wrong.  But there were so many signs that Trump had so much momentum, and Biden is such a stammering, mostly-dead gaffe machine, that I couldn’t bring myself to believe that he could win.

So now we’re here in purgatory.  I’m 100% convinced that if we could somehow eliminate all the voter fraud in this election – even if only in the half-dozen battleground states that will decide the issue – Trump would win.  I’m also about 99% convinced that there’s no way to achieve that, given the nature of the fraud.  Once ballots are submitted and counted, there is no way to tie them back to the scammers  or dead or fictional people who cast them.  Even if we manage to uncover evidence of widespread voter fraud in a few states, it would likely take something like a completely new vote there to resolve that, and I don’t think that can ever happen. 

I have purposely tried to avoid following events since election night very closely, just because of how heartsick I am to powerlessly watch as the GOP victory margins in several states are slowly, irrevocably eroded and then reversed right in front of our eyes. 

Which is not to say that I will attribute all close losses to fraud.  Allowing mail-in ballots that arrive after election day to be counted is ridiculous, and an invitation to fraud; by the same token, those rules were in place in many states, and I think many legitimate votes were cast in that way.  (Along with a lot of fraudulent ones!)   

To be honest, we won in 2016 by razor-thin margins in a handful of states.  If 100K or so votes could have been shifted around in about 4 states, Hillary would have won.  (Shudder!)  What I fear right now is that Biden may well narrowly win this time, and the same will be true: 100K votes shifted in just one or two states could have reversed that outcome. 

But I think that cheating is involved this time, unlike last time – and that makes all the difference in the world.   On the other hand, I am so biased, and have such disdain for the national Left and our execrable MSM – but I repeat myself – that I can’t even trust my own judgment at this point!

Having said all that, I’ll harken back to the wise words that a wise man once said: “If Biden does win tomorrow, I’m going to have some dark days for a while.  But not too dark, and not for too long.  Because life is too short to make politics the center of it.”

Okay, you’ve got me: that wise man was me, and I wrote that on Monday.   

And so far, that timeless wisdom has stood the test of time… for the intervening four days.  The last several days have been pretty dark, and I expect some more of those to come, especially if the Senile Scrantonian ultimately becomes the president.

On the other hand, am I going to put my head in my hands and weep, saying, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” until the Godfather – in this case the great and powerful CO – slaps me in the face and mocks me, saying, ‘You can act like a MAN!”

I am not.  Because this website is called “Cautious Optimism,” not “Cautious Let-me-put-a-gun-in-my-Mouth.” 

So let me look on the sunny side, and list a few silver linings in this potentially very dark cloud:

1. As of this writing, there is still a (very) slim chance that Trump will eventually win.  And if that happened, it would be the most delicious political victory ever, eclipsing even the glorious shock of 2016.

2. If we can manage to hold on to the anxiety-producing 51 seat majority in the Senate, we will have blunted the worst effects of the agenda that the far-left cabal using Biden as a dim-witted ventriloquist’s dummy were planning to inflict on our country.

3. The MSM is left standing knee-deep in crap, their clothes covered in it and their faces smeared with it, wearing a feces-bedecked dunce cap.   Their bias has been totally exposed, their polls were dishonest, and they’ve proven themselves to be absolutely without honor and unworthy of any trust or confidence.  I spit on them, metaphorically.  (And, if I get within spitting distance of one of them, literally.)

4. The Dems had a terrible night, mostly because they had bought their own propaganda.  They really believed that there would be a blue tidal wave: they expected to take the Senate, add to their lead in the House, and to gain state legislatures that would allow them to gerrymander in this crucial census year.

Instead, despite the fact that we had to defend twice as many senate seats, we may have narrowly held the Senate, and we actually gained house seats and state legislatures. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars to unseat Lindsey Graham 2.0 and Cocaine Mitch, and both of them won easily.  If Biden does win, it will be by the narrowest electoral college vote ever, and their dream that the monstrous Trump of their imagination would be decisively repudiated by the people did not come true.   

My home state – and the new home state of CO – came through like a champ.  Trump tripled his margin of victory in Florida from 2016, and carried with him several new House seat victories. 

5. The short- and mid-term future for conservatives looks brighter after this election.  Trump’s improved performance among black and Hispanic men and women suggests that the racist identity politics at the heart of many Democrats’ strategies might not be the winning gambit that those cynical creeps expected it to be.       

Trump’s personal example has also revealed a template for future victories, for any in the GOP who are wise enough to learn from it.  After years of effete wimps and go-along-to-get-along RINOs, Trump’s willingness to fight has been bracing, and produced outsized wins in advancing a conservative agenda.

Even his flaws are instructive, and encouraging.  It will not be hard for future GOP candidates to be more disciplined than Trump, and for them to deploy targeted instead of omni-directional punching, because a lane is wide open for a pugnacious but controlled conservative.  Trump has also revealed how much the media and the far-left agenda are hated; they are both easy targets, and the public will clearly support someone who attacks and opposes both. 

6. Finally, the Dems are in utter disarray, and as a snarky mocker of leftists, I’m going to be reveling in a target-rich environment!  There have already been some vicious intramural attacks on the left and in the media; the leftist Dems are furious with the far-left Dems, and they are at each others’ throats.  Already! If they don’t take the Senate, they will not be able to accomplish many of their long-desired schemes, and that will drive them even further up a wall.

On top of that, Biden and Comma-la have both been absolutely terrible candidates, and they promise to be absolutely terrible presidents.   If they eventually win, it’s only going to be after a bruising fight that will reveal clear corruption by state Dems – the PA and Philly machines are already beclowning themselves, with more obvious hackery to follow. 

If Biden does get inaugurated, it’s going to be as a tainted, morally compromised candidate with no popular mandate, and half the country dug in to oppose every leftist proposal he makes.  Not to mention that he is on the verge of being clinically dead.

I expect a Vegas betting line to be immediately established regarding how long he can remain in office before he steps down or is pushed out.  (I would put the over/under at 6 months.)  Then Comma-la will step in, and her ham-handed delivery, room-temperature IQ, and repulsive cackling will alienate every non-hard-core leftist in the country.

So we can look forward to incompetent leadership, vicious Dem in-fighting, and great prospects for a GOP wave in the 2022 mid-term, and a presidential win in 2024.

Would I trade all of that for a long, dirty, court battle ending in a second Trump term instead?  You bet your friending Schumer I would!  But is there reason to be optimistic, even if we don’t get that? 


Christmas is coming, CO nation is here, and Avenatti should be out of the joint in time to run next time around. 

Let’s let our righteous anger fuel us to support Trump’s battle in the courts and in the court of public opinion, and to get out the vote in the Georgia senate run-offs next month.  Let’s stiffen the spines of the GOP congressional delegations, form ranks in defense of our liberties and our country, and make Joey Gaffes and Comma-la sorry that they ever wanted to try herding the rabid, hateful, hissing, syphilitic cats that are the moonbat congressional Democrats!

Comma-la/Avenatti 2024!  

One thought on “Getting Back Up, Dusting Ourselves Off (posted 11/6/20)”

  1. Here it is Nov. 9th and Trump is still our President. While sadness is my general feeling at present, I am buoyed by the many changes that occurred in the electorate namely the sizable increase in minority support for our President. Did he fool the voters enmass or were his policies that successful I ask rhetorically. Our President is more of a Gen. George Patton or a Sir Winston Churchill than we think.
    So hang on to your hats cause this Biden/Coma fest ain’t even started and I predict an April fools joke on us all when on that day the LaLa girl takes over for the man in LaLa land.


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