Dems’ Behavior Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test (posted 11/13/20)

Boy, are these national Dems smart, or what?  It turns out that they made all kinds of prescient statements about what was going to happen on election day and afterwards, and they were much more accurate about that than they’ve EVER been about any policy issues. 

For example, were you able to keep your doctor?  Or your health plan?  Did those shovel-ready jobs overwhelm your local community?  Did raising taxes produce economic growth and prosperity?

But when they talked about the election, they were spot on.  Remember when Joey Gaffes said that they’d developed the most extensive voter fraud network in history?   We all assumed that that was yet another of the Senile Scrantonian’s “brain Swalwells” (if you catch my reference), but what if – against all odds – he was actually expressing a true and cogent thought?

I mean sure, that was the quiet part that he wasn’t supposed to say out loud – which would be par for Biden’s miniature (IQ) golf game – but still.

Or remember when many slimy Dems warned that on election night, it may SEEM that you’re seeing a Red Wave and a Trump victory. But just wait until our troglodytic partisan hack vote manufacturers have a week or two to get behind closed doors, and fondle and massage and give the ol’ “Biden handshake” up the skirt of the results.

Sorry, that’s “vote counters,” not “vote manufacturers.” 

No, wait.  I was right the first time.

Anyway, if you didn’t know better, it’s almost like the Dems and MSM are ethically stunted, corrupt-to-the-core, dishonorable adamschiffen, and – in the words of a previous president, speaking about white nationalists and neo-Nazis – “they should be condemned totally.” 

I am really rooting for a high-profile legal battle in each of the battleground states where obvious leftist chicanery affected the election.  The way it looks right now, I don’t think Trump is likely to be able to reverse the momentum and be certified as the winner of the election.  But he’s a fighter, and this is a battle that needs fighting.

Even if he doesn’t win it, the whole nation needs to see the dirty tricks and sleazy tactics used by the Dems around the country.   And a few contrasts can be easily drawn.  Florida and Ohio are perennial battleground states, and the crooked polling predicted that Biden would win both by around 3-4 points; instead, he lost both by around that much. 

More importantly, those states have competent GOP governors (I’m not a huge fan of DeWine, but DeSantis acquitted himself especially well.), and they ran a transparent, smooth election, with clear rules that were clearly followed.  They were able to count the ballots and announce reliable vote totals on election day, the way it should be done. 

The contrast between those states and the colossal cluster friend of corruption and brazen cheating that happened in Dem-run cities and states is stark.  And it should be instructive, to anybody who isn’t blinded by partisanship: one party is competent and transparent, and the other is a bunch of Machiavellian crooks who shouldn’t be trusted to run a lemonade stand, let alone a great nation.

As we’ve seen during the peaceful riots over the last many months, the left really does have an army of partisan hacks at their disposal, and that army was out in force during the election.   In the big blue cities – you can recognize them even from a distance, by the stench, the screaming, and the plumes of smoke ascending into the sky from multiple arson fires — they man the polling stations with corrupt officers supervising the counting, questionable corporals doing the counting, and corrupt foot-soldiers “observing” the counts, half of whom seem to focus more on forming a picket line to block GOP observers.

Hey, wait a minute.  Do you think the Scranton Speech-Slurrer might have been trying to say “dog-faced poll-y soldiers?  If so, it’s yet another rare instance of him making sense. 

Because when you kick poll watchers out, and even after they return with a judge’s order, bar them AGAIN … you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you plaster over the windows of your vote counting area to prevent people from seeing what’s going on inside… you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you change the rules on the verge of the election to accept ballots received many days after the election — as in PA, and as was attempted in WI, and possibly elsewhere, for all I know – you’re a lying, dog-faced poll-y soldier.

When you are confronted with undisputed data documenting  large disparities from any previous election – 30% more ballots than cast in any previous election, blocks of votes coming in that are all or nearly all for one candidate (impossible even in the deepest red or blue voting area), more ballots cast than there are eligible voters – that are statistically IMPOSSIBLE, and your response is to first clamp both hands over your ears, begin loudly singing “Imagine,” and then perform a cranial-rectal inversion so that you are physically unable to hear anything? 

You, sir or madam, are a lying. Dog-faced. Poll-y soldier! 

And for people who claim not to have anything to hide, you sure seem to be trying to hide an awful lot.

My favorite early example of the kind of characters that Biden will choose to surround himself occurred when he named creepy Zeke Emanuel – of the creepy Emanuel brothers – as one of his main covid advisers.  Which is entertainingly ironic.   Because Emanuel published a piece a few years ago arguing that he hoped to die at 75, and that all people should do the same.  (We’re bad for Gaia, and the climate, and the economy, or something.) 

Think about that.  77-year-old Joe Biden has chosen a health adviser who has argued that it would have been better for Joe Biden to have assumed room temperature 2 years ago.   (Assuming that he didn’t, I mean.)

Okay, so even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  That’s one point for you, Zeke!

But the obnoxious post-election behavior has not been limited to just the left.   You’ve probably seen the video of Fox News’ Sandra Smith, reacting to a Trump spokesman’s factual statement that the election isn’t over until the results are certified and confirmed by the electors.

Smith didn’t know that she was on camera and a hot mike, and she reacted with a sour expression, saying, “What?  What is happening?  Like, Trace, we’ve called it.”  

That’s not the way it works, Sweet Pea! 

And if you think it does, why don’t you trot on over to the copy of the constitution that I’m sure you keep in your desk drawer, and peruse that baby, and get back to us when you find the clause that states that an election is not called by a gathering of electors after any disputes have been legitimately adjudicated, but by a collection of entitled people whose main qualifications for their jobs is that they can read a teleprompter and either have reasonably symmetrical features or look good in their underpants!

By the way, I have reasonably symmetrical features, and I used to look fantastic in my underpants, until I was forced into quarantine for 7 months, and I put on the dreaded “Covid-19” (pounds).  So can I just declare that Biden has lost?  And while I’m at it, I’d like to declare that Imhotep Pelosi must have a stake driven through her mummified heart, and then be transported back to her ancestral homeland and buried beneath the northeast corner of the pyramid of Cheops? 

Because if so – and let me clear my throat and do my best Yul Brynner here – “So let it be written … so let it be done!”

Do you realize what this means?  There might be another Sandy out there to challenge Sandy Ocasio Cortez for the coveted title of “Most Undeservedly Arrogant and Uninformed Sandy in the Western Hemisphere.”

Avenatti/Zeke “the Grim Reaper” Emanuel 2024!

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