More Stupid Leftist Tricks (posted 9/20/20)

Last week I wrote a flurry of columns – four in five days – mostly to vent and mock those on the left who hate the country, white folks and cops – not necessarily in that order – and have spent these last months rioting, kneeling at football games and all the rest. 

On the one hand, it feels great to take such rhetorical shots at deserving targets, and I think it’s probably good for my blood pressure.  But I’m also aware that sustained anger can be corrosive – even if that anger is righteous. 

And like most of us, I guess, I always feel like my anger is righteous! 

This column is going to be a little more of the same, but I’m working on something for Monday morning that will be full of positive, lighthearted stuff to get your week off to a sunny start.  But in the meantime, there’s more to get off my chest, and more leftist crash test dummies that need to be figuratively run into a concrete abutment at 70 mph with no passenger restraints engaged.

First, Imhotep Pelosi continues to be absolutely awful.  Her latest offense against all that is good and reasonable was an interview that she gave last week on the subject of the CA wildfires. 

One bit of projection that always amuses me is the Left’s arrogantly claiming the mantle of the Party of Science™.  Sure, they’re not big on the whole “humanity is a sexually dimorphic species” idea, or the existence of X and Y chromosomes that determine gender, or that a baby in the womb is a baby.  In the womb.  But they’re all in on a view of climate change that comes down to, “Gaia exists, and we will feel Her wrath!”

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh Martin, you are such a compelling writer, with your deft exaggerations for comic effect, and your hilarious running jokes about Nancy Pelosi’s desiccated appearance, and also your undeniable sexual magnetism, which is neither here nor there.”

First, aw shucks.  I just try to take care of myself, go running with Cassie the Wonder Dog, and lift a few weights once in a while.

Second, I am not exaggerating for comic effect when I talk about Pelosi.  The dangerously mask-less mummy was on MSNBC last week – her hair looked terrific! – and she said the following, which I swear I am not making up:

“Mother Earth is angry.  She’s telling us – whether she’s telling us with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, fires in the west, whatever it is – the climate crisis is real, and has an impact.”    

Got that?  It’s not terrible, environmental-extremist-driven forest management which has allowed tons of dry tinder to build up in our forests for decades.  No!  Too many of us have been voting for conservatives, and Mother Earth is very displeased. 

If Biden wins in November, I expect that we’ll embark on a “throw some virgins into the forest fires” program that Pelosi promises will end those fires, and also give us a plentiful harvest next fall.  Now if you’ll excuse her, she has to meet with Biden’s future cabinet, where they will read some chicken entrails to come up with an economic plan for the next fiscal year.

I know that Pelosi is old enough that she and Mother Earth went to high school together, but I am still not going to accept her interpretations of Her message!

Next, the tragic shooting of the two cops in Compton last weekend is as infuriating an event as has happened in this infuriating year.  It’s especially aggravating that the coward who shot them is still at large.  (Although after watching the video of the shooting, I think the proper term would have to be “at small,” wouldn’t it?)

This incident is especially instructive, for two reasons.  First, the hateful BLM and antifa creeps who have been animating these months-long riots and attacks on cops claim to be outraged over cops brutalizing innocent black people, even though they are strangely unable to point to more than one or two extremely isolated instances in which that actually has happened.

Instead, they cite one case after another in which black criminals victimize mostly black victims, and when those black victims call the cops, the criminals attack them and fight with them until they get shot.

But the Compton shooting lifts the veil from even that flimsy excuse.  The two cops were sitting their squad car, not bothering anybody, when the little creep shot them and ran away. 

The second – and probably more important – aspect of this shooting is the reaction from presumed leftists at various levels.  At the base, a bunch of vile creeps began videotaping the two cops right after the shooting.  They laughed and celebrated as the female cop – with blood pouring from her jaw wound – tried to call for help, and tend to her partner who had been shot in the forehead.  

I couldn’t listen to more than a minute of several of those videos, and I probably shouldn’t have listened to that much.   And I would not attribute a political ideology to those scumbags, as they are likely not capable of a level of thought that could rise above, “Me smash!” or “Orange man bad!”

But they have definitely been marinating in the hateful messages of one of our main political parties: America is an evil, systemically racist and oppressive country, and cops are the murderous foot soldiers of that racist regime, and thus deserve whatever violence can be visited upon them.  

If you think that’s too harsh, you haven’t been paying attention.  That message, in one form or another, can be found in the speeches and web postings and campaign materials of mainstream Democrat candidates – including those in the presidential primaries – all across the country. 

For example, within hours of that attempted double cop murder, the leftist City Manager of neighboring Lynwood, Jose Ometeotl (not to be confused with Quetzalcoatl, who was worshipped by a bunch of bloodthirsty goons like Jose), posted a social media graphic of Malcolm X’s famous quote about chickens coming home to roost, along with a paragraph that features the same evil dishonesty that has been expressed in ten thousand Democrat talking points this year.

Jose first rhetorically cleared his throat (“I do not condone the type of violence…”), before he immediately went on to condone the violence.  He referred to the way that Compton has been “plagued by deputy gangs that inflict fear and violence,” and explained that when a cowardly little punk tries to assassinate two cops it “is to be expected” because of the “seeds of anger and frustration” that the sheriff’s office has sown in the community. 

Another well-known BLM activist leader named Kevin Wharton Price described the proper reaction to the cop shooting this way:  “We are supposed to celebrate today because the oppressor has been slain.  If this is a start of retribution, then I think this is a very good start.” 

These people are both prominent, local leftist leaders, one elected, and one in a leadership position in a group that even the Democrat presidential ticket has been praising all summer.  And we’ve heard only the most tepid response:  nothing about the riots during the convention, and only the most bland and colorless reference to “violence on both sides” since.  

Meanwhile 99.9% of the violence has been on the one side that the Dems won’t mention by name, or condemn with any vigor, while they simultaneously bleat about imaginary armies of “white nationalists and Neo-nazis” who somehow manage not to riot, or burn any buildings, or kill anyone.  Or exist.  

An equally infuriating leftist riot happened in Lancaster, PA, after the 100% righteous shooting of Ricardo Munoz.  As with previous cause-celebre martyrs taken up by Biden voters as justification for an orgy of violence, Munoz turns out not to have been a sterling citizen.

In fact, he was awaiting trial for an incident last year when he stabbed four people, including a 22-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy.  Last week his mother called the cops because he was acting erratic – again! – and had a knife – again! – and she was frightened about what he might do.  Again!

When the cops arrived, and before they even had a chance to demonstrate their anti-black racism against this armed Hispanic maniac, Munoz barreled out of the house and charged the cops.  He was screaming and waving a huge knife as he sprinted toward them.

Which is apparently his thing.

Like the antifa creep in Kenosha who brought a skateboard to a gunfight, this guy who brought a knife to a gunfight lost in the first round.  Convincingly. 

The cops, well aware that Biden-voting dimwits are prone to riot after anybody anywhere gets themselves shot by a cop, quickly put out a still picture of Munoz in full stride as he charged, mid-scream, and brandishing his fearsome-looking blade.

The picture made no difference, and the rioters rioted anyway.  As they put it, “No justice, no peace.”  Also, “Lots of justice, still no peace.”   And, “No matter what, no peace!”

So to re-cap, it doesn’t matter that the guy had a giant knife, because as a left-wing journalist/moron at the Milwaukee newspaper might put it, “he was otherwise unarmed.”  

Or, as I might equally logically put it, “With the exception of his brand new bullet holes, Munoz was otherwise unharmed.”

One final irony is that the racialists in BLM – who get furious if you say “All Lives Matter,” or “Blue Lives Matter,” and so, presumably, “Brown Lives Matter” – eagerly adopted Munoz as one of their own.

But then again, he did fit the profile of BLM’s favorite sainted victim group: he was a violent criminal, awaiting trial on a previous violent crime, who attacked a cop.

Why, it’s almost like BLM is a lot more concerned with the lives of violent criminals, than it is with the lives of black folks. 

But I guess VCLM doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way.

Avenatti/ Jose Quetzalcoatl 2020!

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