Racial Politics Make Everything Worse (posted 4/26/21)

I won’t lie to you: as an inveterate optimist who always tries to find humor in the ongoing circus of human behavior, I’ve had a tough time writing today’s column.  Mostly because every time I turn on the tv or open a browser, I’m bombarded by a nearly overwhelming desire to swear at the cavalcade of evil idiots who are doing their best to tear our country apart.   

The primary cause of my mixture of rage and despair this week is the extent of the racial poison in our society, and the unutterably disgusting creeps who are spreading it and profiting from it.   To take just one example, the shamefully biased coverage of race in our cop-hating and white-hating MSM has produced a public who wildly over-estimates anti-black racism in our society, especially when it comes to law enforcement.

Nearly half of all liberals believe that around 1,000 or more unarmed black men were killed by cops in 2019 – 12% of liberals and 22%  of “very liberals” believe estimate that number at 10,000 or more!  Even 26% of moderates, 14% of conservatives and 7% of very conservatives put that number at 10,000 or more.

The real number is 25.  And even that number doesn’t necessarily reflect unjustified uses of force.  Some of those unarmed 25 may have been fighting with the cops or committing assault – the way Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were, to name just two high-profile cases — when they were killed. 

I try very hard not to hold the ignorance of regular people against them in this regard, because they’ve been force-fed a steady diet of anti-American, anti-police and anti-white hatred.  But there is no excuse for the leftist elites, who absolutely know better, but do not care.  If their power and wealth can be increased by fomenting racial hatred, they gladly start the fires, and then throw gasoline on them. 

Ugh!  I’m struggling not to give in and hate those who are hating us, but they are making it so freaking hard!   From Melting-Face Maxine Waters’ inciting violence from the mob, to LeBron James’ threatening tweets aimed at the officer who saved an innocent black girl’s life by shooting a guilty one, they are going to get thousands of black people killed by preventing cops from stopping black predators who are preying on innocent black folks. 

Maybe the sickest part of this whole nauseating mess is the way that leftist elites actively side against innocent black people, and romanticize and champion black criminals!

Obama said that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.  Why say that?  Martin had already broken the nose and fractured the skull of his victim, and was continuing to smash his head into concrete when he got shot, so why identify yourself with him? 

Why not say that your hypothetical son would look Frederick Douglas, or Thomas Sowell, or Walter Payton?  Or what about, “If I had a son, he’d look like Denzel Washington?” (I’m not gay or a woman, but… giggity giggity). 

Do you know any other non-leftist ethnic groups who choose to elevate and sympathize with the criminals among them?  Have you ever heard a Columbian say, “I hope my son grows up to look like tubby drug kingpin Pablo Escobar?”  Or any German say, “I only wish my offspring could have the chinless weasel vibe of mass murderer Heinrich Himmler?”  Or any generic white dad say, “My son could well turn out to have the soul-less sociopathy of Ted Bundy?”

You don’t.  Because that would be sick.

But that’s exactly what evil mummy Imhotep Pelosi did with addicted, career-criminal George Floyd.  She turned him into a Christ figure, thanking him “for sacrificing his life for justice.” 

I’m no Biblical scholar, but I don’t remember the part where Christ was a violent criminal, always getting high on that Judean Jumping Juice (or whatever they called their equivalent of meth around the year zero), or that scene in the Gospels where Christ and the apostles broke into a home, and while the rest of the gang was ransacking the place, Christ held a sword to the belly of a pregnant woman.

And it’s not just Obama and Nasty Nancy.  All over the media, we’ve seen artwork featuring George Floyd with angel wings, flying up to heaven.  We’ve heard the same hagiographic depictions of Michael Brown (the “gentle giant”), and Jacob “mostly unarmed” Blake, and now, Ma’Khia Bryant, the honor student who was always peaceful.  Right up until she tried to knife two other girls.  

In fact, her case is a good example: it featured a violent black attacker, and a black victim.  And who did the media, and Hacky Psaki, and every MSM talking head choose to praise?  The attacker.

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was typically idiotic: “A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight.”

First of all, if he hadn’t acted “immediately,” Bryant’s victim would be dead.  And then he’d be a racist, because he didn’t protect a black victim. 

Also: Hey Val, you know what a knife fight is?  A fight between TWO people with knives.  If one person has a knife and the other one is unarmed, that’s attempted murder, you miserable dope. 

You might as well say that Jack the Ripper was “an accomplished knife fighter.”  And he was: the guy retired undefeated, with a record of between 5-0 and 11-0, depending on which statistics you believe.  

These people are malevolent liars, and they have been for years.  But most of their lies were opaque enough that they were at least a little tough to pin down.  Terms like “fascist” and “systemic racism” and “social justice” are vague to the point of being nearly content-less.

But now these a-holes are lying about video that we can see with our own eyes!  Last year one moron after another stood in front of burning buildings and looted stores and said, “These protests are super peaceful.”  And today, a bunch of armchair detectives are saying that the cop in Columbus was wrong to shoot a knife-wielding attacker.  After all, how could he have known what her intentions were?

Let’s go to the videotape, which captured Ma’Khia Bryant’s last words: “I’m gonna stab the f**k out of you, b***h!” 

Never mind.

While I was watching all of this racist garbage and choking on my own bile, I remembered a funny, mock PSA that Chris Rock made, called, “How Not to Get You’re A** Kicked by the Police.”

I was going to say Google it, but as one CO reader pointed out, Google is a creepy leftist corporation run by people who hate our guts.  So Bing that video, and watch it now.  I’ll wait…

Can you believe that a video with that much common sense on the subject of race, could be made in this country only 14 short years ago?   I’m shocked that it hasn’t been taken down, or that Rock hasn’t been cancelled, or at least forced to grovel and apologize for it.

The best humor works because there is truth in it, and this video obviously tells some plain truths that everybody can recognize: non-criminals who behave properly when they’re pulled over almost never end up in violent struggles with cops.  Or as Rock puts it, “If you follow these easy tips, you’ll be fine.” 

He gives such now-controversial advice as “Obey the Law.”  He says, “You’ve heard people say, ‘Man, I wouldn’t do that s**t if I was you.’ Well here’s some of that s**t.”  And then he lists the resume of virtually every one of BLM’s high-profile “martyrs” over the last several years: “car jacking, armed robbery, arson, selling drugs, buying drugs, stabbing, shooting.” 

Some parts of the video haven’t aged well, including a running joke involving cops surrounding and pounding on a person who has violated Rock’s advice.  And there is some wry acknowledgement of racism, as when Rock advises his typical black driver that “if you want to travel with a friend, make it a white friend.”

But as Rock summarizes his advice at the end of the video – “stop immediately when pulled over, be polite, shut the f**k up, etc.” – you recognize that this is what responsible parents have been telling their kids – of all races – forever. 

And it’s the opposite of the way that every high-profile person killed by cops lately has acted.    

One silver lining in this grim situation is that there are still plenty of people who know the truth, even though they are often intimidated by the loudest and most violent in their communities.  Most black folks tell pollsters that they want more police – not less – in the crime-ridden areas in which they live.  Some black people in Columbus have publicly supported what the officer had to do in the Ma’Khia Bryant case.    

It’s beyond maddening to see the way that crowds often turn on cops when they do their jobs, especially considering that in virtually all cases, black people are the ones who called the cops in the first place. But I think that last point speaks to the fact that most people know, deep down, more about right and wrong that their politics will sometimes let them admit. 

I always think back to a clot of antifa boneheads last summer.  During a protest, they were stomping around like the petulant (but violent) children they are, chanting some variation of “F the police.”  Then a gun went off nearby, and one of their own was hit.

And they immediately started screaming.  “Call the cops!”    

I’m afraid that the day is coming when they’re going to get what they’ve been whining for.  More and more cops are leaving, and someday soon, that phone call is going to be answered by a voice mail: 

“This is the police department.  We’ve gotten your message loud and clear.  You’re on your own.”

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