Racial Politics Makes Everything Worse. Still. (posted 6/14/21)

It seems like less than two months ago – because it was late April – that I was writing a column I called, “Racial Politics Make Everything Worse,” in which I contemplate the many ways in which… well, racial politics make everything worse. 

So, spoiler alert, I guess.

Which brings me to today, when I am writing on the subject of…the same thing.  

Quick contest: pick the best title for today’s column:

  1. Racial Politics Make Everything Worse, Part 2: the Second One.  (Hat tip to that classic film sequel, “Sharknado 2.”)
  2. Racial Politics 2: the Worsening.
  3. Racial Politics 2: Is There ANYTHING that the National Democrat Leadership Can’t Make Worse?

If you have a better title, please suggest it in the comments.  (By the way, I loved the summer music suggestions that you all posted after the last column.  There were a lot that hit home for me, and a few that I’ve since checked out, and am adding to my rotation.)

Since my last column about this, the left has continued to wallow in racial hatred, in ways that have become sadly commonplace:

1.There was another in a long string of racial hoaxes cooked up by an attention-seeking person of color.  CO himself linked to this story from the College Fix, about a young woman at Wayne State who egged her own door, tore down her own LGBT Pride sticker, and stole a photo of her own dog. 

And then blamed the same two white, racist Nigerians who attacked Jussie Smollett, I guess?

Which raises several intriguing questions:  First, the woman is named Zoriana Martinez and looks Hispanic in her picture.  So has she considered that the non-existent racists who would have done those things to her – if she hadn’t done them to herself, I mean – might be anti-Hispanic, rather than assuming that she was one of those Zimbabwean Martinezes whom you’re always hearing about?

Second, they stole a picture of her dog?  Since when does whitey not like dogs?  (Cassie the Wonder Dog is looking at me with her head tilted in confusion, both because I’m not an imaginary racist in some leftist’s fever dreams, and because I love me some Cassie Dog.)

Anyway, this story fits a familiar pattern in which self-dramatizing youngsters fake racial attacks on themselves, because actual racial animus keeps frustratingly refusing to materialize.

2.   Several high-profile academics have proven themselves to be virulently racist haters, and the MSM and academia have mostly yawned. 

The first one you’ve heard of: a psychiatrist named Dr. Aruna Khilanani (she is a doctor the way Elvis was a blackbelt) gave a lecture that sounded like Charles Manson and Pol Pot had a baby, who grew up and went on the lecture circuit.   She fantasized about “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way,” and noted that white people, “suck you dry.  There are no good apples out there.  White people make my blood boil.”  She went on to call whites – all whites – “demented, violent predator[s].”

I know what you’re thinking:  What do you expect when you go to a lecture at Louis Farrakhan Hall, in the Himmler Studies program at Hamas University? 

But no.  This raving lunatic has degrees from NYU and Cornell, and gave her lecture at the Yale School of Medicine!     

“But c’mon, Martin,” you’re saying, “these were probably off-the-cuff ad libs that were really out of context in a lecture that probably focused on treating agoraphobia, or something.”

Nope.  She wrote and edited and then read those vile comments in a lecture entitled, “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” 

But after she got some well-deserved blowback for her insane rantings, she saw the error of her ways, apologized, and resigned, and Yale apologized to the entire nation.

HA!  I kid.  She actually doubled down, insisting in an email to the NYT that her work is important, and she stands by it, and that her critics are… wait for it… racists!  Also, she said that, “we need to heal in this country.”

Because nothing says “healing” like fantasizing about murdering everyone with a specific skin color, because they – every single one of them — are demented, parasitic predators.

Sing it with me people, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony, I’d like to buy the world a Coke, and exterminate all the crackers.” 

Speaking of genocidal racist freaks, another psychoanalyst named “Dr.” Donald Moss published a paper called, “On Having Whiteness,” in which he describes having white skin as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition… for which there is no cure.” 

Dr. Moss is as pasty white as Dr. Evil, and looks like him.  He’s also as much of a doctor as Dr. Evil.

Come to think of it, he’s also as evil as Dr. Evil. 

These two examples bring up an important point: the extent to which truly despicable anti-white racism and hatred have been normalized on the mainstream academic and media left. 

I am not so biased that I don’t think that there are nuts on both the right and left.  But a huge difference is that the fringe nuts on the right are… fringe nuts.  They have no constituency to speak of.  The left has had to bring up David Duke for 20 years, and that guy couldn’t get elected dog catcher.  They love Marjorie Taylor Green, because she gives them a chance to pretend that she is the GOP mainstream.  When Steve King and Roy Moore behaved offensively, Republican voters got rid of them. 

But the Dems are an entirely different story: the people who are objectively far-left moonbats are their mainstream.   The squad are anti-semitic loons, Al Sharpton was a serious presidential contender, and Obama wouldn’t even condemn Screwy Louie “Jews are Termites” Farrakhan.   

Their longest serving members are some of their worst offenders.  Melting-Face Maxine Waters was in congress calling the LA riots “an uprising” 30 years ago.  Chuck Schumer was slandering conservatives and diving in front of cameras back when Matthew Brady was trying to get some daguerreotypes of Civil War battlefields. 

And Imhotep Pelosi was steering sketchy pyramid construction contracts to her husband’s business when Moses was being pulled from the bullrushes. 

I see both good news and bad news in this trend.

The majority of the country is in better shape than you might think, when you consider that there are so few anti-minority racial incidents that the left has to keep faking them to keep the minds of their voters properly poisoned.  There are so few real aggressions that the left is on a continual scavenger hunt to invent and/or find micro aggressions. 

But the left is in bad shape and deservedly so.   They’re trying to make a living off of the demand for racial outrages, but the supply is nowhere close to keeping up.  You can tell by the quality of the “martyrs” the left is continually touting.  If there were hordes of unarmed honor students being gunned down by cops on their way to Bible study, the left would be making those people famous.

Who do they get instead?   A large black woman shot right before she can stab another black woman to death, a “gentle giant” who bashes a cop’s head while he fights to get his gun, and a seemingly unending series of career felons who were caught committing crimes and then chose to go out with pistols blazing like Butch and Sundance in the last act.

Speaking of which, Winston Boogie Smith is the latest cause celebre to join the pantheon in Minneapolis.  He had a long criminal history, including violent felonies, gun convictions and an open warrant.  When the US Marshall Service tried to take him into custody on June 3rd, he opened fire — with a gun which he wouldn’t have had, if gun control laws worked – and was shot and killed.

Naturally, several days of violent protests ensued.

Black Americans deserve better than condescending whitey-hating academics and malevolent leftist politicians and talking heads lying to them about their fellow citizens, and their country.  Ultimately, they’re going to have to reconsider the one-party control they’ve chosen over the crumbling, crime-ridden cities they’re living in, and ask how that’s worked out for them. 

It’s been a long four years, and it’s only been 20 weeks.

Avenatti/Dr. Evil  2024!

One thought on “Racial Politics Makes Everything Worse. Still. (posted 6/14/21)”

  1. Excellent observations. The left has fallen off the cliff . You are spot on . Are we going to laugh as we did when reading MAD magazine or be in shock as we were when watching the TWILIGHT ZONE. Good thoughts and so appreciated. Thank you.


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