The Olympics, Crying Males, and The Week in Hypocrisy (posted 8/9/21)

Today’s column will be an eclectic dash through some thoughts off the top of my head…

So the Olympics are over.  I was glad to see that some of our patriotic athletes – which CO and others on this site linked to and praised, rightly – did well in the games.  I was equally glad to see that some anti-American miscreants did poorly.

I feel bad for the decent women on our soccer team, but it was sweet to see Moanin’ Megan Rapinoe and the Kneelers (worst concert ever!) get swept by the Swedes, then tied by the team from America’s Hat, and have to settle for bronze. 

Hateful hammer thrower Gwen Berry was hoping to win gold so that she could use her platform to denounce the terrible systemic racism in America.  Instead, she came in 11th out of 12.

I can only think of three ways that that outcome could have been better: 1. Obviously, #12 could have picked up her game, and pushed Graceless Gwen down into last place.  2. Berry could have slipped and fallen in a puddle of her own narcissism, thus tossing the hammer straight up, only to have it come down and knock some of the bile out of her by landing on her thick yet empty head. 

3. She could have defected to any other country that would have her.  If there were such a benighted place.

I had mixed feelings about the New Zealand weightlifter dude who thinks he’s Bruce Jenner thinking he’s Audrey Hepburn.  Unfortunately, he lifted like just plain ol’ Audrey Hepburn, and failed three times to lift 87 kilograms.   

Since I’m an American, I have no idea how much that is.   Because: pounds.   (We don’t get our dogs from the kilogram, we don’t eat kilogram cake, and saying that “kilogram for kilogram, I was the best boxer in my high school,” just sounds weird.) 

I don’t have any hard feelings toward anyone with the type of body dysmorphism that people call transgenderism.   Honestly, that particular mental affliction has to be agonizing, and I really do wish that all involved get the best treatment possible. 

Sadly for them, our woke idiocracy is going to prevent that, by indulging and even encouraging their delusions.  Which is no more compassionate to them than it would be to treat someone suffering with another body dysmorphic mental illness – anorexia – by agreeing that she is looking a little tubby, and should probably drop the sandwich and have a celery stick.  NOT kind!

But I sort of wished that that dude would have stomped all of the competition, just to heighten the contradiction, and speed the day when woke sports organizations are forced to recognize and deal with reality, and prevent males from competing in female events. 

Speaking of males who identify as females identifying as neurotics, did you catch the dueling Adams — Kinzinger and Schiff – crying during the January 6th faux hearings?   That may have been the most pathetic public spectacle in a year already full of them. 

Both of these dopes watched mouth-breathing Biden voters in Antifa and BLM assault, murder, loot, vandalize and burn down government buildings all over the country for 6 months, and shed nary a tear.  But a goofball in buffalo horns takes a selfie with Imhotep Pelosi’s podium, and these guys suddenly looked like John Boehner and Edmund Muskie had a baby, which then watched the Hindenburg explode and fall on an orphanage on Bring a Puppy to the Orphanage Day. 


I come from a time when there were 3 occasions when it was permissible for a man to cry in public:

1.When your best friend since basic training takes a German sniper’s bullet in the head in a foxhole outside of Bastogne.

2. When one of your limbs just got torn off in a thresher.

3. When your first-born son just came out as a Democrat. 

NOT when a few hundred knuckleheads march around inside a government building for a few hours and then go home.

I expect no better from Pencil Neck, but Kinzinger is pretending to be a Republican.  Can someone please primary that idiot?!

On a different topic, let’s take a quick tour of This Week in Hypocrisy.  (I need an old timey announcer’s voice for that title.) 

Exhibit A: Andrew Cuomo has apparently not left a female body ungroped in the last 20 years.  All of the Democrats feign outrage and call for his resignation.  And because he’s studied the cases of Bill Clinton and Governor Blackface (or, to be fair to him, possibly Governor Klan-Hood) in Virginia, Cuomo says, “Screw you guys, I’m staying.” 

And he’ll probably be able to.

Exhibit B: Former Narcissist-in-Chief Obama has a big birthday party with hundreds of servants and zero masks.  Some pics slip out, and a few leftists feel like they’ve got to at least pretend that’s it not what it looks like.  A NYT White House reporter (so you know she’s unbiased) named Annie Karni goes on CNN to explain that the vacuous celebrities at the Obama bash are a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd,” so there’s no wu-flu danger. 

IMO, the average carny – the kind with missing teeth, missing fingers, and a pack of smokes rolled up in the sleeve of his white t-shirt while operating the Tilt-a-Whirl – is more sophisticated than a smug, soul-less sycophant like Annie Karni.

Exhibit C: Dr. Faux-ci warns that a bunch of motorcyclists getting together at Sturgis will create a covid super-spreader event.  Because they’re not as sophisticated a crowd you’d find in a tent full of arrogant dimwits on super-white Martha’s Vineyard.  About whom Faux-ci has nothing to say.

Finally, because there’s more to life than vain and malevolent politicians, gender-confused bullies, and grown men weeping over nothing, let’s talk a little music.

I just finished reading Rickie Lee Jones’s autobiography, American Troubadour.   She had a harrowing childhood, but persevered to make some great music, and I’ve always had a soft spot for her voice. 

So I started looking at some of her stuff on Youtube, and found a great live performance when she joined Lyle Lovett to sing his song “North Dakota.”  I love me some Lyle Lovett, and you can’t go wrong with him harmonizing with Rickie Lee.  My only complaint about the song is that it could have used more Rickie Lee. 

Listening to that reminded me of one of CO’s truisms: everything’s better when arranged in a list.

For example, there are 3 things you never eat:  1. 7-11 hotdogs.  2. Gas station sushi.  3. Strip club lamb chops. 

And the 3 smoothest-moving running backs are: 1. Walter Payton, 2, pre-murdering O.J. Simpson and 3. pre-knee-injury Gayle Sayers.

And there are 2 playwrights:  1. Shakespeare, 2. Everyone else

Where was I?  Oh yeah. 

The top 5 male-female duets you probably haven’t heard — though not necessarily in this order – and all of which you can see on video:

1.The aforementioned Lyle and Rickie Lee doing “North Dakota” live.

2. James Taylor and Carly Simon “You Can Close Your Eyes,“  in his house on Martha Vineyard, as part of an interview in 1977.  Taylor’s voice and guitar are perfect, and a young Carly Simon at the height of her powers, with that voice and that mouth?  Giggity.

3. Kina Grannis and Imaginary Future, “We’ll Be Okay.”  If you’ve never heard of Kina Grannis, just search her name and start listening.  She’s got a gorgeous voice, and has done a million covers on her video channel, along with a lot of her own songs.  In this one she sings with her husband, and their harmonies are lovely. 

4.  Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning, “Bittersweet.”  Chambers is an Aussie country singer, with the kind of raspy voice that I love.  I came across her when her song “The Captain” was featured on the Sopranos, and was hooked on the album of the same name.

5.  Norah Jones and Ray Charles, “Here We Go Again.”  Norah is always great. Ray was half dead when they recorded this – he died less than a year later – but a half-dead Ray Charles is better than most all singers when they’re completely alive.

There’s my list.   Tell me some of yours, and we can listen to each other’s, and forget about the idiots in Washington for a while. 

Because it’s been a long 4 years, and it’s only been 26 weeks.

Avenatti/Grandma-Killer Cuomo  2024!

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