Remembering Norm MacDonald, Trying to Forget AOC & Gavin Newsom (posted 9/20/21)

As I mentioned briefly on Friday, Norm MacDonald has died, and he will be missed.  He was an original, and although I didn’t enjoy everything he did – his commitment to bits designed to make people uncomfortable, his sometimes cheerfully aggressive vulgarity – he had an intelligence that snuck up on you, packaged as it was in the guise of an amiable, none-too-bright everyman.

He told a joke about a moth – you can find it online – that betrayed a pretty extensive knowledge of Russian literature, and yet had a punchline so dumb that I laugh every time I think about it.   Most of the comedians I respect – Dennis Miller, Bill Burr, Seinfeld, and on and on – talked about Norm with awe and affection, which says a lot.   I’ve not read his book, “Based on a True Story,” but after seeing a few excerpts from it, I’m looking forward to doing so. 

He also had a rare commitment to placing principle ahead of his career.  He was famously fired from Saturday Night Live because a big shot there was friends with OJ Simpson, and ordered him to stop telling OJ jokes.  Norm cheerfully plowed on ahead, stepping up the ratio of OJ jokes until he was fired from one of the prime jobs in comedy.

It was also refreshingly undramatic, and counter to our times, that he actually had cancer for 9 years, and never told the world or, according to some reports, his friends or family.  The family part is weird, but I was raised in the Midwest in what now seems like the 19th century, and I admire stoicism and the resistance to dramatize and over-share one’s problems with the world.

When everybody is taking video selfies and sharing every banal detail of their lives and opinions, and yammering on about the nuances of their sexual self-categorization into one of 127 imaginary genders, it’s beyond refreshing to see an old-school guy bearing his own cross and avoiding the limelight.

Reminder #1 of the unfairness of the world:  Bums like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders are still alive (not to mention Joe Biden being partially alive) in their late hundreds, but Norm MacDonald is dead at 61.

In other news, when I was taking some pot shots at AOC’s ridiculous dress incident last Friday, it turns out I missed a few details that make the whole story even more obnoxious. 

It turns out that Little Miss Tax the Rich is an even better representative for the elite left than I realized.  I mocked her for her hypocrisy in pretending to attack the rich while she was paying $30 large for a ticket to that stupid gala.  It turns out that it was $35K, and that… wait for it… Sandy didn’t pay for it anyway!

That’s right, she got her tickets comped.  So far no one is admitting whether a deep pockets Dem paid for her, and a spokes-weasel said only that she was “a guest of the museum.”  Another preening socialist, Bill Duh-Blasio, also didn’t pay his own way. 

I know, break out the defibrillator: another virtue-signaling leftist turns out to be a shameless mooch!  Who could have seen that coming? 

Speaking of which, the designer who came up with AOC’s idiotic dress is named Aurora James, and she’s a perfect fit for her sleazy clients.  She may want the rich to “pay their fair share,” but she appears to have a black belt in fair-share-avoidance herself.

She has open tax warrants against her in NY, and at least six liens from the IRS for not paying payroll taxes.  She got nailed for not carrying worker’s comp insurance, and for running a quasi-sweatshop and exploiting unpaid interns, and for stiffing multiple landlords.   With the profits from such cheating, she bought herself a $1.6 mansion in LA last September.

She’s already delinquent in her property taxes there.

For the rancid cherry on her hypocrisy sundae: her sleazy company received over $41K in “pandemic relief aid,” courtesy of Joe Biden’s ghost, and the American taxpayer.

Reminder #2 of the unfairness of the world:  Sandy Cortez cried on camera, describing the “trauma” of how she thought she was going to be raped and murdered in her office on January 6th… even though she was in a different building, blocks away from the goofballs in the Capitol… who, as it turns out, never raped or murdered anyone. 

Meanwhile, Norm MacDonald had cancer for 9 years and actually died from it, all without mentioning it, let alone crying about his “trauma.”

In other idiocy-related news, the administration has started to regularly cut off Joey Gaffe’s microphone; they’ve done it at least three times this month.

You can see why.  I didn’t discuss his angry screed announcing his unconstitutional vax mandates, which are being challenged everywhere, but it was a remarkably bad speech.  Just like his Afghanistan hollering, it’s filled with anger at everyone who don’t deserve it, rather than at himself.

The line, “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” was especially obnoxious, on several levels.  It suggested the royal “we,” in a way that we don’t take kindly to in America.  Who is he to be brow beating us and praising himself for his patience?

The only thing growing thin is his feeble, intermittently firing neural synapses.

Finally, the people of California have spoken, and they are still morons.

Faced with a choice between a competent black man with well-articulated and logical plans to start digging the Late Great Golden State out of its hole, and a gormless, incompetent Ken Doll who has been digging that hole, they chose Gavin “featureless-plastic-crotch” Gavin Newsom. 

Yes, there was the usual ballot stuffing and cheating, along with the usual racial arsonists in the media smearing the black guy as a white supremacist.  But the margin of victory was such that the message seems clear: the majority of Californians are going to get what they asked for, and they’re going to get it good and hard. 

Reminder #3 of the unfairness of the world:  A lot of good people who have been voting against the Dems who are ruining CA are going to suffer along with the knuckleheads who deserve it.

I know it’s painful, but you folks have got to abandon the nitwits destroying your state like Joe Biden abandoning American citizens in Afghanistan! 

CO and I left IL for FL.  Joe Rogan and the Daily Wire crew and hundreds of thousands of others have left CA and IL and NY for TX and TN and FL.  You’ve got to start looking at your own costs and benefits, and consider joining us. 

It’s been a long 4 years, and it’s only been 32 weeks.

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