Newsflash: the Biden Administration Continues to be Awful (posted 10/11/21)

It would be easy for me to start another column taking low-hanging-fruit type shots at our Cadaver in Chief, and how terrible he is at his job.

So I will. 

Joey Gaffes was in Illinois last week – and haven’t those poor people in my home state suffered enough?

Not the ones who voted for Biden, Obama, Dick Durbin, Pritzker and Lightfoot, of course.  They haven’t suffered NEARLY enough yet. 

But the rest of them, whose votes are swamped in the deluge of ballots from the corrupt Dem wards and cemeteries of Chicago.  My heart goes out to those folks.

Anyway, Biden showed up and waxed indignant about how so many deplorables are resisting his mandate that they get the shot.  He fixed his rheumy eyes and vacant stare on his audience and proclaimed, “I don’t quite get this.”

Just FYI, here is a short list of other things that Biden doesn’t quite get:

Simple math

Basic history

Where the sun goes at night

Why women don’t like it when you compliment them by sniffing their hair and groping them

English grammar and punctuation, and most words.

Speaking of which, behold the rhetorical power of the Scrantonian Slurrer, in this passage that I swear to you is a direct transcription of part of his Illinois speech:

 “And the Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania,” Biden said as he gestured to himself. “The Illinois president… of the uh … Don Harmon…”   He also mentioned the “nited brr-rhood of crpnters…  Robert Rider… Reader… Rrr… rrr… Reader… R-E-I-T-E-R… re-Reiter…  And folks, that’s how we beat covid.” 

You know he had a teleprompter, because he finally just stopped and spelled that one guy’s name.  And still he couldn’t get it out.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m just glad that Joe Biden didn’t live to see what’s become of his administration.

But the people around him are just as bad, if that’s possible. 

Lurch Kerry is supposed to be a diplomat, and yet he threw his boss under the bus when giving an interview to some French journalists about why Biden hadn’t expected that his cutting a French sub-maker out of a deal with Australia was a problem.

Quoth the visage de cheval: “He asked me. He said, what’s the situation? And I explained exactly. He was — he had not been aware of that. He literally had not been aware of what had transpired.”

That’s not coming from a GOP opponent of Biden – that’s his own lackey’s defense of him: he is literally unaware of so many things!

Meanwhile, in NYC, outgoing groundhog-murderer and colossal doofus Bill DeBlasio proudly announced his attempts to kill the NYC public school system’s “Gifted and Talented” program. 

Sure, it would be easy to make a “so many conservatives have fled NYC that there are no more gifted and talented people left” joke.  But I am known for nothing if not my class and restraint, so I will refrain.

But seriously, what do Democrat politicians have against smart, hard-working people?

I mean, except that they can see through socialist claptrap, would rather vote for opportunity rather than welfare, would not vote for Democr—oh, wait.  

In particular, many Asian-American parents are outraged by DeBlasio’s attempt to kill the program.  Because as you know, Asians have way more white privilege than even the most translucent of Native American senators. (#wemustneverstopmockingher)

But maybe the ugliest moment in an ugly week took place when a bunch of entitled, law-breaking ne’er-do-wells harassed Dem Senator Kyrsten Sinema on the campus where she lectures.  They went so far as to follow her into a university bathroom, bullying her to approve an amnesty that would let creeps like them stay in the country they so obviously hate, so they can get to work destroying it. 

Sinema is not my cup of tea on almost any issue, but she’s a smart enough politician to recognize that she cannot survive in office if she goes along with the far-left agenda that the national Dems are pushing.  And for that, a bunch of leftist foreign thugs attacked her.

In a morally sane country, arrogant a-holes like that would be afraid to show their faces in public, let alone calling attention to themselves by harassing a national politician, and then putting out the video because they are degenerate enough to be proud of themselves!

Even if these people were citizens, they’d deserve to be arrested and convicted of an armful of charges, from stalking to harassment to disturbing the peace.  But they’re here illegally!  They should do a little jail time for their terrible behavior and then be deported forthwith.

But this story isn’t about them – it’s much more about us.  Allowing this flood of illegals into the country is hugely unpopular among all but the hardest core of the hard-core left.  It’s blowing a huge hole in our budget, while introducing and encouraging lawlessness throughout our society.  And almost no one wants it, yet we’re all standing by and watching it happen.  

How have we allowed malevolent children like these to flout our laws, and then demand that we cater to their every narcissistic whim, and reward them with citizenship?!  Our doddering president can’t even bring himself to condemn their hateful bullying, calling it “part of the process.”

If we don’t throw these bums out in a huge electoral wave, we have lost our minds!

And that’s why I can stand before you now, and say, from the bottom of my heart…

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

Avenatti/ Brazen, Entitled Illegals 2024!

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