Road Trip to Visit Family (posted 7/29/22)

I’m up in Illinois now, after two days of driving.  I spent last night with mom, sis and bro-in-law in TN, and am now with the cousins for a long weekend of golf and canoeing and some family togetherness.

And on the trip up, I did appreciate the Putin price cut on the gas prices.  (If Vlad gets the blame when the price goes up, it only seems fair…)

I spent my driving time listening to some podcasts, a book on CD, and some music.  With the podcasts, I was catching up on some political news I’d missed, and it seemed like each story was a variation on the theme of the Dems being forced to reap what they’ve been sowing. 

Exhibit A – After launching a raft of disastrous policies seemingly designed to cause inflation and bring on a recession, those policies… have caused inflation, and brought on a recession.

But never fear, because Brandon had a brilliant plan to deal with the recession: he plugged both ears, closed both eyes, and chanted, “This is not a recession,” over and over again.

His enablers were happy to play along.  One self-owning buffoon after another repeated the mantra, including grandmotherly hobbit Janet Yellen.  Of course, she’s also admitted that when she was cheerleading for printing and spending trillions of new dollars on every lefty boondoggle in sight, she never recognized that doing so would cause inflation.

Great.  I mean, it’s not like she was the Treasury Secretary or somethi—

Oh, wait.  She was.  And yet somehow, she missed a basic fact that anybody who slept through much of Econ 101 still managed to grasp.

It should be fun to watch Joe and the Dems spend the next 4 months explaining that this recession is not  a recession, your grocery bill hasn’t skyrocketed, gas prices are not high, and everything is tickety boo. 

Exhibit B — Jill Biden’s spokesperson Michael LaRose was either fired or voluntarily left this week.  The smart money is on the former, and insiders suggest that Dr. Jill was not happy that he allowed her to deliver a speech in which she referred to Latinos as diverse breakfast tacos. 

Sure, that’s an idiotic idea, and if LaRosa came up with it, he deserved to be fired.

But what about Dr. Jill’s responsibility?  Is she just some dim-witted Ron Burgundy who will read anything put on her teleprompter?

I hope we can test that theory. 

If anyone in CO nation has some serious hacking skills, please work on her teleprompter, and insert this at the end of her next speech to the Hispanic caucus: “So as Joe and I always say, we love every one of you human burritos, quesadillas, and steak fajitas.  So whether you’re a Frito Bandito, or a Big Booty Latina, I hope you’ll join me in saying, Go ‘F’ yourself Mexico City!  Buenas nachos!”

Exhibit C  – It’s been great fun to watch DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and NYC Mayor Eric Adams suddenly discover that an influx of illegal aliens puts quite a strain on city services and taxpayers.

The two virtue-signaling empty suits have a rich history of decrying attempts to stop illegals from flooding across our southern border.  Which conveniently, is far, far way from DC and NYC.

But then, a few GOP border state governors decided to bus those immigrants to the lefty mayors’ backyards, and mirabile dictu, they became raving bigots and oppressors of brown people! 

I love it!  Next up, let’s ship the next 10,000 border jumpers to Imhotep Pelosi’s walled estate, and provide them ladders so that they can scale those walls – which are useless, and racist, and Not Who We Are” if I remember Obama’s litany correctly – and let themselves onto the mansion. 

And then, as Dr. Jill might say, “On to the Sub-Zero fridge! Andalay , andalay!  Arriba arriba!”

Avenatti/ Professor Nose-Ring, 2024!

3 thoughts on “Road Trip to Visit Family (posted 7/29/22)”

  1. Thank God I figured out how to follow you so that I receive notifications in my email inbox on your posts. I received this particular post this morning and I went to CO’s post that I have earmarked in favorites on Facebook and there was no post from you. Are you in Facebook jail? Or is cO not posting your articles? Since this is dated July 29, I am wondering if I had missed it when it was originally posted on CO’s website.

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    1. Hello Kathy, I’m not tech-savvy enough to know what’s going on. It seems like there is enough passive resistance and shenanigans on the part of the lefty big tech sites to make those of us on this side of things hard to follow. The best bet is to go to the CO site directly every day, and to follow me so that you get automatic notices when I post something new. As far as I know FB hasn’t jailed me… but they seem to be slow-walking a lot of posts and responses on the CO site… I appreciate that you are making the extra effort to follow me!


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