Hostile Sunny Hostin, Biden on 60 Minutes, & the Left on Crime (posted 9/26/22)

I’d like to open this column with a new feature idea I’m calling,“Find a Mirror.”  Every other week or so, I’ll choose a person or group who is behaving so egregiously that they need to sit down in front of a reflective surface and think long and hard about what they’ve just done or said.       

Here’s an example from the last week.

I saw a clip from The View – I know, that’s beneath me, and life’s too short, but hear me out – that featured the ironically named “Sunny” Hostile exposing both her low IQ and her nasty racism in the most efficient way possible. 

Hold on.  My crack research team tells me that her last name is actually “Hostin.” 

Huh. If you had told me that one of those two names was NOT hers, I would not have bet on “Hostile.” 

Anyway, when Nikki Haley was being discussed as a possible future GOP presidential candidate, this moron played the race card in the clumsiest way imaginable.  She said, “What is her real name again?”

One of the other women – I’m guessing she was a guest, because she was very attractive, and not mind-bendingly dense – pushed back, pointing out that Haley has used “Nikki” instead of her first name of “Nimrata” since childhood, likely to avoid the prejudice that might have accompanied the unusual, foreign-sounding name.

Sunny jumped in with a little of that 80-proof bigotry that is her stock in trade: “There are some of us that can be chameleons, and decide not to embrace our ethnicity so that we can pass—”

At this point there was some interrupting cross talk, during which another panelist said, “Sunny, YOU go by a different name!” 

Which is true, since Sunny’s real first name is actually, “Asuncion.” 

2 quick thoughts:

1.  Since she brought up “not wanting to embrace your ethnicity,” I think any self-respecting Latina would hesitate to admit that she shared the same ethnicity with a smug little bigot like Sunny Hostin.  (Just as a panel of influential Latinos passed a resolution asking crazy Ramon Estevez to use his super white name of “Charlie Sheen,” instead.  Thanks for sticking us with him, mi amigos!)

2.  If you’re criticizing someone for not using their real name, it’s not a good look when the person you are criticizing is actually using her real, middle name instead of her more ethnically distinctive first name (“Nikki” is Haley’s middle name), while the name you replaced your own ethnically distinctive first name with was a made-up one you just pulled out of your Hostin.

When confronted with her own blatant hypocrisy, Sunny had a perfect comeback, if you’re a clueless leftist.  (And boy, is she!)  She didn’t drop her Hispanic first name because she’s a creepy “Uncle Juan,” trying to “pass” as white.

No, no, no. SHE calls herself “Sunny” because Americans are too stupid to properly pronounce “Asuncion.” 

I’m not kidding.  Here are her actual words: “That’s because most Americans can’t pronounce ‘Asuncion’ because of the under-education in our system.” 

Got that?  “Sunny” is not a vile race traitor like Nikki Haley, and she only changed her name because you’re too stupid to pronounce her Hispanic one.

The segment was mercifully ended by Whoopi Goldberg (real name: Caryn Elaine Johnson) while Joy Behar (real name: Josephine) sat there like a block of wood, which is her sweet spot.

Sunny Hostin, please, for the love of all that is holy: Find a Mirror.

If you needed more proof of why the Dems have made Brandon available for the fewest media availabilities of any president since tv was invented, his séance with Scott Pelley provided it.

Everybody has commented about some of Biden’s consequential gaffes in that short exchange – the pandemic is over, we’ll send American soldiers to Taiwan if China attacks, we now measure inflation rates in inches, etc.

But the part that caught me most by surprise was his response when Pelley asked a few questions about Biden’s age and mental fitness. 

Pelley: “You are the oldest president ever…”

Biden: “Pretty good shape, huh?”

Every Sane American: “What?!  No!  You’re not in good shape at all!  You can’t walk right. You can’t talk right.  You’re the Crypt Keeper in a suit.  You make Imhotep Pelosi look young and vivacious.  You pooped on the Pope!”

Pelley: “Some people question whether you are fit for the job, and when you hear that, I wonder what you think?”

Biden: “Watch me.  Honest to God, that’s what I think.  Watch me.”

Every Sane American (sounding eerily like the Office’s Michael Scott when he finds out Toby is back):  “NO, God, no! God please, no! No! No! NOOOO!”

Sam Kinison’s Ghost: “We HAVE been watching you!  That’s why we doubt your abilities!  Oh, Ohhhhh!  You’re stumbling up staircases, and wandering around on stages looking for exits, and shaking hands with ghosts!  It took you several minutes to get your arm into your coat, which you still did not manage to do without the help of your creepy fake-doctor wife!  OH!  OHHHHHH!

And, scene.

We’re all watching you, Joe, in the same way that you see a bad car wreck on the side of the road, and can’t look away.  Please make it stop.

Finally, I’ve got a crime story that should remind us all of just some of the stakes in the next several elections.

In 2012, one Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta came to the US on a tourist visa from Venezuela, and when that visa expired, he stayed here. 

Was he immediately caught and sent back to Chavez-land, maybe with a few bruises and a stern warning, you are not asking, because you already know the answer?

He was not. 

Instead, he stayed here, and within a year he expressed his gratitude to those in his new home by raping an unconscious person.  Oh yes, and that person was a girl under the age of three.

If you are morally normal, you are now asking, “Where is his grave, because I have a full bladder, and would like to go there to express my thoughts about his evil actions?”

Unfortunately, he is not dead.

“Well, then,” you are now asking, “where is the penitentiary where he is serving his long sentence, so that I can go there and inform the other prisoners that he raped an infant, so that they can express their feelings about that crime to Mr. Landaeta?  Perhaps with a sharpened toothbrush, or a shiv made out of some other everyday implement?”

Unfortunately, he is not in prison.  In fact, because he raped the infant in California – which is run entirely by guess which political party? – he plead to a lesser charge, and was sentenced to a commensurately harsh sentence of… wait for it… three years of probation.

That’s right.  He broke into our country and raped an infant, and he wasn’t executed.  He wasn’t imprisoned and then deported.  He wasn’t even imprisoned, and he was NOT deported.

“That’s outrageous,” you are thinking, even though you have to be tiring of asking such naïve rhetorical questions, “But maybe such a close call with consequences got his mind right, and he’s been on the straight and narrow since then?”

To quote a recently deceased president, “Come on, man!”

I’m not sure what else Landaeta has been up to in the intervening decade, but I’m guessing that it’s not been working hard, paying taxes, and treating his neighbors with respect.  I do know that he’s fathered at least one child during that time, because he was in some kind of relationship with Karina Castro, who had his child a year ago, in addition to the 7 year old she had from a previous relationship.

But apparently Landaeta and Castro had a few domestic problems – I’m guessing he kept leaving the toilet seat up, no matter how many times she asked him to put it down? – and she ended up getting a restraining order against him in April.

“Problem solved!” you are not thinking, because you are not a Democrat who hates guns, but loves pieces of paper, and their magical ability to influence the behavior of criminals, who are after all really just misunderstood people who have been mistreated by our evil capitalist system.

And you are finally coming around to common sense.  Because on September 8th, he violated his protective order – SHOCKING! – and confronted her in front of her house, as she was putting her two kids in the car. 

“Did he ask her to meet him somewhere for a cup of coffee, so that they could discuss their differences rationally, and out of earshot of the children?” you are absolutely not asking, because you are tiring of this charade.

He did not.  Instead, he used the sword he just happened to be carrying – as one does on a typical Thursday – to cut Karen Castro’s head off, in front of her young children. 

Maybe now he’ll get some actual, serious prison time.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Compare this story – and so many tragic ones like it – to the many stories of recidivist criminals breaking into regular citizens’ houses in red states. 

Most of those end with the criminals getting shot a lot, followed by the homeowner greeting a stream of neighbors bearing well wishes, covered dishes, and more ammunition to replace that which had been absorbed by the bullet-magnet home invader. 

Who, by the way, will never rape an infant, or cut off anybody’s head with a sword in the future. 

The local authorities usually do a quick investigation, after which they praise the homeowner for improving the community, and give her back her gun.  Sometimes accompanied by a key to the city. 

Sure, there’s no guarantee that every such story will end well, and some homeowners may be wounded or die in the defense of their homes and families. 

But I know the kind of community I’d rather live in, and it’s not the one where the homeowners are harassed and charged, while the criminals get the sympathy.  And sometimes bail money from Que Mala and her lefty co-religionists.

It’s been 14 long years, but the election is in 44 days.  Ignore the gaslighting, and the polls, and the MSM slander.  Think about evil Jose Landaeta, and about poor Karen Castro.

And vote!   

Any non-Democrat/ Any other Non-Democrat, 2024!

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