Updated Victorian pics, plus Don Lemon, & Bringing the Dems’ Chickens Home to Roost (posted 9/23/22)

Before I start today’s column, I thought I’d provide an update on the renovation work that is going on at my Victorian house that was burned back in April.  I’ve added some new pics of the interior; the ceilings are now all down, and the upstairs walls have been taken back to the lathe and plaster.

If you’d like to see the pictures, you can go to Martinsimpsonwriting.com, and click on the “Rosewood” tab on the top of the page – the newest pics are on the bottom.

Things are progressing more slowly than I would like, and we are now currently waiting for city permission to have a new power pole installed, and to block the street so that we can get a crane in and take off the roof, then fly in and fix the new trusses in place.  The goal is to tear off the existing roof and get a new one framed and dried-in within about 7-8 days.

To achieve that, we’ll need cooperation from the weather and the city – and don’t ask me which of those is more easily secured!

Now on to our political follies, starting with Don Lemon.

Ahh, Don Lemon.  Now that Fredo Cuomo and the newest doughy Harvard prof Brian Stelter have been shown the door at CNN, Lemon is locked in an 18-way competition for dimmest bulb in the pack over at “the most trusted name in news.”  (Now with 120% more sarcasm in the sarcastic scare quotation marks!)

If you didn’t see his interview with British royals historian Hilary Fordwich, you owe it to yourself to find it.  And then sit back with a stiff Scotch-and-schadenfreude cocktail and savor the logical buzz saw that poor Donnie walked into.

He posed a ridiculously uninformed question – as is his wont – about whether Britain shouldn’t pay minorities “reparations for colonialism.” And Hilary spent a glorious 52 seconds rhetorically laying waste to Lemon’s victim-riffic premise.    

She started by agreeing with him that reparations might be due, but then wrong-footed him with a string of historical facts: the beginning of the “slavery supply chain” was in Africa, where Africans enslaved and sold their fellow Africans to Arabs and Europeans; England was the first nation to abolish slavery; she sacrificed tons of treasure and the lives of 2000 sailors in a tenacious sea-borne campaign to end the slave trade that had been going on in Africa for centuries before the first European stepped foot there.

Never has the cliché, “If that debate was a fight, they would’ve stopped it,” been more appropriate!  I could almost hear the dulcet tones of the late Howard Cosell, shouting, “Down goes Lemon!  Down goes Lemon!”

Not-so-Dandy Don, who virtually never allows his total ignorance to prevent him from speaking about any subject, just sat there meekly, like a dishonest, slow-witted deer caught in the headlights. 

Then he muttered, “It’s an interesting discussion,” and changed the subject. 

Next, I’ve been enjoying the latest developments in Martha’s Vineyard-gate.  Not since Ted Kennedy (D-irigible, MA) killed Mary Jo Kopechne on that island have Vineyard residents looked so transparently phony and depraved.

They whined about how their uber-rich island couldn’t possibly take care of 50 immigrants, then kicked them out within 48 hours, then patted themselves on the back because of how “enriched” they felt because of their contact with the illegals whom they’d just shown the door. 

Their every action shone a spotlight on two truths:

  • the actual, destabilizing, resource-consuming impact of illegal immigration
  • their own colossal hypocrisy   

And the MSM couldn’t keep themselves from revealing their own bigotry, attacking the GOP governors for doing the exact same thing that they’ve been praising their lefty co-religionists for doing: shipping illegals all over the country.

My favorite example was briefly aired on NBC news… until they deleted the tweet and tried to pretend it never existed.  But the tweet is the textbook definition of a “gaffe” in Washington: a moment when someone inadvertently says what he actually believes.

The bigot in question is Max Lefeld, who lovingly compared the action of sending illegals to “sanctuary cities” — where liberals had falsely said they’d be welcomed — to “driving to different areas… and throwing my trash there.”

The punch line?  Lefeld is the founder of a “charity group” called “Casa Venezuela Dallas foundation.” 

For you Spanish speakers out there, I’ll point out that the group’s name is NOT “mi Casa….”  In fact, if I remember my high school Spanish (“Silencio, por favor, Martino!”), that group’s name has an understood “su” in front of it.   

To be fair to Lefeld, the group is “Casa Venezuela Dallas,” NOT “Casa Venezuela Martha’s Vineyard.”  So… yeah.

On the bright side, Lefeld’s vile comparison of brown folks to garbage does make Dr. Jill’s comparison of those same people to breakfast tacos look pretty darn enlightened, don’t you think? Or at least just stupid, rather than genocidal.

Which, sadly, is about the best you can hope for from the Bidens.

I’d like to end by giving some advice to GOP politicians who are trying to close strong in the mid-terms.  Will it be brilliant advice?  You’ll have to make that call.  (But spoiler alert: Yes.  Yes it will.)

Here it is:

Make EVERY Democrat-run city a border town.

Send a thrice-daily convoy of buses full of illegals to Chicago and NYC and DC.  Darken the skies with plane loads of illegals landing at Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons, and any other tony hamlets where virtue-signaling leftists go to escape the deplorable white trash and the icky brown trash (their words, not ours).

I want the airspace over those Woke-villes to look like O’Hare the day before Thanksgiving!    

In fact, force the Dems to live with the consequences of ALL of the policies they foist on the rest of us:

If they’re going to harass us with their environmental alarmism, confiscate all of their private jets (we’ll use them to parachute illegals down onto Martha’s Vineyard like every day is D-Day over Normandy), plus their yachts, all of their luxury cars – both the gas-powered ones, and the coal- and natural gas-powered “electric” ones – and every one of their houses that contains more than 800 square feet of carbon-devouring living space.

If they’re going to fight our ability to own guns to protect ourselves, take away their armed bodyguards.

If we can’t have a border for our country, bulldoze the walls around their mansions and estates.

If they won’t jail criminals, force them to take those violent offenders into their own neighborhoods and houses.  (A car jacker in every leftist driveway, a murderer in every leftist living room, and a sex offender in every leftist bedroom!)

If they’re going to force anti-white racism on us, take away the job of every white leftist CEO, professor and MSM talking head and give it to a BIPOC transgender double-amputee immediately.

Do the same with the homeless.  If addicts’ bowels are to be moved on sidewalks or a front door stoop, make sure that those sidewalks and door stoops belong to a Democrat politician, or donor, or voter.  Let them and their families have to tiptoe through the feces and syringes (worst Tiny Tim song ever, by the way) every time they step out of their houses. 

Now, in the words of the Great and Powerful CO (who is not me, but who created me out of his forehead, like in a Greek myth), go and tell others what you’ve learned here today:

Build a red wave in November, by making every Dem-controlled locale a border town!

Avenatti/ Max “-imum racism” Lefeld 2024!


If you enjoyed this column, please share it.  To see more of Martin’s past columns, go to Martinsimpsonwriting.com. 

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