Tough Week for Democrats. Also for Gullible Belgians (posted 7/8/19)

In a post on Breitbart, John Nolte argued that this past week was the worst for the Democrats in 47 years, and when the man’s right, he’s right.

He pointed to 9 examples, many of which involve either current economic strengths that the Left has to deny, or the increasingly far-left positions which the Dem candidates are taking to out-flank each other, most of which clash with the positions of the political middle that both parties try to appeal to in a general election.

Nolte also mentioned the way the Left managed to express their contempt for American patriotism – and on Independence Day, to boot!  First, there was Nike’s idiotic decision to accept Colin Kapernick’s objection to the Betsy Ross flag and pull a line of patriotism-themed shoes.

Sidebar, because I have to get this off my chest:  Kapernick was a talented quarterback, and entertaining to watch, for about a season and a half.  Then he had an injury, and his performance deteriorated, and he was benched.  Then he became a woke racial arsonist and a secular leftist saint, and suddenly everyone – or at least everyone who doesn’t know anything about football – is acting like he is a great quarterback, suffering for his political opinion.

To the contrary, he’s a mediocre quarterback, and he lost his starting position because he played badly.  And as a political thinker, he’s … a mediocre quarterback.  Every statement he’s made over the last 3 years is grounds for performing a concussion protocol on him, and all of his political insight rolled together wouldn’t fill the thimble that Betsy Ross used when she was sewing the flag of a great nation!

Not satisfied with having wiped their posteriors with the Betsy Ross flag, the Leftist elite thought they’d do the same thing with the 50-stars version on the Fourth of July.  They objected to a DC parade, and to our jets doing a flyover, and to tanks, because military participation in a parade is something only evil fascists would stoop to.  (Cut to 37 hours of video footage of military parades under FDR and Truman and Ike, not to mention a sweet little missile-palooza passing in front of JFK.)  They compared the 4th festivities to military parades from the kind of totalitarian leftist regimes they now pretend to dislike, such as the USSR and Porky Nork’s and the Chi Coms.  They said that no one was going to show up, and that Trump’s speech was going to be a partisan screed.

And then the crowds were big, and the flyovers were cool, and there were 2 tanks, and Trump’s speech did not attack Dems and was pro-American, and the pop music was terrible but the fireworks were great. And regular people enjoyed it.

In retrospect, all of the dire, leftist warnings before the Fourth now look sour, petty and ridiculous.  The same way that Paul Krugman’s election-night prediction that the stock market would plunge and never recover under Trump now looks ridiculous.  And Hillary’s CAW CAW CAWing about how Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the election now looks ridiculous.  And the Democrats’ Jeremiads about how Trump’s election would immediately lead to Holocaust 2 and World War 3 now look ridiculous.  And Snow White Warren’s pretending to be a Choctaw now looks ridiculous.

I know, that last one has nothing to do with Trump.  But #wemustneverstopmockingher.

The Dems’ collective self-inflicted rake-stomping injuries during the Fourth makes that Dem hack who brought the ceramic chicken to a House hearing look like King Solomon.  They’ve found a way to combine the worst aspects of the Chicken Little story with the worst aspects of the Boy Who Cried Wolf story, all wrapped up in the blind narcissism from the Emperor’s New Clothes story.

They’ve become the Naked Ceramic Chicken Who Cried Wolf!

Okay, that sounded better in my head that it looks written down.

Moving on…

Nolte also pointed out the self-destructive way that Joe Biden, after posing as the one sane Democrat of 2019, flip flopped and went far left on every reasonable position he ever had, from taxpayers being forced to pay for late-term abortions, to raising taxes on everyone to ending the deportation of illegals.  That Biden was ever seen as “the sane one” in the first place is a damning indictment of the Dem presidential field.

But Nolte’s column suffered the same fate as any column on Biden’s gaffes is destined to: by the time it appeared, it was already outdated.  Because Plugs McGaffe-Master was at work on brand new, mortifying mistakes.

On Friday, for example, Biden gave an interview with Chris “block of petrified wood” Cuomo, during which he lambasted Putin’s election interference attempts all over the world, including in Europe, and specifically in Hungary and Poland.   He ended that paragraph with this quote, which I swear I am not making up: “You think that would happen on my watch or Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t.”

Um….  Joe, your entire party has been outraged FOR TWO SOLID YEARS about the way that Putin interfered with our very own election in the EXACT way you just described.  And do you know when they have been saying that this happened?

In 2015 and 2016, Joe.  Do you remember what we call that dark period in our mist-enshrouded, distant past?  YOUR WATCH!!  (Cue Sam Kinison: OH! OHHHH!)

Ugh.  But that’s not the most enjoyable Biden gaffe of the last several days, IMHO.  In fact, it’s not even his best gaffe of Friday!

Nope.  That would be when Biden accidentally referred to little-known sweaty hack candidate Julian Castro as “Julio.”  Thus setting off a scalded-dog howl from woke scolds everywhere that Biden is a racist old white guy who can’t tell one Hispanic-named non-entity from another.

As odd as it is to say, I’m on Joe’s side on this one.  You may remember Simpson’s Law of Stupid Spellings, which states that none of us are bound to mis-pronounce the idiotically spelled names of others.  (For example, must we call Brett “Favre” Brett “Farve?” We must not.  Similarly, must we refer to Obama’s former flunky “Jeh Johnson” as “Jay?” No weh.)

So along comes Julian Castro, and he wants his name to be pronounced “Hoo-lian.”

I don’t think so.  Did “hoo-lius Caesar” give us the “hoo-lian” calendar?  Do we celebrate our independence on the “Fourth of Hoo-ly?”  Did Shakespeare write about Romeo and Hoo-liette?  Would Batman ever have been tempted by the feline charms of “Hoo-lie Newmar” as Catwoman?  No, no, no and don’t be ridiculous!

I’m sure that in Joe Biden’s old, cobwebby, low-functioning brain, he registered that Castro has a Hispanic-sounding first name, and the feeble, intermittent sparking in what passes for his synapses spit out the little ditty about “Me and Julio down by the schoolyard.”  Thus, “Julio” Castro.

In the spirit of bipartisan compromise, I would give Mr. Castro “Julio” if that were his name, because it’s a Hispanic name without an equivalent English pronunciation.  But “Julian” has a recognized English pronunciation, and the unifying language of the country for whose highest office he is running is English.

But I’m still willing to meet him halfway.  I’ll agree to a pronunciation of his first name that differs from its spelling, if he’ll agree to allow me to choose the most fitting non-literal pronunciation: “Fidel.”


Finally, let’s turn from the laughable antics of our home-grown lefty clowns to the laughable antics of lefty clowns in Belgium.

You may have read about the way that many Europeans have been inviting huge numbers of mostly uneducated, low-skilled immigrants – most of them from Muslim-ruled countries – to pour into their countries in recent years.  Shockingly, things have not gone so well, what with lawless “no go” zones in Paris, and crime rates against women and gays skyrocketing, and reinvigorated anti-Semitism everywhere.  Plus some truck bombs, and some train bombs, and some cartoonists getting murdered here and there.

As in the States, many of the elites pushing the hardest for open borders just happen to live in walled, gated, wealthy and protected neighborhoods.  But one young Belgian woman named Ameline (possibly pronounced “Hoo-lian.”) deserves more credit, because she was willing to put her Euros where her big mouth was.  She lives in a Belgian village with the cool/weird name of Spy, and about a year ago she began inviting immigrants to set up camp on her own property.  Before you know it, word got around in the migrant squatter community, and she soon had around 100 migrants living in tents on her property.

When I first read about this story earlier this year, I decided to do some prognosticating.  So I opened the well-lit, climate-controlled cabinet where I keep my extensive hat collection, and I pulled out my tax-deductible wizard hat.  I sat down at my desk, put it on, and wrote down a few predictions.

The power of the wizard hat is such that I spontaneously made a couple of predictions on other topics before I could focus on Ameline/Hoolian.  (I predicted that after receiving an initial media tongue-bath, Beta o’Rourke would become a skateboarding laughingstock, and that the Mueller report would make the Democrat leadership look dumber than the Skateboarding Doofus.)(Done and done.)

Then I predicted that Ameline’s utopian experiment would end badly.

For a while, it looked like the mighty wizard hat might have faltered.  Breitbart posted a story about her in April, which initially sounded like she was sticking to her guns.  The story referred to some neighbors who were upset, and mentioned that Ameline had tried to placate them by moving some of the migrant tents a short distance.  When the local police said that they might try to forcibly move some migrant tents out of the area, Ameline sounded like a smarter Belgian AOC:  “I respect the work of the police and the commune. If they come, they come but not on my private land! That’s for sure!”

But as I read between the lines, it sounded like this Belgian might be beginning to waffle.  (HA!)  At one point the story noted that Ameline and her family had been feeding and cleaning for the migrants, but quoted her as saying, “We try to do our best … but it’s not easy for us, we are starting to become exhausted.”

Fast forward three months, to last Friday, and Breitbart did a follow-up story, entitled, “Woman Who Invited Migrants to Camp In Her Garden Now Demands They Leave.”

The details are about what you’d expect, if you were wearing a magnificent wizard hat like mine:  There were “incidents of aggression and violence.”  The situation deteriorated until the family “stopped all aid to the migrants,” citing alcohol and violence and the statement that, “We did not feel safe anymore.”

If only other countries who are considering opening their borders to millions of unvetted migrants could hear this story, and learn its crucial lesson: Respect the Wizard Hat!

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