The Good, the Bad & the Ugly over the last several days (posted 6/10/20)

I’m about to take a road trip tomorrow, but before I go, I’ve got a few observations that fall into my favorite categories of the good, the bad and the ugly over the last several days.

Starting with the Ugly first, I saw video of a scene in St. Louis that looked like it might end in real trouble, yet somehow became a terrific NRA ad in the making.

A guy was in a car, trying to get down a street filled with peaceful rioters, about 70 yards from where the police had set up a human barricade to stem the tied of human flotsam—er, peaceful rioters.  Mostly peaceful, says Fredo Cuomo.

Anyway, the pacifistic barbarians seemed on the verge of pulling a Reginald Denny on this guy (Google him if you’re too young for that reference).  They had his car stopped and surrounded, and one Gandhi-like saint was smashing a big metal barrier against it.  Another benevolent thug leaned in through the driver’s side window, and engaged in dialogue with him, through the medium of repeated punches.

Then the driver shot the well-intentioned assaulter with a pistol that he really has no right to or need for, say a bunch of elitist creeps who are surrounded by armed bodyguards at all times.

And then, mirabile dictu, it was like the skies parted.  If by “skies” you mean “crowd of scumbags.”

The peaceful rioters all scattered like peaceful cockroaches, and the guy made a desperate dash away from his car, through a nearby scrum of other peaceful rioters, and up to the police lines, where he turned himself in.  His assailant, who was tragically undead (much like Imhotep Pelosi and the late Joe Biden), was helped into an ambulance.  I don’t know what happened to the driver, but I hope that after they saw the video, the cops released him.  And maybe bought him rounds of drinks.  And ammunition.


For the Bad, we go back to Minnesota, where the execrable anti-Semite Ilhan Omar jumped on the “disband the police” dis-bandwagon, and stated her confidence that when the leftist rabble was done burning down the city, they’d be able to “reimagine public safety.”

Because reading actual history and learning from past mistakes is anathema to leftist extremists like Omar, I’m going to assume that she doesn’t know that she is following in the footsteps of the self-righteously naïve blockheads who launched the French Revolution.  When they started their “riot your way to a better nation” plan, they created something called the Committee for Public Safety, which worked out about as well as Omar’s “racially jihad your way to utopia” plan would.

Historical Disclaimer: I’m not saying the French had no legitimate grievances.  Monarchy had to go, and the French royals were a bunch of arrogant jerks who felt like they had the right to rule over and quasi-enslave their beleaguered subjects; think of Gretchen Whitmer, J.B. Pritzger and Andrew Cuomo in powdered wigs.  But the Americans had already shown them how to conduct a proper revolution: stop bowing to kings, stand up for your rights, then conceal yourself in a forest with a Kentucky long rifle and start popping some redcoats until they give up.

Instead, the French were a bunch of utopian leftists who just knew that they could do everything better than everyone before them.  So they tore up the calendar and all laws, andk ransacked churches and put up idols to Reason™ (the 18th century version of the modern left’s Science™ — and their conception of “reason” was as far from actual reason as the modern Left’s conception of “science” is from actual science).   And then they started murdering everyone in sight, starting with royals, but then happily moving on to anyone who disagreed with them.  (Sound familiar?)

Anyway, morbidly obtuse Omar (it’s not just Imhotep Pelosi!) can’t see the end of her imbecilic revolution, and that her Committee for Public Safety is as doomed as Robespierre’s was.

Over the weekend we got a preview of coming attractions in Minneapolis, when the mayor of that town went out to meet with his grateful fellow revolutionaries in the street.  I can’t remember his name, and it’s literally not worth the 15 seconds it would take me to look it up.  So let’s just call him Wussy McPussington, and move on.

This sniveling dope tried to pull a Robespierre a week ago (if Robespierre had identified with one of those French mistress/hookers with the pancake makeup and one of the ridiculous fake moles that were some reason fashionable back then), and came out with a cringingly obsequious statement.  He was ashamed of the racist police and racist America and his evil racist whiteness, and mea culpa and let’s lynch that cop, and I must rend my garments and sit in ashes and take personal responsibility for the bad cop, but not really because I’m super woke, and I’m on your side, and rioting and looting are totally justified.  Then he pulled out a silk 18th-century-French-mistress fan and fanned himself, while waiting for the applause and forgiveness of the peaceful woke rioters.

I may have paraphrased a bit.

“I wonder how that turned out?” you’re not asking yourself, because you already know.

On Sunday he was surrounded by a bunch of arrogant, racist know-nothings who forced another pathetic ritual denunciation of the cops and his own whiteness from him.  Then an ignorant, hateful woman stood over him and demanded this: “Yes or no?  Will you disband the Minneapolis police?”  When even such a spineless invertebrate as that guy couldn’t do something that stupid, the repellent harridan screamed obscenities in his face, and told him to leave.

And the pathetic little man did so: surrounded by a crowd of screaming morons, he slumped his shoulders and slunk away.  It was the most disgusting performance I’ve seen by a politician since Joe Biden told a black audience that Mitt Romney was going to “put y’all back in chains.”

I did get a little very cold comfort from watching the left eat its own.  Even now, I don’t know if the mayor understands the lesson:  Robespierre rose to power as a leader in the leftist mob in 1792.  He began the Reign of Terror – the MSM today would undoubtedly call it “the Mostly Peaceful Reign of Terror” – in 1793.   One year later he was led to the block and had his own head chopped off.

And just like the mayor and his ignominious walk of shame, he had it coming.

Finally, the Good, with a capital “G.”

I have a new hero, and that person is whoever runs the Ace Speedway in Elon, NC.  That fine American genius found a way to deal with power-hungry micromanaging politicians bent on restricting the ability of citizens to escape from what by now is clearly an over-reaction of a shutdown.

That solution?  They put up fliers and signs that said, “This event is held in Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere.”  And then they raced some loud American stock cars around a .38 mile track in front of 2000 people!

Excuse me.  I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye.

Something called pride!

Oh how I love this story!  I’m not a huge racing fan, though my dad took me to Indy as a kid, and our family saw our share of stock car races.   But you don’t have to love racing to appreciate the uber-American act of confronting a bureaucrat bully and outsmarting his attempt to keep you subjected to his irrational whims.

When I first came across this story, I thought that NC must have a GOP governor, so it didn’t make sense that at this late date, he was still trying to lord it over his citizen/employers.  But I quickly realized that he was a Democrat – because none of the first three stories I read identified his political party.  As a general rule, anytime a pol is involved in a scandal or doing something unpopular, if he is a Republican the words “Republican” or “GOP” or “conservative” are mentioned an average of 6.8 times in the first three sentences.  If he is a Democrat, no party identifiers appear, and you are left to wonder whether he might be a Whig, or a Bull Moose party member. (That’s why you have never EVER seen a story starting, “Democrat and genitalia-photography-enthusiast Anthony Weiner…” or “Democrat and degenerate alcoholic Ted Kennedy…”)

Anyway, governor Roy Cooper is a Democrat, and so he is naturally vowing to stop the evil racing fans from repeating their brilliant protest again in the future.  In fact, you may remember him as the small-minded jerk who is trying to sabotage the RNC convention in Charlotte in August, by pretending that the virus necessitates holding it in a Wendy’s bathroom on the edge of town.   Because Science™.

These last several months have given us many instructive ways to differentiate between our two main political parties, but I don’t know if any example is clearer than this one:

When the Left wants to “protest injustice,” they (not all of them, but their alphas and a big plurality of them) do so by assaulting and murdering people (including those whose black lives, it turns out, don’t matter to the Left), burning and vandalizing buildings, looting, and screaming obscenities.

Normal, non-leftist North Carolinians “protest injustice” in their own way, i.e. by flipping off a wanna-be dictator and blasting precisely-engineered, sonically-disruptive avatars of non-toxic masculinity around a track in a death-defying, orgiastic burst of burning rubber, fossil fuel, testosterone and individual competition.

Choose wisely, America!

Avenatti/Wussy McPussington 2020!


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