My Armchair Psychiatric Diagnosis (posted 8/14/20)

So half of our society has gone insane.

I don’t mean harmless, eccentric, “Get a load of those loons on the left coast, with their vegan diets and their fully aligned chakras and their voting for outlier third-party whackos who are entertaining in their quixotic campaigns against everything rational” Insane.

I mean “insane” as in hamstringing, reducing, or getting rid of cops in the middle of a bloody, ruinous crime spree in a dozen major cities in the country.

As in allowing politics to contaminate every area of life, from sports to comedy to the arts, to the point that people are being censored and cancelled for saying the most innocuous, transparently true things.  (That 2 + 2 = 4, that men are men and women are women, that Joe Biden is mentally deteriorating, that Grandma Squanto is as white as the Ivory Soap girl.) (#eventhoughshe’snottheVPnomineewemustneverstopmockingher)

One main consolation of conservatism is that reality always re-asserts itself, eventually.  But it seems like “eventually” is taking longer to get here than it has in the past.

The citizens of Minneapolis and Seattle and Portland and San Francisco, not to mention Chicago and New York, should have seen enough long ago to have done some hard course correction.  The elected leaders of those cities – after allowing roving bands of violent rioters to prey on innocent citizens and productive taxpayers for weeks and months – should be ashamed to show their faces in public.  They should fear being tarred and feathered.

Not to mention being run out of town on a rail, and hoist on their own petard, and any other old-timey punishments that sane societies doled out for the worst amongst them.  (Drawing and quartering might be a little too harsh for them.  On the other hand, when I think about the cops blinded by lasers, and the murders of David Dorn and Italia Marie Kelly and many others you’ve never heard of, I think… eh.  Let’s not hastily rule out a few good, old-fashioned drawings and quarterings.)

But no, these boneheads are proudly standing in the smoldering ruins that their policies have produced, and railing against capitalism and white folks and patriarchy and the president.  And they’re going full speed ahead with the same policies.

A BLM spokes-weasel said that it was good for people to loot Gucci, because that way they’d have something to eat, and something to wear.  Also, looting is a form of long-overdue reparations.

What can you say about people that stupid and venal?   Especially when it seems like a 50/50 proposition that there are enough of them to elect the party that has degenerated to the point that it cheers these developments, and promises more of the same?

It is seriously baffling, and incredibly frustrating.  I’ve always loved reading history, and doing so has allowed me to vicariously witness the fall of other societies at other times, and to think through the events that led them to fall.

But I’m not sure I know of a precedent for this.  Even the most frail and decadent societies, when they were on the precipice, did not have a substantial portion of their own population cheering on the invaders.  You didn’t see huge groups of Europeans siding with the Mongols or Huns as they raped and pillaged their way toward Europe.  Romans didn’t welcome the sack of Rome by Germanic warlords.  French peasants didn’t sympathize with Viking raiders as they looted their villages.

But one of our two major parties openly sides with criminals over cops, and non-taxpayers over taxpayers, and America-haters over corny, old-fashioned patriots, and foreigners who illegally enter our country over our own citizens.

Never has so much blind, unreasoning hatred been directed at a nation that deserves it less.


As an optimist, I am pulling for a well-deserved Biden loss in November. But the fact that it’s even close is sobering!

Even in some leftist circles, red flags are being noticed.  Andrew Cuomo recently delivered a pathetic acknowledgement of leftist policy failure when he admitted that many rich people have wisely left New York.  But even then, he demonstrated the tone-deafness that comes from living one’s whole life in a bubble of partisan obliviousness.

He said that he is constantly talking to people who fled NYC, and he says, “You gotta come back, when are you coming back?  We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink. Come over, I’ll cook.”

Andy, are you going to cook them a meal worth the tens of thousands of dollars that your greedy city is gouging them for every year?  Also, why did you kill their parents by forcing Wuflu patients into their over-priced nursing home?  And can you do something about Fredo?  That boy’s just not right.

To his credit, Cuomo knows what a disaster Democrat governance has been.  He’s trying to push back against the radical dopes who are trying to load yet another tax increase onto the poor saps who already pay most of the taxes.

To fight that effort, he is forced to say the painfully obvious truth out loud.  “They’re not coming back right now. And you know what else they’re thinking? If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax because they don’t pay the New York City surcharge.”

Thanks, Comrade Obvious.

And if you think NYC has it tough, think about poor Chicago!  Governed by a bug-eyed troll doll, forced to raise drawbridges to stem the onrushing hordes of professional useless people who think they’re entitled to steal and vandalize.

We have modern technology in America, like tear gas and rubber bullets and drones.  And Chicago is pulling up drawbridges like it was Avignon in the Middle Ages?  What’s next, pouring some boiling oil onto the raiders from a few stories up, and strafing them with crossbow bolts?

No, seriously.  How about you try the oil and the crossbows, and tell us how it works?  Asking for a friend in Minneapolis.

To give you an idea of how badly things are going in Illinois, they lost me to Florida in the mid 1980s, and now they are losing CO and the COW, also to Florida.   So, yeah.  That’s what I call a brain drain.

Or at least a sarcasm drain.

Meanwhile, with all of that rot in our country, little outposts like the CO nation are holding out, and winning at life.  This past weekend, my wife and I took our youngest off to college.  She’s going to major in a STEM field – if she wanted to pursue grievance studies, I’d disown her! – and she won a great scholarship.

Her biggest problem is that she’s not going to have any hardship stories to tell her kids, because she’s had it so good.  (Someday I’ll regale you with the tales of my un-airconditioned upstairs bedroom, with the kind of creepy wallpaper with old cars on it that you see in every serial killer’s bedroom after he’s been caught.  Or my first job weeding bean fields for $1 an hour when I was 13.  Or getting edged out by Idris Elba for People magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year award.  Which still really stings.)

The point is that we live in an amazing country, with boundless opportunities.  Let’s not let a bunch of nihilistic leftists ruin it the way they’ve ruined the cities they run!

Avenatti/BLM Spokes-weasel 2020!

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