Biden cites the book of Palms, Obama writes his 3rd autobiography (posted 12/1/20)

As my favorite month of the year starts, I am still experiencing a lot of angst about the prospect of a possible Biden administration, and mostly limiting my exposure to media, as I try to focus on the important things in life. 

And yet what little I’ve seen of the news tells me that the left is determined to provide us all with plenty of fodder for mockery and verbal abuse.

For example, you may have seen Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving message, in which he definitively answered the question, “Hey, is Joe Biden a Biblical scholar, or what?”   (Spoiler alert: the answer is “or what.”)

In an otherwise nice enough – and even touching – bit of an anodyne holiday message, Biden provided a little Thanks-gaffing, when he referred to the “palmist.”  Actually, what he said was that, “We can prosclaim the palmist… [long pause] … with the palmist who wrote…”   And then he went on to cite the 28th Psalm.   

First, we all know that the “P” in “Psalm” is silent, and the “s” is pronounced, and Joey Gaffes went the other way.  But I get it: English is weird.  A “p” can be silent (psalms, pneumonia), and so can an “h” (honor, homage) and even a “k” (knight).  The same word can be its own opposite (sanction means to approve of, and to condemn).   

Brett Favre can spell his name “fav-ruh” and yet everyone will pretend that that “r” comes before the “v.”  It’s a crazy language.

But c’mon man!  You’ve got two “p” words in the same phrase, and you whiff on both of them?

Also, before I forget, did anyone hear “palmist” and immediately think of a Jeffrey Toobin joke? 

No?  It’s just me?  Fine.  I get it: you’re all soooo much more mature than me.

Anyway, I’m not a medical professional, so I’m not going to prosclaim that Biden is mentally deteriorating before our eyes.  Because “prosclaim” is not a word, and that would be crazy talk.  But the guy’s got some issues.   

I’m not arguing that this new gaffe is the end of the world, or gives deep insight into Biden’s soul.   But it does give us one more example – following several million others – of the way the media treats the lefties that it loves vs. the conservatives that it hates. 

Trump was no divinity student himself, as was obvious when he referred to “two Corinthians.”  But you may remember that he was roundly mocked for that, by a bunch of lefties who despise the kind of deplorable evangelicals who take the Bible seriously in the first place.

So will Biden be mocked for not knowing how to pronounce one of the most famous books of the Bible? He will not.

Because, in the words of the Psalmist (in the Martacus translation):

“The MSM is Joey’s shepherd; he shall not be mocked.

They maketh him to lie down in his basement, and ignore his still intellect.

They restoreth his electoral viability; they leadeth him through the primaries for their ideology’s sake.

Yea, though he walks through the valley of the shadow of dementia, he need fear no tough questions; for the MSM art with him, their social media and bias, they comfort him.

They preparest before him a bouncy house to protect him from his GOP enemies: they anointeth his empty head with a mask; his manufactured votes runneth over.

Surely good news and censorship shall follow him all the days of the election: and he will dwell in the White House for ever.  Or at least until Comma-la pusheth him aside.”

Please feel free to embroider that and hang it in a place of honor in your house.

In other news, the other half of the disastrous Bama/O’Biden administration has come out with yet another memoir, and it’s as obnoxious as you would expect. 

By the way, do you remember when Barry repeatedly referred to the “Marine Corps” and “corpsman” as “corpse” and “corpse-man?”  Remember how the MSM lambasted him for knowing less about our military than the average 4th grader who watched Hogan’s Heroes and part of Band of Brothers? 

Me neither.

But back to Barack’s book, “America Continues to Let Me Down,” or “You Americans Weren’t Worthy of Me,” or whatever the title is.  (Life is too short to spend even 10 seconds to look that up!)

This is Obama’s THIRD autobiographical book.  The first two were written before he had accomplished much more than becoming a corrupt Illinois state senator, and then an empty-suit US senator for 10 minutes.  So naturally, after having served as a mediocre, race-baiting US president, he had to write a third navel-gazing tome. And it comes in at a staggering 1, 567 pages! 

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that page number.  But I’m sure that if you were forced at gunpoint to read it – the only way I can imagine reading it (and even then, I’d really consider whether death by gunshot was such a terrible option) – it would seem to be at least that long.  I read several pages of excerpts from it, and they all seemed about 100 pages each.

Anyway, consider this: I’m about the same age as Obama, and my life has been the stuff of legend.  Just the story of how I closed on the hottest wife in Christendom with no more than my pedestrian looks and job prospects – by itself – could be a bestseller!  Not to mention the tales of my exploits in house renovation, Wonder-Dog ownership, epic-daughter-siring and multiple almost-successful campaigns for People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” competitions.

Heck, just gathering my Cautious Optimism columns into a series of leather-bound volumes would make more of a contribution to human progress than all of Obama’s banal, mendacious speeches, put onto DVDs and given to the Queen of England in the worst example of diplomatic gift-giving protocol since the Greeks gave the Trojans that stupid horse.     

And yet I haven’t written even a SINGLE memoir! 

Anyway, it’s not surprising to see that at this stage in life, Obama has still learned nothing about the world outside himself.  His creepy memoir, with its race-baiting America hating and ignorant smugness gives yet more proof – as if any were needed – of what a small-minded, petty little man he is.  And how unfair it is that Trump’s outward bluster and disdain for his opposition got him branded as an uncivil, barbaric Orange Hitler, while Obama’s smoothly glib manner gave a paper-thin sheen of class to the seething anger and contemptuous pettiness that has always had a prominent place in his character and thinking. 

So Obama continues to be terrible, and Biden continues to melt like the Wicked Hillary of the West when hit with a bucket of agua.  But how are the down-ballot Dems behaving?

Hold onto your hat: like utter morons!

Consider the case of many high-profile Democrats’ reaction to last week’s righteous killing of evil scientist and father of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.  (As in, “that assassination team really Fakhriz’ed him up!”) 

Any reasonably well-informed American knows that the Obama-Iran nuclear deal was a third-degree cluster-friend.  It involved giving the jihadi freaks running that malign theocracy billions of dollars and free reign to pretend that they’d delayed their nuclear development, while actually going full-speed ahead with their nuclear efforts to achieve their dream of wiping out the state of Israel.

So when the Israelis conduct this amazing raid right out of a Tom Clancy novel, and give evil Mohsen F his “Mohsend-off“ (boom!), the only acceptable reaction from an American politician would be to open a bottle of brown liquid and launch into a raucous celebration to a medley of, “The Ride of the Valkyries,”  the 1812 Overture, and “Hava Nagila.”

But how did the Democrat brain trust react?  Always-wrong Ben Rhodes, up-talking jihad-enthusiast Ilhan Omar, and Chris Murphy (for whom Murphy’s Law was named, I’m guessing) all criticized… wait for it… Israel! 

And John “Worst-CIA-Director-Ever” Brennan – still not emotionally recovered from Trump’s excellent droning – “so beautiful!  Totally justifiable strike!” – of Iranian terror leader Qasim Soleimani – snarled that, “This was a criminal act and highly reckless.  It risks lethal retaliation and a new round of regional conflict.” 

Think about that!  After decades of being threatened with annihilation by a violent jihadi neighbor, Israel pulls off an incredible, targeted strike against a strategic nuclear mastermind, and our Democrats are outraged at Israel.

Ugh.   These people don’t deserve to be in charge of a highway clean-up program or a lemonade stand, let alone US foreign policy!    

Okay, so maybe this column was a little more righteous anger than Righteous Brothers.

But we still live in America, and Christmas is coming, and my next column is going to be a lot more upbeat.  In the meantime…

Avenatti/Soleimani… um, Fakhrizadeh… make that Ilhan Omar 2024!

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  1. Every time that I go into B&N, I turn over at least one of his despicable books…not fair to the people who work there but it makes me feel good…

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