Re-capping a Week’s Worth of Folly (posted 7/16/21)

So this has been a strange week.  I didn’t post my usual Monday column, for a couple of reasons.  First, I’ve had a lot on my plate at work, to the extent that I’ve let petty concerns like providing sustenance for my family and Wonder Dog cloud my sense of what should always be my first priority: venting my spleen in columns for CO Nation.

So mea culpa on that one. 

But second, I cannot keep up with the firehose-strength gusher of scandals, gaslighting, and shenanigans, breaded with lies and then glazed with dementia that is the daily output of the Biden administration and the national Democrats.  

Consider these stories from just the last week:

It turns out that Biden’s nominee to run the Bureau of Land Management is an ecoterrorist who collaborated in the spiking of trees in the late 1980s.  This delightful practice is meant to damage logging equipment, and is extremely dangerous to loggers, who could easily be killed in the process of downing a tree that has been spiked. 

Thus this leftist extremist follows in a long line of narcissistic socialists who loudly proclaim their love for the working class, while at the same time working to bankrupt and/or maim them. 

Plus she’s got Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s hairstyle, which alone should be sufficient probable cause to Baker Act her, pronto!

Meanwhile, down at our southern border, there are now more Mexican kids in cages than there are in Mexico City, and in all of the casts of Menudo combined! 

Yes, I just made that stat up.  But it’s probably still more reliable than anything coming out of the Biden administration, on any subject.

My favorite photo op of the month so far just surfaced from Qatar, where former Dem presidential candidate – and Fang Fang banger – Eric Swalwell was pictured shirtless, riding on a camel, during a trip funded by a Qatari trade group.  Which are well-known for their transparent, above-board financial dealings at all times. 

Hence the old cliché, “honest as a Qatari trade group.” 

I don’t even have a joke for that story.  I’m just glad when I can report that Eric Swalwell is on a different continent than us.

Ooh, I do have a joke:  He probably blamed the flatulence on the camel.

Moving on… to Cuba.  Where a bunch of know-nothing Cubans don’t seem to appreciate the Edenic blessings of a socialist dictatorship, the way their betters in the grievance major and White House staffer communities do.

It has been fun watching the MSM and the Dems – but I repeat myself – do their best to not acknowledge what the Cubans are upset about.  A few rogue reporters have managed to sneak in actual questions, and poor Jen Psaki has been flailing for an answer:

Reporter: Huge crowds of Cubans are holding signs saying “Libertad!”  What do you make of that?

Hacky Psaki:  They clearly want more vaccines.

Reporter: They are also carrying American flags, just like the ones that many Biden voters are fond of turning away from, dissing or burning.

Hacky Psaki: That’s just their way of expressing their approval of the Biden administration’s glorious progress on so many fronts.

Reporter:  What about the chants of, “C’mon hombre, Biden es muerte!” and “Senor Gaffes = Sabado y Domingo en Bernie’s”?

Hacky Psaki:  No more questions. 

While Psaki stutters her way through press conferences, our late president slurs his way through one hideously dishonest speech after another.  His latest assault on decency and common sense was on the topic of the election integrity laws that Republicans around the country are passing, and which he compared to the threat posed during the Civil War.   

He called the laws, “odious,” “pernicious,” “vicious,” and “unconscionable.” 

Actually, an anonymous minion with no self-esteem or moral compass put those words into the teleprompter.  But what came out through ol’ Joe’s clacking dentures sounded more like, “okey-doke, periwinkle, victor and unconscious.” 

He also compared January 6th to the Confederacy, and clean voting laws to “21st-century Jim Crow.”  Joe might have lost a lot of cognitive ability, but he hasn’t lost the Democrats’ power of projection when it comes to race.

We get it, Dems.  In the 19th century we whipped your butts and freed your slaves, and in the 20th century we defeated your military wing (the KKK) and put an end to your central domestic policy (Jim Crow).  And you can tear down all of the statues of Lincoln and Grant you want, but you’ll never erase that history. Get over it!

Meanwhile across the pond, the BBC proved that it is at least not QUITE as bad as our MSM, by showing that there is a level of hateful anti-Semitism that is so bad that they will fire a “journalist” over it.

The journalist in question is a Palestinian based in Ramallah by the name of Tala Halawa.  (And if “Tala Halawa from Ramallah” isn’t a well-known Palestinian tongue-twister, it should be.) (Also, if I ever meet her, I’m going to say, “Hello, I’m Martin ‘Infidel’ Simpson.  Did you say your name was Hava Nagila?”  Just to get under her thin, hateful skin.)

It turns out that several years ago, among some of charming Tala’s tweets were such gems as, “Israel is more Nazi than Hitler!” and “#Hitlerwasright,” and “#IDFgotohell.”

I know: she sounds like she’d fit right in with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, not to mention Al Sharpton and Screwy Louie Farrakhan and other raging anti-Semites that the Democrat party can’t quite bring themselves to condemn. 

Demonstrating that she’d also be a great fit at CNN or MSNBC, she said that her firing was caused by – hold on to your hat – the racism of the BBC.  She said that the criticism of her “seems familiar to me both as a Palestinian and as a woman of color.”

Not to mention a HUGE Hitler fan. 

She also claimed that she was fired for a “single offensive and ignorant tweet” … 3, 2, 1… Aaaaannnnd social media users then posted screens shots of tons of other hateful tweets from this hateful twit. 

Ta-ta, Tala!

Finally, I couldn’t let the week go by without mentioning those great profiles in courage, the Texas Democrats who fled to DC to deny the Texas legislature a quorum so that they could pass a popular voting bill.

Yes, those dolts really love democracy, and the sacrosanct nature of voting in our society.  So naturally, when the vast majority of Texans supported a law to stop voter fraud, they bravely… chartered a private plane and ran away.  In order to stop a vote, and thus thwart democracy.

And as shameful a stunt as this was, it’s not unprecedented.  A couple of years ago in WI a GOP governor and legislature was on the verge of passing some very popular anti-corruption legislation, and the Dems in that body snuck out of state, thus thwarting the will of their home state voters.  In that case, they fled across state lines to Chicago.

Where they were all promptly caught in the crossfire of dozens of Biden-voting gang-members in strictly gun-controlled Chicago, and shot to death.

HA!  I kid.  But wistfully.

Okay, this column has been a Dem-bashing-palooza, and I’m not happy about that.  I know many good people who are Democrats, and I know that many millions of decent people in this country vote Democrat. 

But the time has come when they’ve got to stand up and fight to take their party back.  If they don’t do that — if they keep voting for the Pelosis and Schumers and Squad members – they’re going to get some bitter medicine, and they’re going to deserve it.

On a happier note, I want to give a shout-out to CO Nation member Robert Desmond, who hit my Tip Jar hard this week!  I don’t know Robert personally, and I don’t like to throw around the word “hero” loosely.  But Robert Desmond is a fine American hero, people!

Finally, many readers reminded me that Avenatti is only sentenced to 30 months, so by the time 2024 rolls around, he’ll be tanned, rested and ready to get back into the fray. 


Avenatti/Tala Halawa 2024!

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