Final Thoughts on the Rittenhouse Trial (posted 11/23/21)

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  I load up 3 columns in a row, and before I can even post the second one, another explosive story breaks out in Wisconsin.  

This story is so fresh, and so painful, that I don’t have the heart to write too much about it yet.  I know that soon the details will come out, and we’ll hear about the sweet grandparents and the heartbreakingly young band members who died or were injured, and we’re all going to get so furious that we can’t see straight. 

While it’s too soon to digest this yet, and our focus now should be on praying for and setting up funds to help the survivors in any way we can, I hope that in the fullness of time we’ll all do our part to ram this story down the malevolent, lying left’s throat! We already know that the murderer is a racist BLM member with a long criminal record, and I’m sure that we’re going to find all kinds of leftist pols and policies that worked together to make sure that his creep was free to work his evil last night.

Let’s shine the light on this disaster, and hold the guilty people responsible.  

In the meantime, I’m trying to steer my rage into mockery.  While it’s probably too soon for that – and I won’t hold it against any of you who want to skip the next paragraph – here are my first thoughts when I heard about the story and saw the killer’s ugly mug this morning:

1. Wow, this guy must be the new black face of white supremacy!

2. Some of the kids that this monster drove through were band members, so I’m assuming that the MSM is already hard at work, investigating how many of them brought their instruments across state lines.

3. Many of his other victims were apparently part of a “dancing grannies” group.  Due to their age, I’m sure many of them read Huckleberry Finn when they were in school.  So they undoubtedly read the “n” word, and therefore deserved what they got, right?

4. How many more people have to be lost to the scourge of car violence before we pass some common-sense SUV-control legislation?!

In conclusion, friend you, Ruffalo and CNN and MSNBC, and the sleazy IL Dem who posted that this mass murder was karma for the Rittenhouse.  Friend you, MSM, and your unholy army of BLM apologists.  Friend you, and the horse you rode in on.

And let’s go Brandon!

Now we return to our regularly scheduled column…

1. The Rittenhouse trial was not different in kind from other racially inflammatory trials, but it was different in degree.  The leftist fringe and the MSM – but I repeat myself – revealed their bone-deep dishonesty in a way that they never have before.  (And they’ve been revealing it in various and sundry ways for the last 40 years at least!)

Not because their lies about Rittenhouse’s case were any more egregious than their lies about the Jacob Blake case, or the Michael Brown case, or the Trayvon Martin case, or the George Floyd case, etc.

Criminal cases are so fascinating in part because of their dramatically ambiguous nature: the stakes are often life-and-death, the characters often represent a wide variety of human behavior from the best to the worst, and the truth can be devilishly elusive.  Eyewitnesses and experts testify for both sides, and make opposing claims about facts, and provide opposing interpretations of those facts.  

Crucial points often come down to “he said vs. she said,” and establishing the varying levels of credibility of flawed human beings is not an exact science.   There is often a Rashomon effect with testimony, so that half a dozen people report the facts in half a dozen different ways.

Therefore, when both sides throw accusations and fight about the verdict after it comes in, there is usually at least SOME evidence to bolster each side’s position, and at least partially justify their anger.

But in this case there is none of that, because the actions being debated were ALL captured on video, and anyone could watch them, and many did.  Despite that, the far left still could not stop themselves from lying about it!

One prominent leftist after another — talking head after celebrity after Youtuber after activist – took to the web to scream that events happened that everyone can see did NOT happen.  They said that Rittenhouse chased Rosenbaum, but the video shows the opposite.

They said that Huber was unarmed and Rittenhouse went after him, but the video shows Rittenhouse running away, getting knocked down, and then Huber slamming him in the head with a skateboard.

They said that Gaige “Big Douche” Grosskreutz was unarmed and no threat to Rittenhouse, but the video shows him pointing his very real gun at Rittenhouse right before Rittenhouse ruined Grossdouche’s dreams of becoming the arm-wrestling champion of the greater Kenosha metro area.  (HA!)

And it’s not like the video is some grainy, distant shots of Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster.  It’s not even like the Zapruder footage! 

You can watch the whole thing unfold in hi-def, from multiple camera angles; there’s even overhead drone footage!  The visuals on these murderous attacks have more production values than a Spielberg movie!

And STILL the elite left insists that you didn’t see what you just saw.

They’ve managed to recreate the old, farcical joke:  A wife comes home to catch her husband in flagrante with another woman.  To make this relatable, picture the players as a flatulent CA Dem congressman playing that “Wang Dang Sweet Fang Fang” with a commie spy, or maybe a certain jihadi-enthusiast MN Dem congresswoman catching her brother/husband in bed with one of their other sisters.

The aggrieved party is outraged, but the cheating spouse says, “This isn’t what it looks like.  Who are you going to believe – me, or your lyin’ eyes?”

Well this case was EXACTLY what it looked like, and now the institutional left is telling us that our eyes are liars. 

2. The good news in the aftermath is also the most heart-breaking news: there were no serious riots, looting, arson or property damage in Kenosha on Friday night.

That’s great, right?  But it’s also heart-breaking, because it proves that all of the horrific violence, arson, looting and destruction that happened in blue cities throughout our nation in 2020 did not have to happen.  The billions of dollars in damages, the lives lost and the lives ruined – all of it was unnecessary.

Because it’s really not that hard to stop rioters in their tracks.  On Friday, the police in Kenosha made a show of force, and the National Guard was nearby, and even though the manic, racial-arsonist MSM were panting for days about how WI was “bracing for unrest,” the brave wusses of Antifa and BLM weren’t feeling particularly froggy, and they did not jump.

Because like bullies everywhere, they are big-talking cowards who only attack in groups, and against smaller and weaker victims. 

I’m in the process of reading Andy Ngo’s great book about antifa, and the part I didn’t know was how long it took for the thug armies of antifa and BLM to work themselves up to destroying whole city blocks, and bring major cities to their knees.  I thought that the process had been incendiary and quick, catching those cities by surprise.

But even though events sometimes went from bad to worse pretty quickly, Ngo documents how it took consistent, repeated acts of cowardice and encouragement from the spineless, America-hating Marxists governing Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, et. al. to turn a few violent creeps into rampaging mobs.

The pattern was similar everywhere: small acts of property destruction and isolated protests would crop up, and the police would do nothing.  The media and the Dem pols would bloviate about how the protestors’ cause was righteous and justified.  The violence would ratchet up, the destruction would escalate, the riots would spread.

The riot-sympathizers in local government would make some token arrests, but then immediately release the thugs on reduced or even no bail immediately.  (Que Mala herself – with popularity ratings hovering in the neighborhood of “IRS lawyers” and “testicular cancer” – helped raise bail money for the scumbags in MN.) The same small group of nihilistic mouth-breathers would be arrested and released again and again, and they began to travel from city to city, racking up strings of toothless arrests, which in their low-IQ community count as badges of honor. 

That’s right – they crossed state lines to riot!  Funny how Don Lemon and Fredo never got their panties in a bunch about that.

In a cycle that should have surprised nobody except those who went to public schools in Dem-run cities, the old cliche about human behavior was proven true again and again: you get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish. 

The far-left politicians running the big blue cities kept rewarding violence, aggression and theft, so they kept getting more of it. 

Which brings me back to Kenosha on Friday night.  After last year’s experience, even the decent, blue-collar Democrats of Wisconsin were not willing to tolerate another wave of violence carried out by another wretched hive of pedophiles and other felons against their city.

And the conservatives who never fell for the antifa and BLM propaganda in the first place gladly accepted their fellow citizens into the fight.

And wouldn’t you know it?  There didn’t need to be a fight.  Because a bunch of good guys with guns – a lot of them in the uniforms of police or National Guardsmen, but more than a few willing to exercise their own 2nd amendment rights – stood up to the creeps.  And the creeps slunk off with their tails between legs.

I hope we can all remember this, the next time some antifa or BLM criminals try to start trouble again.

Coming up next: a recap of the lowlights of Biden’s first 10 months…

Avenatti/Darrell Brooks (Two Dem Role Models for Our Time!) 2024!


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