Musk Takes Over, the Left Mis-Calculates for the Mid-Terms, and Fetterman Implodes (posted 10/31/22)

I have four quick stories to comment on today.

First up, Elon Musk’s takeover at Twitter makes me very happy.  He’s got his quirks, and he’s no conservative.  I think he paid too much, and he’s going to be battling uphill against an entire lefty media machine in everything he does there.

But he appreciates freedom of speech, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is, so I’m rooting for him. 

I normally don’t celebrate people losing their jobs, but I will happily make some exceptions:  leftist politicians, some lawyers, Tony Fauci. 

But nobody deserved a good firing more than the top dogs at Twitter, and their smug little mini-me woke censors/employees.  Musk immediately fired CEO Pagan Narwhal (I’m not going to waste time looking up his actual name), and the arrogant bully in charge of their Big Brother speech suppression team, Vijaya Gadde.  (Oddly enough, I think “Vijaya” is Hindi for “John,” and her last name is pronounced “Gotti.”) (Or it should be.)

I loved reading all of the pseudo-brave tweets that a parade of hateful lefties posted after Musk took over, to the effect of, “I’ll stay on here speaking truth to power until Fuhrer Musk throws me off!”

Their clueless obliviousness is inspiring!  After they’ve spent years censoring and cancelling everyone who disagrees with them, they are dumb enough to: 1. Act morally outraged at the prospect of being given the same treatment, and 2. Not understand that our side is not like them, and won’t kick them off. 

We don’t want to silence people who disagree with us.  We actually like a free marketplace of ideas, and a healthy debate.  Their ideas have been failing since 1917, when the Russians first established a Marxist theocracy, and we like nothing better than watching them expound and expose their self-refuting ideas repeatedly.

And to the extent that some of our beliefs and ideas are wrong – and because we’re human, that will regularly be the case – a vigorous back-and-forth will help us discover the error of our ways.  And then we’ll trim our sails and change course accordingly. 

In the meantime, it’s fun to watch the squealing of the wokesters, as they prepare to depart.  Don’t let the door hit you on your non-binary butts, kids!

2. The lead-up to the mid-terms is getting more and more enjoyable.  

I know that the left and the MSM (but I repeat myself) will try to get away with as much cheating, fraud and propaganda as they can, but the last 21 months of their total control have been so horrific that I don’t think they can escape the well-deserved whipping they’ve got coming.

It’s especially satisfying to see the way they’ve so misjudged the most important issues to most Americans.  In the leftist bubble – which must prevent any independent thought from escaping more than a black hole prevents light from escaping — the most pressing issues are pronouns, trans-ing as many kids as possible, January 6th, and abortion.

They can’t believe what a non-event their January 6th show trials have been.  They really seem not to know that regular people watched leftist mobs vandalize and destroy thousands of buildings and assault thousands of people all over the country – doing literally billions of dollars of damage, and killing several dozen innocent citizens – for over half a year in 2020.

Compared to that, the vast majority of Americans recognize that several hundred yahoos acting like idiots and doing some damage during a three-hour mini-riot at the capitol is a bad thing.  But when they hear it called worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, they roll their eyes and turn the channel.

Thus fewer Americans tuned in for the 1/6 clown show than watched the semi-final Korean soccer league match between Busan and Incheon.  (Go Snow Dragons!)

In normal America, most people laugh at those who declare their own pronouns, and are befuddled by the obsession over the idea that there are dozens of genders. 

When I asked my college students what all of the elements of “LGBTQIA+” even stood for, not one of them could give me a straight answer.

Boom!  Dad joke, when you least expect it!  

3. After the Fetterman debate debacle, I need to know about Pennsylvanians and how they vote, in order to understand how that Herman Munster with a goiter got to be their senate nominee in the first place. 

And it has nothing to do with the stroke.  God bless him, and I hope he recovers.

But he had a terrible resume before that.  As I understood it, he was the mayor of Braddock, a very small, very poor town in PA.  Less than 2000 people live there, and he won his first term as mayor by receiving 149 votes – one more than his rival.

He stayed for three terms, during which time the town lost about 1/3 of its population.  Unemployment and crime both went up.  He continually failed to pay his own taxes, and ended up with more than 30 tax liens, and was sued by the school district twice.  He also was a serial no-show at council meetings, skipping at least 53 of the supposedly compulsory sessions.  

His mayoral salary was $150 per month.  He had a roof over his head only because his mom and dad gave him a $50k yearly allowance until he was 49 years old, and his sister sold him a house for $1.

His wealthy parents sent him to Harvard, but he was basically a failure in life until he was almost 50.

Then he got elected lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

How?!  Seriously, who did he defeat to win that position?

Then he somehow won the Dem senate primary this year, AFTER he had his stroke.  Again: how?  He was a complete failure, with far-left views, before the stroke. 

Afterwards, he was a complete failure with far-left views who couldn’t think clearly or say things.

How would you like to be the person he beat in the primary?  That guy had to be sitting in a bar, drinking with both hands while the tv behind the bar showed Fetterman’s forensic Gotterdammerung (I’m loving German!) with Dr. Oz.

If his friends are anything like my cousins, they’d be mocking him the whole time.  “HA! That bumbling dope beat you!”

Seriously.  There are 13 million people in PA, and they only have two US Senators.  How could the Dems not find anyone more qualified to run than John freaking Fetterman?!    

4. Let me end with one of my favorite topics: a criminal getting what’s coming to him story.

This one comes from Arkansas, where just after midnight on October 13th, cops spotted a moron who they later identified as 38-year-old Christopher Gaylor driving a motorcycle with no license plate on it.  They later learned that his license was suspended, and the bike was unregistered and uninsured.

When they hit their lights, he took off, leading them on a chase that topped out at 100 mph, before he reached a residential area and dropped the bike and ran.  The cops pursued him on foot, and one of them hit him with a taser.

Hilariously, Gaylor was somehow carrying a gallon of gas in his backpack, and when the taser hit that, he exploded in a fireball.  He survived and is expected to make a full recovery, so if you can find the video online, it’s worth watching. 

I recommend that you get some popcorn, and watch it with the Benny Hill theme song playing.   After the initial explosion, he gets up and runs a few steps, then executes a pretty good example of the old “stop, drop and roll” routine.

Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t put out the fire, so it becomes more of a “stop, drop, roll and set some of the surrounding grass on fire” situation.

Fortunately for him, the cops grabbed a fire extinguisher and doused him a few moments later.    

The RedState story called Gaylor “Captain Kerosene,” which is pretty good.  I was thinking of a throw-back to an old Dan Akroyd SNL skit about dangerous Halloween costumes: Johnny Human Torch.

Gaylor was a white guy, but right now I’m guessing that he’s either red (in which case he could move to MA and challenge Lizzie Warren in the next Senatorial election — #wemustneverstopmockingher) or black (watch out, Cory Booker!). 

But say what you will about the wisdom of driving an unregistered, unlicensed motorcycle and carrying a gallon of gas on your back while you run from cops with tasers.

Christopher Gaylor would still be a better candidate for a US senate seat in Pennsylvania than John Fetterman. 

Happy Halloween everybody!

Avenatti/ Human Torch Gaylor, 2024!

One thought on “Musk Takes Over, the Left Mis-Calculates for the Mid-Terms, and Fetterman Implodes (posted 10/31/22)”

  1. Love, love, love your posts, Martin — an English professor, with a wicked sense of humor!I’ve been out of college for many decades, but I’d gladly take a refresher course from you.


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