Terrible Journalists Try to Exploit the Paul Pelosi Attack Story (posted 11/1/22)

I know I just posted a column yesterday, but multiple readers asked for my take on the Pelosi attack story, and I’m always flattered that anyone cares enough to ask.  (I realize that you’ve got many choices in deliverers of political analysis and snarkery, and I appreciate that you follow the CO site and read my columns, too!)

So here are my trigger-warning-accompanied thoughts on the MSM coverage of the Pelosi attacker, which I have tried to soften and sugarcoat for my high-class, clean-cut readers:

Our “journalists” are mostly degenerate scumbags.  

They are nothing more than mendacious, ethically desiccated hacks in service of leftist causes generally, and the Democrat party specifically.  I don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror, or sleep at night, or live with their choice of profession.

I’d sooner trust one of Hunter Biden’s bargain-basement hookers if she told me that she loved me before I’d trust anything coming out of the mouth of any reporter at any of the networks.

When I think of the high ethical standards typical of our partisan press, I always think of Nina Burleigh, a former White House correspondent for Time magazine covering the Clinton White House, as well as a frequent contributor to every leftist rag you’ve ever heard of (HuffPo, Salon, Rolling Stone, WaPo, NYT, Salon, Slate, etc.).

Burleigh’s most significant contribution to the history of journalism is her archetypally perfect summary of the viewpoint of an enlightened leftist journalist.  To wit, her infamous quote, which I swear I am not making up, after covering Clinton’s rape-tastic gropey-ness for 8 years: “I’d be happy to give him a b*** j** just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”   

So, yeah.  That’s the kind of strong, empowered lefty feminist I think of when I think of our political press.

But in the 72 hours since Paul Pelosi was attacked, the desperate MSM has behaved in ways that make “Knee-Pad Nina” (nickname copyright by me, right now) look like the Virgin Queen of Chastity Island.

Never mind that leftist pols and celebrities have been spouting inflammatory, violence-urging language for the last 6 years straight.  (You can give examples as well as I can: Melting-Face Maxine Waters’ exhortation to “get in their faces in public,” Tim Ryan’s “we’ve got to kill MAGA supporters and target them,” Pelosi’s daughter and a dozen other Dems’ variations on “Rand Paul’s attacker was right,” slutty old Madonna’s fantasies about blowing up the Trump White House, etc. and etc.) 

And never mind that a bunch of leftist dimwits and mentally ill people have acted on their inflammatory language: 

  • The Bernie bro who shot up the GOP softball game and nearly killed Steve Scalise.
  • The afore-mentioned would-be murderer of Rand Paul.
  • The disturbed young man who travelled cross-country to try to kill Justice Kavanaugh. 
  • The adult idiot who a month ago murdered a young Republican by running him down with his car because he thought the kid was – in Biden’s favorite phrase, after “mmm, your hair smells good, little girl” – “a Republican extremist.”
  • The dozens of anonymous, cowardly infanticide-enthusiasts who have torched or vandalized many pregnancy centers.
  • The mobs of cowardly antifa and BLM rioters who murdered, looted, vandalized and torched their way through many American cities for months in 2020.  

Again, I could go on with more examples, and so could you.

Even though the MSM knew the pattern of commonplace and widespread leftist political violence –and the comparatively extremely rare pattern of right-wing political violence – within 24 hours of the attack on Pelosi, they had jumped to the immediate conclusion that the attacker was a right-wing MAGA extremist.

Here is the evidence they had to go on:

He is a long-time resident of Berkeley, California.  (Yes, THAT Berkeley.  The hotbed of MAGA fanatics.)

He is a maker of hemp “jewelry.”  (I’m looking at my hemp wedding ring right now.  It says, “Co-Exist.”)

He is a nudist.  (I don’t have to tell you about those Heritage Foundation dinners, with their “no tie, all tail” debauchery.)

He most recently lived in an old hippie school bus covered with mostly crazy and/or left-wing slogans, parked outside his ex-girlfriend’s house.  (I’m sure that describes the living arrangements of most of CO nation.)

His girlfriend goes by “Gypsy.” (The top three most popular conservative women’s nicknames?  Gypsy, Saffron, and Fang Fang.  True story.)

Look, we all know that this guy is a drugged-out and/or mentally ill loon, or both.  To the extent that he has any coherent political thoughts at all, they are more left-wing than right, but they are irrelevant to his depraved and violent actions.

The leftist media spinners’ brigade knows that too. But they’ve sold their souls to a failed and destructive ideology, and they’re desperate to turn the tide of the red wave that is going to hit them (please God!) next Tuesday. 

And just when we think they’ve sunk as low as they can go, they take a hit of mouthwash, strap on the knee pads, and try to sell the story of the right-wing, Berkeley-ite, nudist hemp-peddler whose deranged behavior was caused by his devotion to Trump.

Those poor, benighted idiots are in an even worse position than Nina Burleigh was in.  Because they’ve debased themselves completely, and they STILL got Hillary-slapped by the Dobbs decision.

And now they’re facing what looks like the loss of both houses of congress, with their dignity tattered, and their reputation left in ruins.

And a really bad taste in their mouths.

Avenatti/Knee-Pad Nina, 2024!

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