Looking Back at the Top 5 Good Things From 2022 (posted 1/2/23)

Happy New Year, everyone!

In keeping with our positive outlook, I’d like to focus my first column of this year on celebrating some of the best developments of 2022.

Sure, it was in many ways a troubling year, as every year under such a misguided and incompetent administration as the late Joe Biden’s is bound to be.  The “red trickle” in November was severely disappointing, and our exploding deficit and the ongoing flood of illegals into our country — to name the three worst events in our public life in 2022 — promise many waves of deleterious consequences in the future. 

But our country and our people are still great, and many are fighting the good fight.  I trust that many Americans will be following the advice given in the Latin motto of the Simpson family crest – which I have written about before, and swear I am not making up: “Nil Desperandum.”  (Never Despair.)

So let’s take a quick look back at the good things that happened in our national life last year. And because, as CO has taught us, everything is better if put into a list, here are my Top 5 Positive Developments of 2022:

1. Elon Musk buying Twitter is huge, and looks to be part of an ongoing and important change to our public debate.  

Of course the MSM is doing their best to smear their erstwhile hero Elon, and to under-cover and distort the story.  But they stand revealed as deeply dishonest partisan hacks and censors, and while we few (we happy few!) have always known that they were collaborating with the swamp, the evidence is now revealed.

Yes, the average low-engagement (often low-information) voter still is not getting most of the details from the MSM.  But what had been dismissed as shadowy conspiracy theories is now being confirmed by a ton of scandalous, easy-to-understand facts and info – from the sleaze and corruption implicating the Big Guy on Hunter’s laptop, to the malfeasance and lying of the FBI and big tech – that conservatives will be able to use in future investigations, and in 2024 campaign debates.   

And Elon has wisely given the Twitter files to long-time liberal journalists like Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.  Their progressive pedigrees make the MSM attempts to smear their digging and reporting as “conservative propaganda” even more laughably unbelievable.  

2. The excesses of the Left in 2022 drove many high-profile liberals – some of whom still consider themselves liberal, or at the very least not conservative – to break ranks and publicly argue against leftist politicians and policies.   The aforementioned Elon Musk, Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss are good examples, but there are many others.

RFK Jr. – still a committed liberal, and wrong about many things – has been hammering Dems about their misguided and destructive covid policies.  Joe Rogan has stood up to censorship and woke attempts to cancel him, and hosts debates from people of various political persuasions.  Tulsi Gabbard has shown how a non-conservative can still roast the national Democrats for their worst behavior.

Two of my favorite podcasters are Adam Carolla and Dave Rubin, both of whom have gained a huge fan base while breaking with and criticizing leftist orthodoxy.  Carolla is an idiosyncratic amalgam of low-brow and vulgar with sneakily intelligent, and he aims much of his most hilariously righteous outrage at the socialists who have been ruining his home state of California.

Rubin has gone from a life-long leftist and panel member on The Young Turks (!) to an able and engaging conservative polemicist.  He may have come up with the most apt epigram to describe our current situation — post-Obama and Trump, and mid-Biden – and to appeal to the mostly independent or a-political middle that decides most elections now: “You don’t have to be a Republican, but you can’t be a Democrat.”

3. The GOP takes over the House.

This one comes with many caveats, but even as feckless as many in the GOP are, and even if they’re only half as conservative as they pretend to be, they are light-years better than extremist dopes like Schiff, Tlaib, Omar, AOC, Maxine Waters, et. al.   The GOP will now control committees and investigations, with the power to stop the worst of the Dem abuses, and to call attention to them in ways that will be harder for the MSM to cover up.

Though they only have a slim house majority, nationwide GOP candidates received 5.5 million more votes than Dems.  (I know: we needed to spread those extra votes over many more tight races than we did.)  That number is one more reason for hope that the GOP can take the Senate and the White House in 2024.

Even though the Dems somehow slipped the noose in 2022, they’ve only got a one-seat Senate advantage, and they have to defend a lot more Senate seats in ‘24, including ones in red states.  And their presidential candidate prospects are bleak: Joey Gaffes has been doing everything but visibly decomposing in public for the last two years.  And it’s not like he’s getting any younger, or more sentient.

If Biden doesn’t run, though, Que Mala Harris is next in line, and everybody knows that she is a cackling human toothache in a pantsuit.  But since the entire Democrat party has weaponized the race and gender cards for the last 30 years, Que Mala can cause a huge, divisive, commie-on-commie fight if she tries to get the nod, and is denied.

If sanity prevails and those two are dumped, we’re looking at the same Murderer’s Row of Terribleness that graced the last several Dem primaries:

Nonagenarian Bernie Sanders, making Biden look young and vibrant by comparison; race-hustling goofball Spartacus Booker; flavorless lamp-thrower Amy Klobuchar.  Mayor Pete, who looks worse with each passing transportation disaster that he sits out to take “paternity leave,” recovering from the physical stress of not having a baby.

And we can’t forget Lizzie “Little Feather” Warren, who gets whiter and more Karen-y with each passing hour.  (#wemustneverstopmockingher) 

The only new player currently on the horizon is that smarmy, empty haircut of a Ken Doll, Gavin Newsom, fresh from ravaging the late, great Golden State.

Yes, the recent mid-term still gives me pause.  Because if people can vote for candidates like Fetterman, Warnock, Hochul and Whitmer, they could also vote for one of the Dem horribles listed above.

But I still believe that after two more years of Biden’s inflation, crime, border lawlessness, etc., and if we put up a reasonable, conservative candidate (I’m hoping for DeSantis), we should win.

4.  The Dobbs and 2nd Amendment Supreme Court decisions in the summer were great.

I wrote about both rulings in June and July (you can find those columns – they were two of my favorites – at Martinsimpsonwriting.com), so I’ll only say a few things about them now:

  • We need to thank Trump for giving us the judges that gave us those rulings.
  • The quality of writing and thinking from the originalist/conservative judges starkly contrasts with the convoluted, emotional, point-missing of the “living constitution” leftist judges.
  • I’d never read complete SC rulings before, and it was a surprisingly pleasurable learning experience.

I know that many conservatives have pointed to the Dobbs ruling as a partial reason that the Red Wave never materialized.  I’m not sure that it played any decisive role, but even if it did, I’d make that trade any day. 

The original Roe decision was incoherently reasoned and legally unfounded, as even most principled liberal lawyers admit today.  The original judges pretended to discover a right that was clearly not in the constitution, and thus to take the serious abortion debate away from the citizens of the 50 states, and cram down a decision that just so happened to coincide with their own political beliefs.

The Dobbs ruling, in Alito’s clear and forceful opinion, did not dictate abortion policy; it simply returned it to the states, where it had been for the first 200 years of our nation’s history, and where it will now be debated and decided by the American people.

Naturally, the activist left either misunderstood that, or willfully lied about it, as I mentioned by pointing out a meme that came out in the wake of the ruling:

Screaming Dem protestor: Unelected judges should NOT DICTATE ABORTION POLICY!!

SCOTUS: That’s literally what we just said.  

5. On a smaller but still satisfying note, we can be thankful that many annoying leftists were repudiated and sent packing in 2022.

Media train-wrecks Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter were fired, and Don Lemon was demoted to an even less-watched CNN program.  (I know: how is that possible?)  Hyper-expensive CNN+ lasted about as long as the fidelity portion of Bill Clinton’s wedding vows. 

The top brass of lying censors at Twitter got the boot when Elon came marching in.

Obnoxious RINOs Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger got stomped, and so did Beta O’Rourke and Stacy Abrams.  Again!

Our old friend Michael Avenatti got an additional long prison sentence, and Sam Bankman-Fried will soon be joining him there. 

If you have other events on your Top 5, please share them in your comments, and again, Happy New Year!

Fetterman/ “Little Feather” Warren, 2024!

One thought on “Looking Back at the Top 5 Good Things From 2022 (posted 1/2/23)”

  1. I would add to the list of great things from 2022 (as an unintended consequence of the ’22 US House elections), the election of a Speaker of the House. The circular firing squad of the GOP attempting to convey order and unity is truly delicious. At long last we can see the RINO’s clearly, without their smoke screens or handlers telling us what they said. There is a devout core of young conservatives in the House who appear very willing to halt the business of the House and deny Kevin McCarthy his (perceived) “rightful” place as Speaker. Further, these young conservatives do not feel the strings from DJT to follow his demands.

    I have no idea who will end up as Speaker (please Lord, not the newest flavor of young liberal), but this is fun, and I’m keeping my popcorn handy.


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