Tennessee Trip, Covid, & Tucker Getting Fired (posted 4/25/23)

So my wife and I made it up to Tennessee late Saturday just fine, and our visit got off to a good start.  We both spent our first day with mom at home, and there was a lot of conversation, and a lot of laughter.  

Sure, Karen and I had to repeat ourselves pretty often, and answer the same questions multiple times.  But that’s not much to ask for, from the woman who gave you life.

Especially since I spent a career teaching college kids who required me to repeat things just as often, and asked just as many redundant questions, with no excuse nearly as good as, “I’ve got Alzheimer’s.” 

Plus my mom never complained about a manifestly fair grade, gave me her designated pronouns, or went off and voted for lefties who are making everything worse.

When we took a short drive around town, she repeatedly muttered, “I just wish so many new people would stop coming here.”  Her Tennessee town is experiencing the kind of growing pains being felt by many red states, dealing with an influx of refugees from blue cities and states.

What had recently been gently rolling hills and farms, woods and meadows are being supplanted by houses, individually or in small developments.  Traffic is getting worse.  Prices are going up.  Tennessee is feeling growing pains, because it is a welcoming and flourishing place.  (Not unlike Florida, in fact.)

With my tongue firmly in cheek, I reminded her that she and dad came down here from Illinois 15 years ago, so they were part of the invading yankee hordes.  But she is undaunted.  She argues that her new home state should have started restricting the inflow shortly after she and dad arrived, her tongue also in cheek.

Annnnnddddd… then my wife got covid.

She started feeling bad yesterday afternoon, and finally took a test that came up positive late in the evening.  She’s had the vax and a booster, but spoiler alert: you know.  A doc she works with in FL had a Paxlovid script sent to a local pharmacist, and I picked it up for her, and she started on it today.

I’m not so worried about her – she’s otherwise in good shape and pure of heart, and enveloped in the health-restoring (and probably anti-viral) love of her husband – but I’m not thrilled that we happen to be here with my 84-year-old mom.

On the other hand, mom has been vaxed and boosted (spoiler alert: you know, again), and actually had covid last year, and came through like an octogenarian champ.  She’s certainly in better shape than a certain stumblebum who recently went to Ireland (and got barked at by dogs and laughed at by humans) whom I could mention.

On yet a third hand, that comparison is cold comfort at best.   “In better shape than Joe Biden” sounds like a cruel joke.  (Like “better preserved than Imhotep Pelosi.”  Or “smarter than Schiff.”  Or “better smelling than Swalwell.”)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit distracted. 

Then I pull out the laptop today and find out that we won’t have Don Lemon to kick around anymore, and that Tucker Carlson got fired.

The former story is worthy of nothing more than a hearty laugh, and a cheerful goodbye to one of the exemplars of the specific type of racist and sexist narcissists who seem to breed in the fetid swamps of leftist media.  (See: the talentless ladies of the View, the hacky hosts of late-night “comedy” shows, Fredo Cuomo, dishonest giant-human-thumb-impersonator Brian Stelter, etc.)

But the Carlson firing really caught me by surprise.  I share CO’s feelings about this decision, and I can see from the CO site this evening that many around here feel the same way.

In many ways, getting rid of Carlson is the polar opposite of kicking Don Lemon to the curb.  Carlson actually has talent, intelligence and ability, and a willingness to argue for unorthodox positions that he really believes in.

His exposure of some parts of the January 6th videos was a service to the nation, and his openness to those on the other side of the political aisle – e.g. RFK Jr., Tim Robbins, or Sean Penn – is extremely rare in media. 

And his odd laugh aside, his gift for mockery and humor made for a lot of must-see segments.  His montage of Democrats adopting hideously inauthentic and pandering accents, to cite one recent example, was worth savoring. 

From Hillary doing an egregious audio equivalent of a “black-face” version of a spiritual in front of a southern black audience (“Ah ain’t no-ways tie-uhd…”), to AOC’s offensive “Jenny from the barrio” take on her brief flirtation with an actually useful service job (“ain’t nothin’ wrong with serving people’s foooood”), to Black-Panther-cosplaying “Tennessee Three” member Justin Pearson’s laughable transition from a button-down nerd doing white face at Bowdoin to a big-afroed southern preacher with the MLK delivery and the Malcolm X glasses, Carlson sliced and diced those phonies with great elan.        

(If no one has called Jones’ act “Dr. Urkel and Mr. X” yet, let me be the first.)    

In addition, Carlson has made all the right enemies.  Lefty dullards throughout Congress, the White House, and the MSM were crowing over Carlson’s ouster today.  They think that they’ve been able to cancel him, as they so fervently want to do to every persuasive voice who disagrees with their pinched and dysfunctional ideology.  

But I think they’ve misjudged him, and the finality of their victory.

The reason most of the timid souls in the MSM have to live in fear of being cancelled is that they have no actual talent, nothing that sets them apart from the woke crowd.   If a bland teleprompter-reader like Matt Lauer or Charley Rose gets caught with his pants down, he can be easily replaced.

When Andrew Cuomo’s bad acts became too embarrassing, a similarly soul-less empty pantsuit Dem like Hochul was waiting in the wings.  When Fredo went down, and then Stelter, and now Lemon, they are un-missed and un-mourned.

They are a dime a dozen, and anyone willing to sell their soul for a little camera time can fill their shoes.  (That reminds me: SatanCon ’23 tickets are still available.  Rumors that Don Lemon and KJP are going to be surprise panelists representing the hoary underworld – or Hunter Biden, representing the whore-y underworld, for that matter – are as yet unconfirmed.)  

By contrast, people with real talent who bring something to the table (whether you like them or not) are uncancel-able.  Dave Chappel and Louis CK are very funny, so they’re still around.  Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, Jordan Peterson  and Dennis Prager have each earned huge audiences, so they’re still here.

Tucker Carlson is one of those types.  He’s going to land on his feet, and will soon once again (God willing) be a thorn in the side of the purveyors of “lying, pomposity, smugness and group think.”

The most striking detail of the Carlson story today: when news got out that he’d been fired, Fox’s value plunged by $1 billion dollars.

Coincidentally, one of the goals on my own personal bucket list is that one day, my own firing will be the cause of a billion-dollar loss to my employer. 

Sure, I’m not too close yet, because in the unthinkable, cataclysmic event that CO were to fire me from this site, I don’t think the hit to the net worth of CO nation would total more than $100 million, tops. 

But in the words of the great Dennis Miller, I’m just a young guy with a dream.

Speaking of which…

Biden delenda est!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/Reverend Dr. Urkel “X” Kendi, Jr., 2024!

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  1. Can you share CO’s website link? I haven’t been able to find it (interweave challenged I guess) and of course I rarely see him in my Zucker-feed anymore. Thank you! Theresa Seiders/ That’s All She Read Voice Overs

    Theresa3207@hotmail.com (330)774-3207 EST

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