I’ve Got Mental Illness Metaphors on My Mind (posted 4/28/23)

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes for my wife’s bouncing back from covid, which is well underway.  Today she felt back to about 60% of full strength, which is markedly better than the last several days. 

In addition to my wife being on the mend, I’m feeling some excitement for the same reason I imagine many of you are:

It’s SatanCon eve!

As I write this late on Thursday night, all over Boston parents are helping their little ones put out the gender non-binary gingerbread people and soy milk for Krampus, before tucking them into bed, with visions of forked tails and pitchforks dancing in their heads.  

Soon they’ll be asleep but still restless, as they dream of fat guys in goat-skin pants and useless N-95 masks painted like skulls, and crazy Sam Brinton, for some reason – garish lipstick smeared over his mouth and bald head – laughing maniacally and running through an airport dragging stolen suitcases behind him as he dashes off to a staff meeting at his influential job in the Brandon administration.

Um… it’s possible that I’ve somehow caught my wife’s fevered hallucinations of the last few days.

Speaking of which, close proximity to illness has made me think about the state of our nation, which reminds me of someone with a threatening, gangrene-like infection.  And right now, it seems like there are roughly the same number of troubling symptoms as there is evidence of encouraging antibodies being created and marshalled to counter-attack the illness.

On the encouraging, anti-body-creating side of the ledger, we have sites like this one, along with networks of like-minded people – sites like the Daily Wire and the Babylon Bee, conservative podcasters, some media figures like Gutfeld and Jordan Peterson and Tucker (wherever he lands), educational institutions and sites like Hillsdale, Prager U and etc.    

We also still have entrepreneurial eccentrics like Elon Musk, with his can-do, optimistic spirit.  Last week, his experimental Space X starship successfully launched, but soon developed problems in flight and had to be blown up.  This experience prompted one of the greatest euphemisms in history from Musk: the craft “experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly.”

In other contexts, that verbiage could be putting a brave face on an unmitigated disaster.  As in, “Since Biden took office, America’s economy, border and international reputation have all experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly.  Run for your lives!”

But not for Musk, who is such a cautious optimist that he was a South Afri-Can (not a South Afri-can’t) before he became an Ameri-can.  He was sanguine after the “disassembly.”  He noted that all experiments provide useful data, and tweeted: “Learned a lot for next test launch in a few months.”

Another encouraging metaphorical antibody story comes from usually gangrenous San Francisco (metaphorically, but also often literally speaking), where in 2016 the city’s board of supervisors took time away from their busy schedule of not noticing that a rising tide of human feces and dirty syringes was slowly burying their streets to enact an idiotic law.

The law forced a boycott of 30 states who had the audacity to pass laws on various subjects – abortion, gay marriage, preventing fraudulent voting – that the SF overlords disagreed with. 

You don’t see this kind of arrogance in conservative places.  We like paying lower taxes, exercising our 2nd amendment rights, and empowering cops to arrest and jail criminals, for example.  

But hey, if Californians want to pay more than half of their earnings to the government, or New Yorkers and Chicagoans want to be disarmed when thugs attack them, and then to be sure that those thugs are not inconvenienced by police, we say, “You do you, lefty masochists!”

But SF lefties, in their wisdom, decided that they’d bring those benighted 60% of states to their knees, by depriving them of the privilege of doing business with San Francisco.

So why is this a good-news, social-antibody kind of story? 

Because it turns out that when your chief exports are the aforementioned human waste and filthy syringes, withholding that bounty from other states doesn’t give you the amount of leverage that you expected.

Fast forward to last week, when SF officials voted to repeal the boycott law. 

They did this after producing a report that showed several hilariously unintended consequences of their “let us run your lives, deplorables” boycott.  For one, no other state made any attempt to change their own laws in response to the city’s narcissistic a-holery. 

For another, connected San Franciscans had gotten exemptions and waivers to do business with the states on the naughty list, to the tune of $791 million of purchases in a single year.

And the schadenfreude salt in their self-inflicted wound?  It cost the totalitarian twits $475,000 in staffing expenses to enforce their failed experiment in dictating to other American states.

Some positive pushback is also happening on the gender-dysphoria/transgender-mania issue.  Several sporting bodies have ruled that competitors have to stay in their own biological lane.  Anheuser-Busch is losing billions because of their Bud Light/ Dylan Mulvaney idiocy, and legislation is being passed in many states to criminalize gender “affirming” (i.e. denying) surgeries on children.   

More evidence is also coming out that refutes the rationale for such traumatic surgeries.  (Although the idea that we’ve taken it this seriously for this long is already evidence of the extent of the disease’s progress.) 

One example is an article in PJ Media with the succinct title, “Study Shows Mothers of Boys With Gender Issues Are Mental.”  It details a study from 1991 which has recently gained attention, and it’s the kind of study that documents what should have been obvious to everyone without any such study: “The mothers of gender dysphoric boys tend to suffer from a host of mental illnesses of their own.”

You can read the story, and the details are chilling.  One top-line finding is that mothers of the kind of gender-confused boys who would now be wrongly diagnosed as “trans” and shoved onto the castration conveyer belt (worst Lucy episode ever, by the way) are 9 times more likely to meet the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder than moms of “normal” boys.

I can only hope that as more evidence continues to come out, we’ll be giving way more scrutiny to the unstable, ideology-driven Munchausen-by-proxy parents who are behind so much of the torment caused by the trans explosion.  

Unfortunately, the news about the health of our body politic is far from uniformly rosy.  Our higher education system, for example, is way too often still a source of cultural pathology. 

A recent example comes from UNC, where almost 700 professors signed a public letter opposing a bill requiring students to take courses on our government and founding documents.  They object to students being forced to read documents like the Federalist Papers or the Gettysburg Address, because doing so “substitutes ideological force-feeding for the intellectual expertise of faculty.”

Although too many professors’ “intellectual expertise” too often amounts to teaching their own CRT and Marxist “ideological force-feeding,” you can understand why anyone might resist the state scrutinizing how they do their job. 

In fact, another set of government employees – cops – also initially resisted scrutiny of their work, in the form of required body-worn cameras.  But we have rightly decided – and I think most police departments now agree – that since they are public employees doing a critical job, state scrutiny is justified. 

Since properly educating our nation’s citizens is as important as policing our streets, I think we should supplement requirements to teach our nation’s history and foundational documents with laws requiring professors to wear body-cams – accessible to the taxpayers who employ them – in the classroom. 

Most of the time, cops’ body cams exonerate them of accusations from criminals, although they also do incriminate bad cops sometimes.  I’m guessing that those results would be reversed in “prof-cam” cases: more would be caught teaching left-biased quasi-propaganda than an accurate depiction of our nation’s virtues and flaws.   

(And how fun would it be to watch a cable show with the theme song, “Bad profs, bad profs, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when your woke b.s. outs you?”)

One final area of our social gangrene can be found in the media.  Examples abound, but a particularly great one was a piece this Wednesday from NYT propagandist David Leonhardt.

Faced with Biden’s manifest incapacity, our MSM has gone into full Pravda mode, covering for Joey Gaffes and publishing a thousand variations on the same “don’t believe your lyin’ eyes” story.  But now that he is visibly deteriorating day by day, the lefty propagandists need to step up their game. 

Enter Davey Leonhardt, and his article, which argues – and I swear I am not making this up, “Strange as it may sound, the American government can function without a healthy president.”

Is that not perfect? 

First the MSM told us that Biden is fine, and that he wasn’t hiding in his basement, and that he’s got the energy and smarts of a much younger man.  Then they said, “Okay, he’s calling a lid on some days at noon.  Make that 10.  And he’d love to talk to you, but he’s at his beach house for the 6th weekend in a row.” 

Then they said, “Okay, so maybe he can’t make it up a mobile airport staircase.  And he sometimes shakes hands with ghosts.  But he didn’t poop on the Pope.”  Then, “Okay, he may have pooped in the general vicinity of the Pope, but he’s fine.  He’s doing a great job.”

And now that his physical and mental decomposition is obvious, Leonhardt brings us the convenient news that our country can work just fine without a healthy president.  He cites several examples that don’t help as much as he thinks they do.      

He cites FDR as a president who had physical challenges but performed well… but FDR died when he was 17 years younger than Biden is now!  Leonhardt also mentions that when he was ill, FDR was surrounded by “aides, Cabinet secretaries and military leaders” who “performed well” when the big guy wasn’t at his best.

Whereas Brandon is surrounded by Que Mala, Mayor Pete, Merrick Garland, Hakeem Jeffries, et al. 

Not exactly the caliber of people who could win a world war.  Or even the card game “War.”  (Not to mention a battle of wits, for which they are all totally unarmed.)

Leonhardt also cited Reagan, who eventually died with Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand, Reagan was just shy of 78 when he left office after 8 years, which is younger than Biden when he was inaugurated.  Also, Reagan was a great president who did not have a preternatural ability to turn everything he touched into crap. 

And on his worst day during his early 90s, Reagan was more cogent than Biden has been on any given weekday of his presidency so far.

On second thought, maybe the better analogy for our nation’s current struggles is to the aftermath of a stroke: one side of our body is relatively unscathed and functioning relatively normally (let’s call it the red-states side), but the other side has been devastated: partially paralyzed and rapidly atrophying.   

I’m not sure what this might mean for our future, because you can’t amputate half of a ravaged body.  But maybe the effects are still contained enough that a curative amputation is possible?

Regardless of the eventual best-case-scenario outcome, one thing is clear…

Biden delenda est!

“Dr.” Jill Biden/ David “Baghdad Bob“ Leonhardt, 2024!

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