Second Thoughts on the Mid-Term: I spoke too soon! (posted 11/15/18)

When I discussed the midterm results, I was partly too optimistic – I didn’t think there was a chance that extremists like Sinema in AZ (love the nerd glasses, though) or Abrams in GA would ultimately prevail.  I also forgot the adage that the past 20 years of elections should have taught all of us:  we’ve got to win by so much that the left can’t cheat and steal an election.

Mea culpa.  This is where I have to acknowledge and wrestle with my own bias.  I’ve always felt like there is good and bad in all of us, and that no one party has a lock on virtue, and that it’s a bad sign when you start to think that all of the bad actors are on the other side.

On the other hand, look at the last 20 years!  I’d have to have a gold medal in Greco-Roman bias wrestling to be able to escape the conclusion that the sleaziness on the left outweighs that on the right by about 10-to-1.

Consider a few examples:

Yes, the right obviously has some sleazy characters.  We’ve had our share of pols chasing interns around tables and taking political payoffs through the years.  That toe-tapping congressman prowling the bathrooms of DC was a creep, Dennis Hastert was a pedophilic, abusing super-creep, and Roy Moore was… Roy Moore.

But have you noticed how we treat the creeps among us?  In the vast majority of cases, we throw them out.  Nobody knew about Hastert’s sordid past when he was in office, and no one defended him when it came out and he went – rightly! – to jail.  When his proposed successor turned out to have a mistress, his candidacy for House speaker failed.  And a deeply red district elected a Democrat rather than support Roy Moore.

Have you noticed that Dems don’t police their side that way?  Menendez in NJ is a good analogy to Roy Moore in AL.  Menendez has been obviously corrupt for decades, and despite all of this #metoo business, he has basically walked through the halls of congress with a thong-wearing underaged Filipino hooker draped over one shoulder in a fireman’s carry, and a big bag of cash with a cartoon dollar sign on it draped over the other.  So naturally he won re-election by double digits.

The other examples are too numerous and obvious to mention: Bill Clinton groped and raped his way through two terms with no blowback until the last 10 minutes. MA Senior Dirigible and Aquatic Homicide Aficionado™ Ted Kennedy died as the Lion of the Senate, despite a trail of empty kegs and dead or molested young women in his wake.   Pseudo-Hispanic Beto O’Rourke – of the Tijuana O’Rourkes, you ask? – is the son of a white millionaire whose only experience is in the field of  “getting away with a DUI hit-and-run,” and he’s the exciting new It-Boy of the Left.

Also, the nuts who could loosely be described as on our side – David Duke, Richard Spencer types — are fringe characters with no real power in our establishment and are shunned by virtually all national GOP pols.

But the nuts on the left – racial arsonists like Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters and Cowboy-pimp hat lady in Florida – are integral parts of the left establishment.  She-Guevera Ocasio-Cortez has parlayed her vast experience as a part-time bartender into becoming a “thought leader” (and yes, the sarcasm-rating of those quotation marks is 11 out of 10).  Crazy Mazie Hirono is a raving sexist and racist who literally condemned all white men – and she’s a respected figure on the left.

Speaking of leftists who went all Joe McCarthy during Supreme Court hearings, you may have noticed that conservatives have absolutely hated the jurisprudential philosophy of every far left Dem SC nominee for decades – Ginsburg, Kagan and Soto-mediocore (I might have that Spanish spelling wrong).  You also may have noticed that we gave them all dignified hearings, and that many on our side ultimately voted for them, on the grounds that even though we vigorously oppose their philosophy, the president’s choices for SC should be given deference if they are technically qualified.

Now think of the three most shameful smear campaigns/witch trials of modern SC nominees: Bork, Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.   I rest my case.

I could go on and on: Before the ‘16 election, the Left lambasted Trump because they said he wouldn’t accept the results if he lost.  Since then, the Left has done nothing but throw fits and tantrums and feces because they do not accept the results.  Because they lost.

Finally, have you noticed a pattern of close election results being changed by corruption and various shady dealings on the right?  Any examples of a rightie winning on repeated recounts under fishy circumstances?  (And if you say Bush in 2000, I’m going to rhetorically slap you with a rotting flounder.  Bush was ahead in every count and re-count, despite a dozen leftist scams: not counting military votes from sailors that came in late even though the law specifically allow for that; announcing that Gore had won before the polls had even closed in the panhandle; widespread cheating and chad-deciphering in deep blue Broward and Palm Beach counties.  The lefty Miami Herald did a cursory story after the election that found that over 1000 convicted felons illegally voted – guess who they voted for?)

On the other hand, Al Franken lost on election night, before boxes of late and undocumented ballots showed up in leftist partisan poll workers’ car trunks, and shazam, the Franken-groper wins!  Years ago in NJ, corrupt Dem Senate candidate “Torch” Toricelli was indicted after the legally prescribed deadline for putting in a new candidate, ensuring that the GOP opponent would win.  Until the state Dems went into an illegal session, changed the law, and pulled corrupt old cadaver Frank “the Lout” Loutenberg on the ticket.  Of course he won, despite technically lacking any of what the scientists would call “vital signs.”

And now we have Florida. Again.  A corrupt, fright-wig wearing leftist hack – after failing in multiple previous elections, but somehow being kept in her position – cheats so openly that even the MSM gets embarrassed about it.  I’m sick just thinking about it, but there is a real possibility that the leftists will steal a senate seat, and maybe even the governorship, despite the entire nation knowing that they are cheating.

But the national, mainstream Left does not care.  They never do.

When we lose, we mourn for a while and then get back to our jobs and our families and our lives.  When the Left loses, they threaten people in social media and rampage in restaurants and vandalize property and besiege Tucker Carlson’s house and terrorize his wife.

On the bright side, the loony left is going to give us a lot of entertainment in the next two years, and they should be unhinged enough to give all independent or truly moderate voters second thoughts.

For example, Mad Maxine Waters is already in mid-season form, and she hasn’t even taken power yet.  She was last seen blathering about how, “They fear me because I’m a strong black woman… They’ve never seen anyone like me before.”

No, M-squared, we are repulsed by you, because you are a thug who calls for attacks on your political opponents.  And our children fear you, if they happen to be walking by the tv when you are shrieking one of your screeds, because your face appears to be melting off of your creepy old skull.

And come to think of it, we have seen someone like you before: in the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the German socialists opened the ark and their faces turned into goo.

Spartacus is energized, as is Liz Warren (#wemustneverstopmockingher), who says she “is taking a hard look at running for president.”  (Keep reading those smoke signals, Lizzie!) Even Hillary is said to be mulling another run.  Because everyone knows that the third time is a disastrously bad omen.

I mean, “charm.”  The third time is a charm.

I’m hoping that the Dem cheating in Florida doesn’t succeed, and that the newly empowered leftists in the House let their freak flags fly.   And I hope that the entire nation pays attention for the next two years.

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