Is the Radical Left Allergic to Self-Reflection? (posted 7/10/20)

I saw a funny video recently, in which two British comics play Nazi SS men discussing their war plans.  In the middle of things, one of them points out the skull insignia on their caps and plaintively asks, “Are we the [bad guys]?”  (He actually says “baddies,” but that Anglicism doesn’t hit my American ears right.)

I’ve been thinking about that skit a lot lately.  As the radical left has gotten free reign to act on their impulses over the last six weeks or so – rioting, looting, vandalizing, etc. – I’m surprised that out of the millions of good-hearted Dems that I know are out there, almost none of them have given any public indication that they are considering whether their side has gone terribly wrong.

I know that Trump has his manifest flaws, and we all have reason to bemoan them.  Many of my conservative friends have done a lot of soul searching about to what extent Trump’s weaknesses and deviation from conservative principles trouble them, and might hypothetically prompt them to vote for someone else, if the other side’s offerings weren’t so metaphysically terrible.

But I haven’t seen decent liberals devote any time to public self-scrutiny.  Has watching the arson and violence and pure hatred of America on their television and computer screens really given no Dems even the slightest pause for reflection?  Have none of them begun to wonder, in their heart of hearts, whether they haven’t been becoming the bad guys?

The evidence is certainly easy to see, especially as it pertains to what leftists would usually tout as some of their core virtues.

For example, tolerance is a quality upon which progressives pride themselves.

But have you noticed how, outside of the reddest of red areas, you see tons of pro-Dem/leftist signs in yards, but few pro-Trump or conservative ones?   Granted, Trump’s numbers are down now, and he’s a polarizing character.  But that is clearly not it, because the same was true when the GOP candidates were mushy invertebrates like Mitt Romney and John McCain.  Our country is pretty evenly divided politically, and yet you don’t see as many conservative signs.  And everyone knows why.  “Tolerant” leftists would steal or deface the signs, and maybe do property damage and worse, to houses that displayed them.

The same is true of bumper stickers.  There are a few cars here and there with stickers supporting conservative views or GOP candidates.  But they are far outnumbered by those pushing leftist views and candidates.  Again, everyone understands: your car is much more likely to be vandalized if it’s got Trump or conservative stickers on it.

The same also applies to clothing.  In much of this country, wearing a MAGA hat is the visual equivalent of “fighting words,” and countless videos record the physical and verbal abuse of MAGA gear wearers, many of them elderly.

Conversely, we conservatives dislike many leftist icons and iconography.  But thousands of empty-headed students wear shirts plastered with the faces of socialist mass murders like Che Guevara, Castro, and Chairman Mao, and many trendy hipster doofi decorate their clothes or hovels with non-ironic Communist symbols such as hammers and sickles, red banners with Marxist slogans, and pictures of AOC.

But have you noticed what we DON’T do when confronted with such tangible manifestations of IQ tests failed and bad judgments doubled-down on?  We don’t throw paint on people wearing them, or physically assault them, or steal the symbols or signs and tear them up.  We don’t even scream obscenities in their faces.   (And boy, many of those are the kind of faces that are made for screaming at, even if only in horror and revulsion.)

Or how about statues?   The lefty mobs started by defacing and destroying confederate statues – which was simply Democrat-on-Democrat crime – but quickly moved on to statues of slave-liberating Republicans like Lincoln and Grant.  Which makes a lot of sense, if you ate a lot of lead paint as a child, because you were raised in a crumbling city run entirely by Democrats.

It’s not like there aren’t a lot of statues in this country that are offensive to conservatives.  For example, there is a statue of gay-imprisoning, sadistic violence-enthusiast Che Guevara in Central Park.  There is a bronze bust of genocidally anti-black racist and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger — I’d call her a Founding Mother of Abortionists if associating her with “motherhood” in any way wasn’t a moral obscenity – in the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian!  Next to the Simpsonian, one of the most prestigious institutions in our nation!

There is also a 16-foot statue of mass murderer Lenin in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.   Many racist Democrats of the recent past – William Fullbright and Robert “Sheets” Byrd among them – have statues and public buildings named after them all over the place.

I think I can speak for all conservatives when I say that we are outraged by all of those people and their toxic ideas.  And yet we have somehow resisted the impulse to vandalize or tear down any of those statues.

Another supposedly cherished leftist value is non-violent protesting, in the tradition of MLK.

But consider the nature of the protests over the last two months.  For several weeks in late April and early May, thousands of conservatives protested the lockdown, and the worst that could be said of their behavior is that some protestors openly displayed the guns that they are legally allowed to carry, and a very few outliers had confederate flags.  But on all the metrics that counted – number of shootings, zero; number of buildings burned or looted, zero; attacks on cops or bystanders, zero; property damage and assaults and murders, zero – conservative protestors managed to exercise their constitutional rights without victimizing their fellow citizens and decimating their cities.

The only real criticism that lefties could make of them is that they endangered others with their lack of social distancing.  And boy, did they criticize that!  Accusations of genocidal malice and selfishness filled the airwaves.

However, no one had to tell the lie that the leftist MSM later had to constantly repeat, Baghdad Bob-style, that their side’s protests were “mostly peaceful.”  Because the conservative, anti-lockdown protests were ACTUALLY peaceful.

By contrast, while the leftist “protests” did include some well-intentioned, peaceful protestors (more than a few of whom were political conservatives, who – for the record – also oppose police misconduct), they were marked much more by the widespread violence, theft and property destruction that has cost those Democrat-run cities hundreds of millions of dollars and many ruined lives.  And that’s not to mention the harvest of misery and despair that those cities are going to suffer through in the coming months and years, as everyone who can do so is going to get as far away from those hateful lunatics as they can.

Goodbye law and order, financial flourishing, and functional civil society.  Hello, CHOPistani racial arson and nihilistic leftism, red in tooth and claw.

Leftists also stroke themselves for their moral opposition to racism.  So of course they’ve spent months demonizing white people because of their skin color, and if you say that “all lives matter,” they’ll attack you.  If you say that “all black lives matter,” they’ll howl even louder.  (Remember: more black people were murdered in one Democrat-run city – Chicago – every weekend for the last six weekends than unarmed black people were killed by cops in the entire nation, in the entire year of 2019.   But if you mention that to the bug-eyed Democrat troll doll who runs that city, she’ll say that it’s Trump’s fault and call you a racist.)

Another lefty trope is to express compassion for the severely mentally ill, evident in their eagerness to throw other people’s money at homelessness.  And yet they nominate Joe Biden for president and humiliate him by propping him up in front of cameras in his basement, and having him give short speech-lets that consist of equal parts “in my day” rambling, and “can I buy a vowel” exercises in short-term memory loss.  They don’t even have the decency to include any women with freshly shampooed hair, which is the only thing that gives him pleasure anymore, by taking him back to his glory days in 19-clickety-clack, when he was a young plagiarist and grifter, and female campaign props loved a little fanny grabbing and hair sniffing.


Please take some time to reflect, decent leftists.

All over this country, your co-religionists have been running roughshod over the public square, shouting down and canceling people who disagree with you, and defacing and destroying public property.  They’ve attacked cops and other civil servants who were only trying to do their jobs, along with civilians and small business owners and taxpayers who have served your communities and supported you with their tax dollars.  They’ve murdered David Dorn and David Patrick Underwood and many other black people and white people who weren’t doing you any harm.  Every city you control has gotten more embittered with class and racial animosity, and riven with hatred.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: ”Is it possible that we’re the bad guys?”

Because it is, and after the last few months, you are.

Avenatti/ Bug-Eyed Troll Doll 2020!

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