More on the NBA, plus a few pre-debate thoughts (posted 10/7/20)

When I last checked in on the NBA, Game 2 of the Finals had set record low ratings.  And Americans who love their country had laughed heartily at the anti-white racist incompetents who run that league, and said, “You can’t get much lower ratings than that!   USA! USA!”

And the mensa members who own and play in the NBA said, “Hold my Tsingtao and watch this.”

Wait a minute.  I’m just getting a report in on my non-existent earpiece — which you wouldn’t be able to see even if it did exist, because this is a written column and not a broadcast – with breaking news from the NBA:  after getting the worst ratings ever in Game 2, the Game 3 numbers set a new record, losing another 105,000 viewers.

And now I will read the next screen from my non-existent teleprompter: HA! HAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

At this point I’m hoping that the series goes to 7 games, just to see how few people will still be around by the last game.  I’m guessing half of each players’ family members, and a small group of degenerate gamblers who will go double-or-nothing on Game 7 after a close loss on a Canadian curling match featuring Calgary vs. Saskatchewan.

Fun fact: the home crowd for Saskatchewan’s game – Go, Colorless Ice Brushers! – was nearly as white as Elizabeth Warren.  #wemustneverstopmockingher

A Breitbart story on the debacle has this salt-in-the-wound commentary:  “Mind you, this is a nearly 70% decline from last year’s Finals numbers which included a team from Canada. Not only that, unlike this year’s audience, last year’s audience was not on lockdown and did not include the game’s best player, LeBron James.”

I swear to you, I wrote the curling joke before I learned that a Canadian team was in last year’s finals.  (I haven’t been a big NBA fan since Jordan retired.)  Also, how can a Canadian team be called the “raptors,” which may be the least Canadian creature I can think of?!

The Daily Beast reports that Comma-la is going to attack Pence tonight on at least two grounds: the administration’s supposed failure on covid, and his homophobia.  Both of those charges are bad faith arguments – which by this point the elite left should have a copyright on.

The data on covid transmissions and death do not support any of the bomb-throwing accusations of the left.  In terms of death rates, the US ranks slightly below the average of the aggregate death rates of EU nations and Europe overall, but the way the left tells it, Trump has been uniquely terrible on responding to a pandemic that so far no one in the world has found a great way to deal with.

With the possible exception of Sweden. 

Inconveniently for the left, the Swedes have succeeded by doing what the GOP governors and Trump (to the extent that he has preached anything consistently) has said that we should do: protect the especially vulnerable, but don’t shut down your country and destroy your economy. 

A recent NR article showed graphs of the covid case and death rates in 13 US states, and they are all remarkably similar.  The deep blue, lock-down-at-all-costs states have had just about the same results as the red states – with the exception of those with idiot Dem governors who forced sick people back into nursing homes – which suggests that the economic devastation in those blue states has all been for naught.

The homophobia charge is equally specious.  Pence hasn’t made any homophobic speeches or pursued any homophobic policies, so this charge mostly comes down to, “We hate him because he’s an icky Christian.”

Has anyone else noticed the hypocritical irony on the left’s attitude toward sex in politics?  They hate Trump because he has been too open about really liking hot women, and they hate Pence because he has not been enthusiastic enough about liking hot men.  Also, they’ve got no problem with raping your subordinates (either with cigars or fingers, or – presumably – the old fashioned way) if you’re a Dem, but Pence is super evil because he doesn’t want to be alone in a room with a female to avoid the appearance of scandal. 

Anyway, I think Pence proves a consistent point about the national left’s hypocrisy for my entire lifetime.  They claim to hate the current GOP candidate because of his manifest flaws alone, while giving lip service to valuing a debate, and not being opposed to political disagreement.

This claim can at least seem logical when it comes to Trump; he has big flaws, and is everything they hate in a person, and so their claim that he is uniquely horrible rings true, from their point of view.

Until you consider that they equally hate every other GOP person of consequence. 

They claim to hate Trump because of his obnoxious ego and aggressiveness and uncontrolled appetites… but they also hate Pence, who is his polar opposite.  Where Trump jumps from wife to wife, Pence has not.   Where Trump is loud, Pence has been so quiet that after being the VP for almost four years, none of us could confidently recoqnize his voice in an aural line-up.  Where Trump is boisterous and undisciplined and gauche, Pence is controlled and sober and prudent.

They hate his guts anyway. 

They hated Reagan too, although now they compare every GOP candidate unfavorably to him.  They hated Bush 41 and Bush 43, but now they call the former a statesman, and the latter a non-Hitlerian fellow, contrary to their spittle-flecked arguments from 2000-2008.   McCain is now a noble victim, but in 2008 he was a mentally deranged wife-abandoner.  Romney is their favorite cuddly RINO, but in 2012 he was a homophobic dog-abuser who kept women in binders, or something. 

It sounds like Comma-la is going to add another chapter to their laughably dishonest hypocrisy tonight. 

But let me give Pence a bit of advice.  If the moderator asks you who your favorite living rapper is, don’t say Tupac.  Because he died a quarter century ago, and that answer will make you look like an idiot.

Instead, say Jay-Z.  And then say that you’ve got 99 problems, but Comma-la ain’t one.

I know that you don’t know what that means, but it will be funny.

Avenatti/LeBron 2020!

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