The VP debate, & other leftist shenanigans (posted 10/12/20)

The debate itself was pretty clearly a blow-out, unless you are an in-the-tank CNN commentator.  If it were a fight, they’d have stopped it.   

Pence was calm and controlled, and he gave substantive, fact-filled answers.  When Comma-la said something untrue – her tell is that she either inhales or exhales right before or after lying — he corrected it with as little vitriol as possible, but forcefully. 

He was a rhetorical fencer, compared to Trump, who was a rampaging Viking, hopped up on mead, and swinging a battle axe in one hand and a broadsword in the other.

A marauding Viking is a lot more fun and satisfying to watch, if you’re a pro-Viking partisan.  But the persuadable non-partisans are who we need to get, and they’re put off by battle axes.  (Insert your own Hillary joke here.)  I think Pence’s fencing is much more palatable for middle-of-the-road voters, to the extent that there are any of them left.

I found myself thinking that I’d like our candidate to be 70% Pence, and 30% Trump.  Trump is definitely the essential element – we need a bare-knuckle brawler who won’t try to appease the MSM and Dems (but I repeat myself), like every GOP candidate since Reagan.  But his flaws are the sort that turns off enough of the electorate and endangers his chances of getting re-elected, maybe fatally so.  (I so hope and pray that I’m wrong about that!) 

But the media coverage of the debate was an actual outrage, if any of us were still capable of being outraged at our laughably corrupt and incompetent MSM. 

Playing the gender card is almost as tired as playing the race card now, but that wasn’t going to stop Comma-la and her MSM support team from going all in on the “I’m a strong, strong woman… but the mild-mannered man was mean to me,” gambit.

I love the left’s gender double standards.  I’m sure you’ve heard the old line that, “If a man is aggressive he’s a strong person, but if a woman is aggressive, she’s a b**ch.” I think we must admit that there’s some truth to that, because many people (including many female people, I should point out) don’t react well to a super-assertive woman. 

On the other hand, you may have noticed that Trump’s personal style is pretty unpopular with a huge part of the population for the same reason, so it’s not like this is a cross that only females have to bear.

You might also notice that most conservatives appreciate a lot of very strong women very much: Thatcher, Golda Meir, Phyllis Schlafly, Kylie McEnany, many of our wives and mothers and daughters, etc.  So your stereotype is invalid.

But consider the double-standard the left applied to Mike Pence.  In last week’s column, I pointed out that the left claims to hate Trump for all of his crudeness, ego and aggression… yet they hate Pence too, even though he’s Trump’s polar opposite in personality.

It’s almost like the left just hates conservatives, no matter what flavor they come in!

Take leftist pseudo-journalist Nicolle Wallace, whose brilliant commentary on the debate included her assessment that “Pence appeared flaccid and anemic” and that he looked “limp and lame.”

You’re probably no Freudian psychologist.  But do you need to be one, to perceive that this little charmer might be missing something in her life?  And no, it’s not just a higher IQ.  (But yes, that too.)

(Speaking of Freud, the smartest thing he ever said was, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”  Unless Bill Clinton has it, and you’re a 22 year old intern spending time with him in the oval office. In which case, run for your life!) (And don’t turn your back on him.  Or your front either, I guess.) (Just RUN!) 

Can you imagine the outrage if someone applied the same kind of slimy insinuations to Nicolle Wallace?  If, for example, someone noted that she’s probably had a lot of life experience with “flaccid, limp and lame?”  But you’re never going to hear that kind of talk on the MSM — unless it is aimed at conservatives — because the only lefty standards are double standards.  They don’t flinch at hitting below the belt, and no blow is too low for them.

Speaking of which, Comma-la got her start in politics a long time ago — Yes, I went there! — and she has apparently learned nothing in the intervening decades.  Because she really had nothing substantive to say the entire night.  While Pence was giving concrete answers (we’ve got 5 companies working on vaccines, the first of which will be ready within a year of the pandemic’s onset, unemployment rates were record lows, etc.), she had an insulting mix of glittering but hollow banalities and outright lies.

Every politician routinely shades the truth and spins stories in the most advantageous way for them.  But when a candidate for high office can tell the kind of cartoonishly obvious lies that Comma-la told, it’s a devastating indictment of our media.

She rolled out the “Trump called white nationalists ‘good people on both sides’ line.  (It’s on video, you idiots: literally seconds later he said, “And I’m not talking about the white nationalists and neo-nazis, who should be condemned completely.”)  He didn’t call the virus a hoax, he called Dems’ treatment of it a hoax.  He has condemned white supremacists literally dozens of times, including (although clumsily) when Chris Wallace asked him to do it AGAIN.

On the other hand Comma-la and Joe have both promised – on video! — to ban fracking, and their official websites say they support the Green New Deal.  But she can look straight in the camera and lie about it, with nary a ripple.

Even worse was than her “lady of color speaks with forked tongue” tendency (#wemustneverstopmockinggrandmasquanto), was her obnoxiously simplistic talking down to people.  When she was trying to smear Trump because he is a real estate investor with mortgage balances, she said that he “owes and is in debt for $400 million.”

Then she turned toward the camera with the air of someone about to explain quantum physics to a musk ox with a learning disability, and said these words, which I swear I am not making up: “Just so everyone is clear, when we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody.”

Whoa, whoa – slow down there, Poindexter!  Let me get my calculator and green eyes shades.  You’re saying that “debt” means money that you owe? 

Get me my contact at the Wall Street Journal, because I am going to break this story WIDE OPEN!

Almost unbelievably, Harris was even worse when she was ham-handedly dodging questions. 

Here’s a tip: When someone asks you repeatedly if you are going to pack the Supreme Court, and you avoid answering it, and the person repeats it one more time: “Would you please answer the question: IF ACB gets confirmed, are you and Joe Biden going to pack the Supreme Court to get your way?  

Your answer should NOT begin, “Let’s take a look at history.  In 1864…”

I would have gone full Kinison on her:  “NOOOO!  We can talk about 1864 until 2064, but right now you are running for office!  Will you pack the court or not?! SAY IT! SAY IT!!!”

What Mike Pence said – because he’s a courtly gentleman, unlike me – was “I’d like you to answer the question.”

And Mrs. Empty-skirt Smirkster said, “I’m speaking… I’m speaking…”

Ugh.  Never has the old political cliche been more true: anyone who votes for Joe and Comma-la should get what they asked for.  Good and hard!    

Rather than end on that grim note, I thought I’d mention two hilarious stories of ineducable leftists running their cities into the ground.

You may remember Portland mayor Ted Wheeler from when he encouraged a mob of peaceful leftist thug rioters to destroy his town, and then let them force him to slink away in shame after he tried to tell them how much he admired what they stood for, and then let them force him to move out of his luxury building because they threatened to burn it down if he stayed there.

So when I saw that Wheeler is trailing in his re-election bid, I thought to myself, “Maybe there’s hope for Portland yet.”  I know that they weren’t likely to elect a conservative, but I thought that at least there might still be some old fashioned, patriotic, blue-collar Dems around to vote in someone who is not clinically insane. 

But of course I was wrong.  Because the leading candidate is a piece of work called Sarah Iannarone, a charming little radical and self-described antifa-supporter – yeah, let that sink in — who wants to reduce the budget for the police.  Also, her campaign manager admits that he is a communist.  And yes, she wore a skirt to a rally that had pictures of leftist murderers Stalin, Mao and Che Guevara on it.

(If you are wondering why international socialist murderers have been given a pass, while national socialist murderers – pikers compared to Stalin and Mao in terms of victim body count —  are beyond the pale, I wonder that too.  Wear a Mao or Che shirt to the next arson-fest and you’ll get nods of approval.  But show up in an “I heart Himmler” shirt and everyone will give you the stink eye.  It doesn’t make sense!)

You’d think that no American city could out-do Portland in leftist, mouth-breathing malevolence.  But then Seattle says, “Hold my bong, and watch this.”

The Seattle city council recently voted to cut police funding this year by $3 million, eliminating as many as 100 cops.  But don’t worry, residents of Seattle who may not want to be victimized by a mob of violent, recidivist Biden-voters.  Because the city council has your back.  They have been “re-imagining policing,” and have come up with a worthy replacement for all of those cops. 

His name is Andre Taylor, and he is a recognized leader in his field.  In fact, he was featured in a documentary a few years back.  Was it a documentary on community policing, or maybe one on the “broken windows theory” of crime prevention?

It was not.  It was a little production called – I scheisse you not – “American Pimp.”  Because Andre Taylor is a pimp.  And Seattle has hired him for a salary of $150K a year to bring to Seattle residents some “alternatives to policing.”

That’s the left, people.  They elect America-hating loons, who then let armies of thugs vandalize and burn and loot their cities.  Then, when the air is filled with smoke and the streets are filled with rubble, they hire a pimp to fix things.

Andre Taylor’s hookers are exploited and desperate victims, and they deserve our sympathy and help.

But the voters of Portland and Seattle have done this to themselves, and they deserve to get what they asked for the same way Andre Taylor’s victims did: good and hard!

Avenatti/Musk Ox with a Learning Disability 2020!

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