Good Things are Coming, if We Can Just Hang On (posted 6/10/22)

I’m writing this column as the January 6th dog and pony show is going on, and I’ve resolved not to watch it, for the sake of my morals and my blood pressure – both of which would be sorely tested by watching that dishonest, hypocritical circus. 

I trust that a lot of better people than I will watch it and distill a few crucial clips, and I’ll watch those later, when I’ve had the prescribed amount of medicinal bourbon and a more contemplative mood going.

In the meantime, my theme for this column is a more optimistic one: the Dems are beginning to reap what they’ve been sowing, and it’s heartening to watch. 

For much of the 127 years of the Biden administration, it’s felt like leftists have been getting their way on every front, and we’ve been powerless to stop them.  I won’t argue that they haven’t done an enormous amount of damage, and that they don’t have WAY more influence than – in a sane world – they would.

But I see a lot of heartening signs that normal Americans are feeling some justified, righteous anger and are fighting back.  I’ll point to several social arenas where this is happening.

In business, the scrappy little slogan, “get woke, go broke,” has gone from producing derisive snickers to  chills up the spines in many corporate boardrooms.  More than a year ago, one company after another was pursuing far-left smear campaigns against more than half the country, with no fear of a backlash. 

Razor companies castigated their customers for their “toxic masculinity,” sports networks lectured their viewers about that and racism, woke employees bullied their own companies into far-left campaigns  insulting the vast majority of their audience.

Sure, there’s still too much of that going on today.  But a growing backlash has cost many companies enough – in sales, ratings, and collapsing stock prices – to feed the growing perception that when it comes to the far-left crybullies who seemingly ran everything a year ago, those emperors have no clothes.

(And there’s nothing on God’s green earth more off-putting than an army of soy boys, blue-haired feminists and militant transgenders with no clothes on!)

A year ago, Netflix was greenlighting one insulting, perverse program after another.  A year later, their woke programming has performed badly enough to cripple their stock price.  Their management once  cowered before a small number of extreme left employees who raised a stink about Dave Chappelle and demanded even more woke programming.

But a month ago, the company pushed back, issuing a “culture memo” to their entitled workers that must have shocked the little darlings.  It said that Netflix will, “let viewers decide what’s appropriate for them, versus…censoring specific artists or voices.”   It even suggested that, “you may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful,” and rhetorically Hillary-slapped them with the offer that, “If you ‘d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.”

That’s not as pointed as the “go friend yourself” message that I would have given if I were the king of Netflix.  But it’ll do.

Disney’s small contingent of sexually confused and hostile employees went to bat for an aggressive campaign of queering up (their words) everything they put out.  Now many employees are pushing back, and their stock price is falling like Joe Biden trying to walk up a mobile airplane staircase.  In the last 24 hours, one of their executives who has been an outspoken critic of attempts to stop them from sexually grooming children was fired.

Twitter spent the last 5 years lying about everything, and censoring everyone to the right of Mao, and now they’re in a death-struggle with Elon Musk.   If he completes the purchase, Pagan Narwhal and his band of slimy apparatchiks will be out on the street; if he doesn’t complete the purchase, the company could collapse.

In other words, current Twitter employees and management don’t know whether to Schumer or wind their watch.

In media and entertainment, the backlash is hitting just as hard.  The ratings for the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and ESPN are lower than Hunter Biden’s moral standards.  Greg Gutfeld is whipping all the big-budget, late-night network “comedy” shows, and Fox news is beating the networks’ news shows like Victor Davis Hansen in a debate with AOC. 

MSNBC regularly gets outdrawn by the Korean Soccer Channel and the Watching Paint Dry network, and CNN+ lasted for less time than Jeffrey Toobin on a Zoom call.

In politics, every new primary brings worse news for the hard left.  Turnout is down, poll numbers are down, and far left candidates are under-performing. 

In San Francisco – San Fran-freakin’-cisco! – the voters recalled pro-crime Marxist DA Chesa Boudin by 20 points!  And he was a class act until the end, blaming Republicans and billionaires for his defeat.

Never mind that Boudin and an entire wave of leftist prosecutors across the country came to power largely because the leftist billionaire (and close personal friend of Satan) George Soros bankrolled their campaigns.

And never mind that our very own Christopher Silber and seven of his friends are the entire Republican voting base in San Francisco.   

Similarly, the egregious teachers’ union chief Randi Weingarten used to be able to call out ideological goons to steamroll all opposition in most elections nationwide.  But lately her endorsement has been as useful as teats on a boar.  (No offense to transgender boars in the audience.) 

She made a high-profile push for Terry MacAuliffe in deep blue Virginia… and elected his opponent, Glenn Youngkin.  She strong-armed public school systems nationwide to stay locked down so that kids who weren’t at risk for covid wouldn’t be harmed by covid – but would be devastated by social isolation.

As the nation’s pre-eminent advocate for public schools, she’s been a boon to enrollment in private schools and charter schools.  Her hardline anti-school-choice position is proving so unpopular that it’s even contributing to defeating RINOs in favor of conservatives; this week 4 incumbent state rep RINOs in Iowa lost primaries to school choicers.

And she’s not doing lefties any favors, either.  When the Texas State Board of Education held its Dem primaries in March and run-offs in late May, all 20 candidates endorsed by the teachers’ union lost.     

Other Democrats are proving nearly as unpopular.  Fauci has been banished to the same desert island where Fredo Cuomo, Daddy Cuomo, Bill DuhBlasio and Anthony Weiner are slowly starving in much-deserved obscurity. 

Michael Avenatti is in jail, Eric Swalwell is crying over a Dear John letter from Chinese spy Fang-Fang, and Mayor Pete is making the nation wish he were still on paternity leave.

Meanwhile Biden and his cabinet are drifting helplessly, like so many Portuguese men of war — sorry, Portuguese transgenders-of-war – in a sea that is ominously receding from the shore, as a prelude to the incoming Red Tsunami that is (God willing) going to pulverize them in November.

And it’s not just the Democrat politicians who are unpopular, terrible as they all are.  Their ideas are even more toxic.

A year ago they were screaming to defund the police, promising to kill gas and oil production, and crowing about how great it is that evil white folks are being supplanted by black and brown people. 

Now they’re pretending to be pro-police and anti-crime, and to be upset and confused about why gas and oil cost so much.  And they’re whining that the idea that minorities will soon outnumber whites is a conservative conspiracy theory. 

The sky above the Dems is dark with chickens coming home to roost, and we just need to hang on, and be ready to rebuild after the red wave storm surge decimates the rickety blue infrastructure that the left has been trying to build.

It’s been a long 127 years, but it’s only five months to November!

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